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Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Business Manager in my department is leaving.
Some of her work is transitioning to me.
Will I get more money or recognition for it?
Nope, probably not. And that's OK. In truth, this is stuff I've always handled in my other departments (requisitioning POs, coding invoices, etc.); the fact that I HADN'T been doing it for this group is one of the reasons I've been left at loose ends so much. I'm just happy to have something to do, and to show that I'm NOT a useless waste of space! I CAN DO STUFF!!! HONEST!!!
It's ludicrous that I'm happy that this financial stuff is falling back into my bailiwick; I'm really not a fan, on the whole. But in the absence of other stuff, I'll happily take it!!
...I've finished it all, now, though. And it's only 9:30am.
All I'm left with, now, is finishing up some scanning I was doing on someone else's behalf because I begged her for work (she's got more than she knows what to do with, and color scanning is sloooooooow). Then I'll be reduced to begging.

The tumbler should arrive today. The circle & oval templates could be here... whenever. Could be today. Could be next week. No idea - was not provided with tracking information. The clay, as I mentioned yesterday, is set to arrive on Monday. I don't currently have tracking info for my pearls and burnisher and fiber blanket and stuff, either, which is frustrating. If it comes tomorrow after I'm gone, it might sit out all weekend; that would not be cool. Hopefully it'll either go in the big, key-only mailbox, or the neighbor I share a vestibule with will bring it in.
So... yeah. Things are happening.
I'm trying to decide if I want to try tumbling the newly-brushed and shiny CopprClay bits from class, or just leave them shiny-but-matte. I guess tumbling is supposed to give them a mirror-bright finish? Maybe I'll try it on a couple of pieces I like a little bit less than the others, like the Not-A-Cat. ;-)
I had hoped to have a chance to embellish some of my favorites of those pieces last night, but I ended up going closet shopping for this weekend's bar mitzvah, instead. After about an hour of digging through things and finding that, while it was nifty that I could fit into these things again, they weren't really appropriate for the circumstances, I found a black pencil skirt that I don't think I've ever felt comfortable leaving the house in, and the gradient turquoise-greenish sweater I'm wearing in the first pic I ever put up here on SP. That picture is OLD. It's got to be at least 3 years old. And I loved that sweater; it's pretty, but it manages to hide many ills due to the gradient. So... I lost some jewelry-making time, but ended up feeling pretty shiny and happy in the end, so that was nice. Following that… a dance workout that bumped me from BodyMedia Fit activity level Panda to Hummingbird, put me over my vigorous activity, step, and calories burned numbers... and then dinner, and then a quick episode of Dr. Who on Netflix before heading to bed.
Tonight… I have to run an errand, though I can't currently remember what. I know I need paper towels, but there was something else, too. It'll come to me eventually.
Then... packing, and more exercise, and then I'd REALLY like to embellish some of the copper pieces. A quick coat of clear nail polish, and I'll be able to wear those babies to the bar mitzvah. Copper and that color of greenish-turquoise should look really nice together! As long as I can find good, complementary beads in my stash, that is. I think I'm good, though. Fairly certain I'm going to use some goldstone (man-made stone with flecks of copper in glass; it's gorgeous, and sparkly, and of course it's gonna match the copper, because it IS copper. It's one of my favorites, and I have a bunch of it in a variety of shapes), and maybe some mystic black Swarovski pearls (I say this because I'm currently wearing a ring I made with both of these, and I love it; if I make the earrings, and possible a necklace, match it, it'll be a perfect set! But that might be a bit too matchy-matchy, so I'll have to think about it.

Pardon the cruddy picture - I've only just this second taken it, with my phone, one-handed (obviously), on my desk.

OK! On to the numbers.
To steal an idea from BLUEROSE73... why type it out when I can just take a picture?

Oh, oops - that sleep number is yesterday's. Today's is 5:46. The sheep are sleepy.
So... on the whole, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.
That said... my weight loss... pretty much hasn’t been, for the last week.
Now, I will freely admit that I was bad over the weekend. I exercised, but I ate too much and drank too much and was generally not very well behaved. I blame hormones. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Still, I didn't think I was THAT bad.
This morning, the scale stubbornly read 171.2. For the first time EVER, it was absolutely consistent - with or without my pj's on, slumping or standing straight, didn't matter - 171.2. It was so consistent that I decided to try it with wet hair with a towel on my head. It read 172.2.
I want to doubt the scale. I mean, I KNOW I'm making progress. Yesterday's closet shopping expedition proved that. The two people from the other side of the building that've seen me in the last week and expressed outright shock at how much weight I've lost proved it (OK, so they don't see me often, and probably the loss they're seeing has as much to do with my having been sick for most of the winter than with my working out and eating right, but still). But neither the tape measure around my waist nor the scale are agreeing with that assessment. This frustrates me. I'm not going to let it STOP me (there have been times when this would've called for desperate measures. Like wine. Or several cookies), but it's upsetting.
OK, kids. Stuff to do, stuff to do. If anything else interesting happens, I'll be back. ;-)
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  • JKM822
    I have to get a stupid money-holder card for the bar mitzvah! And, y'know, money to put in it. Also, possibly, but probably not, shoes. If I can find them cheap-cheap at Burlington, maybe (same shopping center).
    2572 days ago
  • JKM822
    Thanks, ladies! As soon as I have stuff to sell, you'll be the ones I tell! :-)
    2572 days ago
    Your jewelry is very nice. I agree with bluerose, I can't wait to see your stuff either. When you get your etsy store up and running pm me your addy there and I shall shop ;)

    Have a great day chick!
    2572 days ago
    Images are so much better than words. And I love pretty colorful pictures.

    Can't wait to see more of the stuff you are creating.
    2572 days ago
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