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The BIG..milestone b!day for the hubs...a lovely evening and a sweet surprise!

Friday, March 09, 2012

emoticonWowsa...the hubs hit the big 65...that IS an eye popper birthday to be sure! WHO EVER thought we'd get to this age? I mean REALLY! emoticonI remember the day like it was yesterday that I didn't trust ANYone over the age of 30. It's SO funny we still call snowbirds old farts here in sunny SW FL. We grouse about how they clog up the restaurants and the road ways..and LOOK who is calling the kettle black! emoticonLike it or not...we are officially on the old fart guest list. I like to think of 60 as the new 50 but I'm not so sure it cuts it. emoticon Tonight we were trying to think what we could do to celebrate the milestone. The official celebration will be tomorrow night with our large group of friends. I felt a little guilty about not planning a big wing ding for the hubs but with the crazy busy schedule of the consignment gallery that fell by the way side...so color me a bad spouse. Actually I like the sound of that...what IS a bad spouse...and do they mate in the spring or just fly west to bad spouse land...okay I've had a few glasses of vino..so I'm entertaining my self with my lame jokes. emoticon

We decided to go to Bonefish..just the two of us for the marking of such a momentous occasion...i mean no one turns 65 again...absolutely No one! We will have plenty of fun and libations with our friends tomorrow, Sunday afternoon for a celebration and then yet again next Tuesday night. We like to take our birthdays seriously here in Florida land. Actually it's any reason to have a glass of vino, or two...or three..then I lose count. emoticon

But tonight was extra special because a very close friend of our beautiful son Josh's is manager at Bonefish Grill. He always goes out of his way to make us feel special on our visits and now that he has been promoted to floor manager he is extra nice to us. He treated us to a glass of Petit Syrah wine and it was exceptionally tasty. I thanked him profusely and it made me chuckle to hear him describe it as delightfully fruity with a taste of chocolate that finished the back of the palate after aroma. I mean here's a kid that pal~ed around with our son that drank nothing but beer and wasn't even picky about the brand now a wine connoisseur...just does my heart proud!

He also announced that his girl and he are expecting in August and that if it is a boy that they are kicking around the name of Gavin...which of course was our Josh's middle name.

To have a young man STILL thinking of our Josh almost 6 years after he departed this earth with the honor of naming their OWN young son after him in his honor does my mother's heart proud. I then go on to think about how many people our young Josh touched in his tender 22 years here on earth that STILL hold him in their hearts and tell us about him and how much he inspired them in the past and STILL inspires them to this day. It truly brings tears of joy to my tired mother's eyes.

NEVER forget how much you inspire those around you...even in the smallest ways. NEVER forget how much you influence your children to go on and pass your life lessons to those in their circle of influence.

The hubs and I had a fabulous meal tonight and we sat across from each other discussing our dear son and made a pact to carry on his legacy...to spread his good heart and soul and to keep encouraging and supporting his many, many friends.

Josh was singing Happy Birthday to his father...from the heavens above. He never fails to let us know through his friends, his words that he left behind, or his own true vibrations that he is still VERY much with us...and STILL is VERY much alive and well...now just in a different way.

Viva Josh...you made your mom and dad proud...and your dear friend Dan hasn't forgotten the sweetness of your personality and characteristics all these many years later. I hope we see a little Gavin to welcome to our world in August...yes I truly, truly do! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    What a wonderful present that would be if Josh's friend names their baby Gavin. You must have really felt his presence with you. Sounds like it was a great party.
    2235 days ago
    I'm glad you had such a nice time with your hubby on his b'day. I sounds like such a great guy.

    You are doing a great job of carrying Josh's legacy on!!

    2237 days ago
    WOW 65 I read the title and thought oh he can't be 50 must be 60.... congrats on the birthday. I hope he had a great day! ( had cos writing later in day)
    and as for the markets in above post, you know what you want to do most. You love the consingment and presume it is bringing in the $ so....... but yea online maybe?
    I have no idea as dd and I are thinking flea markets or at least the xmas craft sales. HMMM
    have a super day!
    2237 days ago
    Happy Birthday to your DH!! Glad you had a nice time!
    2237 days ago
    What a wonderful tribute to your Josh that will be! Every story you tell, every fond memory you bring out to share just makes me wish I could have met him. Thank you for sharing him!

    As for turning the big 6-5, I'm well on my way at 63. That was brought home to me in a half-funny, half-annoying way last night. Was going to tell you the story, but it turned into a LONG story, so I'll blog it instead.

    Have a wonderful time with your friends celebrating the Hubs' special day tonight.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2237 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Sounds like a great evening. Happy BD to your DH!

    I turned 65 last July and I am still wondering how the heck that happened. I sure don't feel 65

    Take care and do keep in touch.

    2237 days ago
    such a sweet poignant story..... so sad, but happy at the same time. I can only imagine how you must has felt so have "seen" your son again in his friend. emoticon

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    2238 days ago
    Yup, to think, we didn't trust anyone over the age of 30. It's hilarious to think back on those times & here, your dear hubs is now reached MY age. He may be an old fart, but I like to consider myself a "Hip Chick" Ha, ha, ha!!

    I LOVE your Josh tribute & join him in singing Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    2238 days ago
    A wonderful celebration of life and your
    life together. Josh would be so proud of
    you and his friend obviously has kept his
    memory in his heart. Happy Birthday to
    DH and enjoy your good times together.
    2238 days ago
    Don't forget to sign your hubster up for his present from the country - Medicare! lol. Another *lame* thought - before you go bone fishing, make sure you go potty first. (I learned this the hard way many years ago!)

    Hiya Bobbi!

    I've been busy with Med Assistant training for the past 2 months. We have a week off, so I'm catching up on my Spark peeps to see how y'all are hanging... You are always a breath of fresh air...

    Here's to you, your husband's BIG DAY, and keeping Josh close to your (and his friend's) hearts... Namaste!!!

    2238 days ago

    Sounds like absolutely wonderful way to celebrate a 65th BD!!!! A cozy dinner alone, with the blessing of Josh's friend catering to you through the meal, so tangible reminders of Josh at your tableside!!, and then the planned celebrations coming up!! Life is a gift, from God.

    The old Fart part made me laugh. My mother always said you are as young as you feel and she was right and she lived that everyday!!! My husband and I gave my inlaws a plaque for their anniversary several years ago. It said "1 old Fart and 1 old grouch live here and we decide daily which one is which for the day!!!!" Neither of them are like that. They are now 84 almost 85 years old and my FIL still teaches Physics, Chemistry and Calculus at a private High School every day!!!

    Happy Birthday to your husband!!

    2238 days ago
    How beautiful! Congrats to your DH on a milestone birthday, and the touching tribute to your son's legacy. Sounds like a great day of celebration!

    Have a great weekend,
    2238 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Happy Birthday to the hubby!
    Have a great weekend! emoticon emoticon
    2238 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/10/2012 2:02:20 AM
    Happy Birthday to hubby
    2238 days ago
    Touching words Bobbie Ann. Our sons sound so much alike. The same gentle spirit and for sure they are our angels. One of his friends got a tattoo of a camera with JDK initialed under it. The first one of many I am sure . Hugs xoxo
    2238 days ago
    A very precious blog my spark friend, a very special blog...
    2238 days ago
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