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Snack Attack!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Oh no! A snack attack!
Have you ever had one of those days? Everything is going well...Eating right, exercising,
drinking your water and happens...SNACK ATTACK!!

It happened to me last night. I had an urging for a snack... not just any snack, but I wanted
some cheese and crackers. Well that may not be too bad, if you just have a few, but I ate
a whole wrapped section of a box of crackers...equal to 5 servings of crackers and that didn't include the cheese!
Well, I logged it in...feeling pretty guilty and knowing full well I would be over my calorie
limit for the day. But the crackers and cheese were sooo good! Yum. Yum!
Then I went looking for the ice cream sandwiches that were in the freezer. Oops...I stopped there...we were out. Good thing too or I may have eaten one!
And what did I get for all this? My weight did one of its jumps for joy...upwards!

But what do you do when you have a snack attack? Do you give in to it? Or take another
way out?
I was thinking of some things I could have done that usually work for me. Last night was just one of those days when I gave in to the cravings.

To help with snack attacks in the evenings, I try to have my snacks earlier in the day.
Then I know that when I have reached my calorie limits for the day that I should keep the late night snacks to a minimum or have none at all.
Another helpful thing for me to do is to drink water when I feel that hunger pain. Oftentimes we are just dehydrated and need some more liquids. Taking a drink of water usually tames the tummy a bit. Of course, try not to drink too much late at night or you will be up all night! LOL!
If you must snack in the evenings, keep them small and eat something that will fill you up.

Best thing to do though is not to snack in the evening at all. No eating late at night has become my new challenge. I try not to eat past 8pm. Otherwise I have trouble sleeping at night.
I also found out that late night snacks play havoc with the weight loss program. My weight just loves to jump up and down over it all!
I have been able to get by without eating after dinner, but sometimes it is just hard to get past those crazy snack attacks!
So the thing is not to let them get me down. Just accept the fact that they happen and then go on to another new day when you can do better.
So that is what I have done. I am on to another day with a great start with eating right and getting in my exercise. Let's just hope I can keep the snack attacks at bay for awhile.
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  • KNOEL7
    I loved your comment that your weight did one of its jumps for joy...upwards! I find that I am a stress eater and that's when snack attacks hit me. After the last one I decided to try mint gum--that seems to help at work.
    Good luck with your new guidelines-you can do it!!! emoticon

    1674 days ago
    Oh My goodness! I get these too! I love to eat a bowl of fiber one when I get a snack attack! It is healthy and it is sweet - naturally. So it takes care of my snack attack. I also keep other things on hand - I am working on curving my late night snacking. I like 60 cal pudding.. no sugar stuff, an apple or the cereal does me good.

    Keep on doing what you are doing!


    2264 days ago
    Snack attacks are my downfall right now, and I'm struggling and processing how to handle them. Thanks for sharing your struggle. It helps me realize I'm not alone.
    2265 days ago
    I am having a snack attack right now! That's why I'm on the computer, I am trying to keep my hands busy, my mind on something else and my rump in this seat! So I come to read about what my friends are doing, how they are coping and what they are saying. Don't ever think you're alone, this isn't the first time and it won't be the last. Chocolate and donuts are soooooo calling me esp chocolate donuts! Good thing I don't keep these in the house!
    2268 days ago
    Oh yes, a snack attack i had one last night. My 2 sweet little neighbor girls are twins and i always get girl Scout cookies. Last night they brought them over. I will say i ate the ones with the cranberries in them. They are really good. No i did not eat the whole box.
    2268 days ago
    The last few weeks I've had a few too many snack attacks in the evening. Sometimes I can forget about them or ignore them, especially if I am helping my husband with homework so I can too busy to just stop, other times, I give in. I try to make sure if i do give in that I don't eat much and like you said "eat something filling." It is hard sometimes. I like your positive attitude though. You don't let it get you down or ruin your next day because of it. Good for you. I've been doing my best not to let it get me down too. Most days it is easy just to say, I'm not going to let this ruin my evening or my day tomorrow, sometimes (when I feel down already) it can be hard not to let it get me down. I like your positive attitude.
    2268 days ago
    Great blog! I agree that in theory the best thing is not to do any snacking after dinner.
    However, I have found that what works best is for me to save some calories for an
    evening snack. I feel entitled to an evening snack, so it's important for me to reserve some calories. Otherwise, I fear I could derail my whole program. Good luck!
    2268 days ago
    Good for you!!! Keep up the good work! I will use your helpful tips.
    2268 days ago
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