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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've become more fit and healthy over the past several years. There was a time when I wouldn't even try to run; when I weighted 242 pounds; when my main motivation for eating right and exercising was to lose weight. I know that I've done myself a disservice by being all or nothing in the past--no moderation, no wiggle room. But, for the past few years I've become more active and made an effort to eat well and drink lots of water. I'm a vegetarian and I LOVE cold water and my SIGG. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but, in the past, I've really overindulged in potatoes--garlic mashed, fries, roasted, and, my favourite, chips (sour cream and onion Lays--so good!). When I eat well, I eat very well. I don't always eat well. I haven't done any tests to prove this, but I suspect that most of my weight gain came from eating too much McDonald's, pizza, and chips--that and not moving my body enough. I also drank far too much diet cola for far too many years (this terrifies me). I have not had a diet pop in over 2 years. I feel great about that decision.

Now? I want to eat clean and be fit. Really fit. I don't actually want to rock climb, but I want to be rock climbing fit. I want to be light on my feet. Toned. I want to wear a mini-dress and feel amazing in it; I want to look amazing in that dress because I eat well and am fit and active.

Not now? Some of this will take a long time (the mini-dress in particular). Some of it has already started (the clean eating part is well on its way). I am still working on how to tackle the exercise, but I've been told I have a tendency to plan rather than do, so I'm actively planning less. My daily goals aren't easy, but they're simple: eat clean and MOVE!

Issues: I do not currently have a scale. I will have access to a scale soon. I checked my weight recently on that scale and it was 209. I might be a bit up or down. I'm guessing I'm the same and taking 209 for my starting weight. I'm not sure where I'll fit the hour for exercise (plus the half hour for prep and travel, etc.) in each day, but I know I will do it. Oh. And I have asthma.

I am actually excited about this process--I want the feeling to last.

I will face obstacles, and maybe it will help that I know right now what most of them will be. I also have a lot of support, if not a lot of supporters.

I've noticed little visual weight trackers on some pages--I don't know how to get my own, but I want one. I would like one with an owl or squirrel, perhaps.

Progress? With the exception of a can of ginger ale and two chocolates, I ate clean today. And I don't feel so bad about the ginger ale and chocolate that I'm giving up and eating a bag of chips! Hurrah! No exercise today (just getting over a cold). Probably enough water. Not tracking anything today, but would like to track exercise and water.

Please feel free to leave me comments or questions. I respond well to good intentions and constructive criticism.
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    Sounds like you've got everything covered and that you're committed. Doesn't eating clean feel so good? emoticon Who needs McNuggets... when you can have nice, tender, juicy baked chicken breast!

    Hope you get your exercise schedule figured out - it's lots of fun and that post-workout endorphin rush will make you feel awesome!
    2601 days ago
  • J0ETTE
    It sounds like you are well on your way to achieving success! Baby steps lead to a lifetime of healthy habits. :)

    The "visual weight tracker" is called a Ticker. There are a couple ways to get to it.
    1. From your start page where you entered your info when signing up (not the easiest way)
    2. From your Sparkpage. Choose the edit Sparkpage in upper right corner of your Sparkpage, scroll down... The option for it should be there.
    3. Look at any of your posts you have made in your teams. In the lower right corner of the box you should see an "edit ticker" (I think this is still an option)

    If you still have trouble getting your ticker to show, sparkmail me and I will see if I can help you further.
    2601 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great plan. Welcome to SP and good luck !!
    2602 days ago
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