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Choose your Hard....

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Any of you that have lost some weight have gotten the question what's your secret and stared into the eyes of you friends, family and co-workers as they wait for that magic answer. Then you tell them. Eating right and getting off my butt. They look at you with this look of disappointment. Like really that's it? But it goes deeper than that. It's really is conquering that I can't attitude. That it's too hard attitude. That doesn't only apply to weight loss but to life in general. I think the biggest lie ever perpetrated on humanity is life is easy.

The fact is it's not. Life is hard. Life is hard in the USA, Canada, England, Colombia, South Africa, Angola and everywhere else. Given the "hards" are different but it's still hard. One thing I didn't see as a blessing but now I do see is a gift is I have never expected anything to be easy. Because of this I don't really complain a lot in my day to day life. I know there are millions worse off than me and millions better. I have always felt that my battles are just that my battles. But when life turned around for me is when I really consciously started choosing what would be hard in my life. When I started saying sure this might be difficult but you know what it will be worth it. Once I stopped worrying about what I perceived as hard or not and what I couldn't do and started focusing on what I could do my whole world changed.

- Being over weight was hard
- Being unhappy was hard
- having low self esteem was hard
- Not being able to get off the couch was hard
- stopping breathing in my sleep was hard
- being sleepy and drained all day was hard
- being a bad role model for my kids was hard

- walking that first mile was hard
- going to gym at nearly 400# was hard
- doing 10 mins on the elliptical was hard
-doing 10 min on the bike was hard
- lifting weights was hard

The point is being unhealthy was hard. Mentally, Emotionally and physically. Trying to get healthy is hard Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. Once we get past whether it will be hard or not (Because there isn't a not). There is one question left is it worth it. Feeling like crap all the time wasn't worth it. It wasn't easy. I didn't feel good. I didn't look good. It wasn't worth it. Getting started and staying on this journey is really hard. But you know what it's worth it. So that is how I stay on track when I want to eat like I used to I ask myself is it worth it. Is that going to really make me feel better or worse about myself. Yeah it's hard to say no and I am not perfect and I eat any and everything but I do it in moderation and I try my best to work it off. What has prevented me from giving up to know that I AM WORTH IT. I am worth working hard for. My happiness and my ability to enjoy life is worth working hard for. Because at almost 400lbs. That was not easy. feeling like a failure was not easy. Beating myself up was not easy. It was also not worth it.

So I share all of this to say yeah life is hard. For each and every one of us. But you know what if it is going to be hard anyway. Why don't we try to make every minute, every decision worth it. Because YOU are worth it. All the hard work, frustration is worth it. Because you are improving YOU. What in the world would be more worth it than that!!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This blog proves that one can always find something helpful and positive and truthful on Spark People! One of the best blogs I have ever read. Thank you! Anything worth having is worth working HARD for! Much continued success to you! I plan to share this with my son, who needs to lose weight and and be consistent in his efforts. I pray constantly for him.
    I know your blog will be inspirational to him and so many others!
    Thank You!
    2480 days ago
    I'd like to think life is mostly what we make it.
    If you think life is hard and that's more than likely how it will be but if you keep a positive attitude most days and try to focus on the good days....the good far outweighs the bad. :)
    2560 days ago
  • GODSCHILD2_2011
    Well said Chris...I couldn't have said it better myself. After reading this blog, it sure does put things in perspective.

    Thanks for sharing!
    2566 days ago
    I really needed to hear this today - at the beginning of my journey (and also on the home stretch of my graduate degree with a ridiculous amount of work to do). You are so right - it is all hard & the guilt, shame and low self-esteem that gets carried with the weight is absolutely not worth it. Thank you for sharing these insights!
    2567 days ago
    I never, ever thought of it that way......thank you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you dont mind, I copied this and Im going to print it out and paste it all over my life! That just went straight to my heart and rang true.
    You mean so much to me, you've done so much for me.
    Did I say thank you?
    2568 days ago
    Thanks for pointing out that we have some choices about the hard things, and therefore about what becomes easier.
    2569 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2012 5:58:10 PM
    Chris, I think you hit the nail on the head with this one brother. Keep it up!
    2569 days ago
  • RUSSELL_40
    It works in reverse too.. Things is life that were easy change also.. Sitting on my butt was easy, now walking for an hour a day is, and breathing is too.

    The difference is my new easy gets me out and about, while the old easy pushed my towards death, and immobility.

    Life has easy moments, and hard moments, but what really matters is the quality of ALL the moments, by how hard, or easy you make your life.
    2569 days ago
    Right on!
    2569 days ago
    Great've cracked the code. On the plus side, once we mentally toughen up and take on those "hard to do things" and conquer them, there is no better feeling of accomplishment....that just builds on itself and helps us conquer so many more things we viewed not just as hard, but impossible

    Keep it up! Work hard, Play hard!
    2569 days ago
    "I have never expected anything to be easy." - Man, you always say *something* that makes me feel like you're actually in my head. ;)

    It really is about choosing what we want to have be hard in our lives. We can live our lives reading books about adventures we're not able to pursue in reality... and that is hard. It is very hard to look at ourselves each day - to remember all of the promise we once had - and realize that we haven't lived up to any of it.

    Or, it can be hard work getting on the road that will make achieving our dreams and aspirations so much more tangible and relevant. And that is hard, too. But, it is also very, very, VERY worth it.

    I'm soooo proud of you, man! Keep knocking it out of the park with your words of wisdom and encouragement. You really help remind me of what it takes to beat back the toxic-talk and get on my feet for a healthy walk.
    2569 days ago
    I LOVE this! Even though this IS hard, it's gotten easier the longer I'm on this journey. Excellent blog!
    2569 days ago
    Great post and reminder! Overall I believe I am a positive person but I'm really fighting the emotional eating today (I have not given in!!) but that reminder of being big is hard just as much, actually more than getting on that bike or going for a walk or avoiding the drive thru.

    Thanks for the attitude adjustment!

    2569 days ago
    I love this post. I was going thru a rough day and you brightened it up. Thank you. A lot of what you said rang thru to me!
    2569 days ago
    Yep! Great post!
    2569 days ago
    Great blog!! I loved it!!! Very deep, meaningful and thought provoking!!
    2570 days ago
  • COCHESE321
    My response was always: "Diet and exercise. Who knew??"
    2570 days ago
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