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Thursday, March 08, 2012

I have been getting frustrated with this lack of weight loss. Mostly because I am human, I am envious when I see others saying how many pounds they lost this week while I am still at the exact same weight and I know I am doing everything right.

I never question is this worth it because I have proved to myself it most definitely is. My body is telling me so. I can easily walk a 4 MILE power walk daily. I know that to be true because I not only do it I enjoy it and I miss it if I do not.

I used to exercise sporadically and had sore muscles. Now I do it so often I have very little pain in my back or my joints and I take no medications. In fact if I am feeling in the least bit stressed or unhappy anything that is not just fine it is time for a walk. It used to be I would sit and read or watch TV, that never worked I am too impatient but I never thought about taking a hike.
I grew up walking many miles in a day later I had to bicycle miles to school.
Somewhere along my life’s journey we bought a car so I sat to get everywhere it was so much faster but over the years walking was almost forgotten and at times it was done reluctantly with only the thought of getting to my destination as quickly as possible.

Walking with so many thoughts in my mind I would barely see or hear anything. I was walking with a closed mind but that mind was in high gear all the time I never though to look around me. I rarely looked at the sky or the buildings in our town with wall to wall buildings and very few green spaces.

Thinking about the car made me realize our attitude towards the vehicles is: they must be well maintained, given the best gas and oil and never should be stand idling too long.
If they are left for a while someone will point out the car needs to be driven otherwise it will become sluggish or even seize up or it might not even start so we must call the repair man.


Just may be if I start treating my body as well as my car, I will more frequently be happy with my own personal maintenance.
I need to be and stay well maintained, the right food and the right lubrication.

I will not stand idling away my time I will use my time wisely so all of my energy is used for positive thoughts and actionsand fun.
Actions Speak louder than words so I will try to plan better to use my idling time better. Even if it is to switch off and sit in the sun, or stand in the rain or allow someone else to see me as a polished automobile. How cool is that thought?.

We often think about the car as the absolute necessity. Our City has very little public transportation so we rely on our car to enable us to go places.

Our bodies should be our absolute necessity instead. I envied others losing their weight but that is not nearly as important as improving my health.

Health improvements are so much less obvious to others, they are rarely visible to others so sometimes they do not feel like major accomplishments’ to us.

We must prioritize those thoughts. Those thoughts are not just for the older people in our lives. Younger people and parents must prioritize their health and the health of their children.

Maintenance and quality fuel, along with a good body image from within will keep their vehicle in Tiptop shape for a lifetime of good traveling, without the car.

Committed, persistent, motivated and determined.
That is what I strive to be.

When it becomes FRUSTRATING, IMPATIENT, ANNOYING and TIME CONSUMING and it does much too often some days alas. We have to step back and rationalize in order to rethink our journey. Maybe the goal was too mighty. Make it smaller it is still a goal.

My new goal should be no weight gain. It appears right now my body is happier than where my mind is.
I have to work on getting them together, on the same page. I can do it!

I just need more PATIENCE and RELAXATION. I need to be SHARING ENJOYMENT and interacting with family and friends more than I have been doing lately.
Now that winter is almost over that will be so much easier AND THEN I CAN BE THE BEST I CAN BE.
This healthy lifestyle has to take precedent so we must try to enjoy it as much as we can, then we will truly be able to embrace it.

That way will be able to rely on it more than the car.!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    You are so wise.
    2293 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    This is an excellent, thought-provoking blog. I remember as a kid, getting up at dawn and slipping out of the house, and we (the neighbor kids and I) would just walk all day, here and there. In high school, I'd skip all the time and go walk around the arboraetum, sometimes sketching the trees, sometimes just walking, but a ten mile day was nothing. By the time I was in my twenties, I was hiking goodly hunks of the Appalachian Trail. I lived in the city, too, so I walked everywhere - if you had a parking space, you didn't give it up!

    I guess that changed when the children came along. We still went on walks, but they were much shorter and much more of a production, with strollers and baby gear and whatnot.

    You're so right about health improvements not being obvious to others, so we don't find the value in them that we should. I remember about eight years ago, when I first started landscaping, at the end of the first year I was so surprised when I realized how much stronger I was, and how good that felt - I wasn't really a different size, but I could run laundry up and downstairs with no effort at all. I want to get back there...

    Thank you for an inspirational talk.
    2293 days ago
    We're on a life long journey Pat! And you've done so incredibly well thus far! Don't let that scale bully you, my friend! Keep doing whatcha been doing...! Your blood sugars are fabulous! You're physically fit! You inspire others w/your words of wisdom & experiences! You're a winner, all round!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    2294 days ago
    Pat, this is a great blog and I love the analogy of a car and our bodies. Thanks for posting this....makes you stop and think.

    hugs....Mary Anne
    2294 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    I have to remember that there is more to being healthy than a number on the scale. You've reminded me to focus on the things I can do now - long walks, 60 minutes of Zumba, yoga - rather than pursuing some "ideal" weight. I have so much more energy and such an improved quality of life after losing 50+ pounds. I must focus on continuing to pursue fitness and nutrition goals that allow me to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Thanks for the attitude adjustment, Pat. I always look forward to your blogs even if I don't always post. You are an inspiration!

    2294 days ago
    2294 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Unfortunately, if we do not maintain our gift of this machine, it is much more difficult to find replacement parts than my Buick!! Only a teensy more expensive though,,
    a plastic door handle is $7 and some change, but a new hand is slightly more than that...

    2295 days ago
    This is a great blog. The best point made is that we must change our perspective on what it means to be healthy. That scale can be the devil. Being able to walk 4 miles is far beyond what many people can conceive. Feeling fit, having great health, being active, being available for those we love, being mobile and flexible, these are the qualities that define healthy, happy living. You are doing that!!!

    You are very wise and your blog has promoted such great responses.

    Weight loss is important if it is contributing to the fulfillment of the above qualities and making life easier.

    But, our obsession with thin, has almost been the death of some of us. When I joined Sparkpeople last June, I was hoping to lose those 5 pesky pounds that I had put back on since losing 60 lbs. over 6 years ago. I had my little weight ticker set and ready to go. As I progressed in Spark, I realized that my BMI was already perfect and my weight was within very normal limits, and my expectations were old and outdated. I got rid of my weight ticker and replaced it with a fitness minutes ticker. Woo Hoo.
    Then to my surprise, since I did that, I have lost 3 lbs. and maintained it. Once my mind and spirit were healthy, my body did what it felt like.
    Thank you Pat, for your insights and your great car analogy.
    I have seen you on Beth's site. You seem like a wonderful and wise woman.
    2295 days ago
    You are absolutely right Pat! As time has gone on, I have switched my thoughts to thinking of all things concerning a healthy lifestyle, instead of dieting only. I just keep going, improving and taking one day at a time. I figure the weight loss will come. As long as I keep up with the walking I love (like you do) and other exercise and continue to eat healthier, watch the calories- I will succeed! We are both worth it! Keep going! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2295 days ago
    Oh, I Met you where you are so many times in this blog...first, fueling the car is so costly these days, I want my body to be is better shape so I don't actually rely on the car! Second, I have plateaued for almost 4 months, I want to see the measurements and the weight go down! Trust me, I'm feeding this vehicle the absolute best fuel on the planet and I'm still seeing little movement...third, I feel like I have to relax in this journey like I try SO hard to relax in the grace of's so hard for me to just "be" in God's grace, be in this journey, knowing my impatience, knowing that I want it now...knowing that I need to persevere, I need to wait, I need to be committed. Thanks for the reminder, the honesty, the journey...
    2295 days ago
    I love the analogy of the car and the human body, both needing proper attention to keep them working right. Great blog Pat!
    2295 days ago
  • TERRI289
    Hey, you hit all the ideas right on the head!! Taking care of the body is important-that inner health will translate to outer health(and weight loss) so we can be as healthy as could be!!

    Great attitude, and very very inpsirational!!

    Growing up in Brooklyn meant walking as much as possible even with the great transportation system. There was always so much to see!!

    Sleep well... emoticon
    2295 days ago
    Great blog.
    2295 days ago
  • BECKYF3506
    I enjoyed this blog. I remember the days when I would/could go out and walk for over an hour at a time. I'm looking forward to being able to do that again.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    2295 days ago
    "Just may be if I start treating my body as well as my car, I will more frequently be happy with my own personal maintenance.
    I need to be and stay well maintained, the right food and the right lubrication. " Good thoughts, thank you for sharing them with us.
    2295 days ago
    I use exercise to relieve stress too and it works better than anything. I think we both may need this option more right now with the busyness in our lives. I need to rethink my goals as well and manage my time better. Thanks for always reminding us to be sensible.
    2295 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2012 5:20:20 PM
  • DOODIE59
    Excellent blog, Pat. We should treat our needs as though they are a necessity. They are, but for some reason we often put our health in second place to the duties around us.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend:)
    2295 days ago
  • KATHY024
    Good thought!! I was looking through my weight loss graphs feeling frustrated like you as I haven't lost that much over the last two years - then I noticed that I might not have lost, but I didn't add any lbs. either!! That in itself is an achievement.
    2295 days ago
    Honey, you ARE worth it ad you WILL get to your destination. It DOES take time and persistance. Definitely. Keep on the path.

    Have a great weekend.
    2295 days ago
    Absolutely right, friend!
    2295 days ago
  • RD03875
    What a great, thought provoking blog! I clicked like and I hope everyone else did too!
    2296 days ago
    Hi Pat, you are doing so well. Those 4 mile walks sound great.

    I can only walk in the mall for now. I hope to build up to 4 miles and do the same for each of the 3 days I get to walk. I really need to do more work on my balance

    Have a great weekend....right now we are having high winds, blowing snow, is -6'C and feels like -13 with winds gusts 37km/h.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon from emoticon
    2296 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2012 12:43:56 AM
  • POPSY190
    In a nutshell! I enjoyed this thoughtful and stimulating blog.
    2296 days ago
    Good blog and great attitude... although I did wonder what you get for a trade in.... lol emoticon
    2296 days ago
    Very cool, Pat! I'd say you're like a top of the line car, whichever kind that may be, and you're in excellent condition. And your coat doesn't look too bad either!
    I love not having a car. We have public transportation. I walk 4 miles a day during my commute because of where the bus and ferry drops me off and picks me up. I could decrease that by taking other busses, but I figure that if I can handle it, I may as well. I don't power walk, though, you have me beat on that one. Way ta go!
    Can you tell I missed you, I have a lot to say on these last 2 blogs of yours. How's dh? Is the snow gone or still melting? Are you able to get to the trails or is it still too slushy and muddy? I know you have a lot to do, so if you don't have time to answer, don't even worry, I'll catch up on your blogs. Hugs!
    2296 days ago
    2296 days ago
    Pat, Glad I finally found your blog! It was definitely worth the wait. What a great analogy!!! You are a wise woman, GF!!!!
    2296 days ago
    great post.
    It's a good thing that I have a sense of humor because without it you would find scale shrapnel all over my condo.
    I bet someone could make a fortune sell a scale that voiced:
    "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I didn't mean it"
    2296 days ago
    You're absolutely right. We need to treat our bodies BETTER than we do our cars. A car you can replace, your body , you can't. It has to go year after year after year. So it needs to get the best nutrients and put to use every day to keep it in top physical and mental shape. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2296 days ago
    I love the car analogy. I'd never thought of it that way, but you're right. I spend a lot of time and money maintaining my car, my home, and my other possessions, but myself? Not so much. Surely I am worth more than all of those material possessions combined!! Thanks for getting me to think in a new way.
    2296 days ago
    I am in total agreement with you! We often don't see outwardly the most important results of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The frustrating truth, for those still trying to lose or maintain, is that the more weight you lose the more work it takes.
    We are all different, and as our lives change it does become necessary to re-evaluate our behaviors in order to determine if they are giving us the results we desire. A bit of tweaking here and there is often necessary. I am on this journey for reasons of health and life quality present and future. What works best for me is a hodge-podge of things, which I change as needed. You have reminded us of some very important and thought-provoking issues. I truly enjoyed reading your blog. You are doing a great job
    Best wishes as you continue to pursue your life goals. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2296 days ago
    Go Pat! You can do it!

    I love your goal and your attitude.

    I'll admit my problem is that I am not CONSISTANT with exercise.
    2296 days ago
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