3/9/12 Re-boot (Yet Again)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Bought the 28 Day Boot Camp DVD about 3 weeks ago. I'm on day 20 and doing good.

I started tracking my food again and the past 2 weeks I've been doing only 1200 calories. I decided to do this not because I think it will help me lose wright faster, but more to shrink my stomach.

When I got off track last April I slowly started eating more and more until my portions were back to my pre-SP days. I ended up gaining 20# back. January this year I slowly (very slowly) went back to making better choices w/o logging on much to SP. I did lose a few lbs. but still didn't feel good about myself.

As much as I love this site, the reason I keep on leaving and coming back is because no matter how much motivation and encouragement I get from everyone on here (and it's a lot), sometimes it just doesn't have the impact that my friends and family's encouragement has.

What got me back into watching my portions and starting my workouts again was a friend of mine who decided to try some weird detox diet. She posted on FB everyday how many lbs she was down and after 9 days she was down 12lbs. Now I know that isn't healthy, but it did get me to start looking at what I was putting into my body. I read through the detox thing and it had good intentions, but like all quick fix weight loss plans, it went to the extreme.

I decided to do my own version of a "detox". Part of it was the 1200 calories a day. I also bought 16lbs of chicken breast, 15 bags of various bags of frozen veggies, and tons of fresh veggies.
1st thing I did was start making homemade frozen meals to take for lunch. They included 3oz of grilled chicken, 1/2c of dill potatoes, 1/2c corn and 1/2c limas or broccoli.
2nd I decided to try protein shakes/bars. (I had coupons.) The bars are terrible imo, but the shakes are awesome (I got the chocolate ones).
3rd I pre-cut the fresh veggies and portioned them in to baggies for quick snacks to take to work.
My daily food intake ended up looking like this:
Breakfast: My oatmeal (1/2c) made with 1/2c 2%Milk and 2t of brown sugar
Snack1: Protien shake or bar
Lunch: frozen meal
Snack2: fresh veggies
Dinner: 3oz chicken (cooked various ways) 1c veggie, 1/2 rice or potato.

I know the above does not look like a detox, but more a complete over haul on what was going into my body. But for me it worked. I am craving red meat right this second, but I know that I can have it as long as I have the proper portion. I also just opened my first can of pop in two weeks and I can't even finish it, it tastes awful.

Over the next week I am slowly upping my calorie intake back to around 1500, so my body doesn't go nuts on me.

After 5 years of using this site I thought I would have this lifestyle down, but it is so easy to slip back into what you did before. At least I know I can do this and it doesn't matter what "bad" decision I made 6 months ago, a month ago, a week ago, or 20min ago, because in the next 5min I can make a "good" decision and then another and then another.
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