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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

So I just figured out that one of the jewelry supply websites sells niobium findings (earwires, headpins, eyepins, jump rings, etc.) at a much more reasonable cost than I’ve found elsewhere. The earwires even come in a copper color.
I knew there’d be some outlay, getting all of this off the ground, but we’re getting ridiculous, now. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars recently, and I don’t even have any stock, yet!
So! New rules.
NO MORE BUYING SUPPLIES (except for butane, obviously, because I don’t have that yet and will need it to move forward. That goes for anything else that’s ABSOLUTELY necessary for moving forward, as opposed to the usual, “Ooh, shiny!” kind of necessary).
The following things need to happen before I can spend any more money on supplies:
1) Get the bloody mailbox at UPS. I can’t do ANYTHING until I have that, and it’s completely holding me up. And I know perfectly well why I haven’t done it; it makes everything real. It’s the next necessary step, and I’m afraid to take it. Much easier to buy more toys than actually do something that makes this all real. But I need to get the heck over that, get the mailbox, and move on! For 6 mos., it costs about $125. I can do that. It’ll be tight, but I can make it work. Oh, and when fall rolls around again and my 2-year contract is up, I think I’m cancelling the Dish; I never watch regular TV anymore, anyway. That’s what Netflix is for.
2) Get an EIN (tax ID number), followed by a separate business banking account. I need to stop mixing my finances; if I’m really going to do this, I need to do it right. That means a business banking account and a debit card. I can put X amount of money in it per pay cycle, and that’s ALL I have to play with. And any profit goes into that account, as well. Apparently, I’m supposed to give myself a salary, once I start making a profit; I’ll have to figure that out, if I actually, y’know, sell anything.
You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but I’ve only just recently started making anything; I did those tests for the titanium rose posts. Those are a workable thing, so I need to get those made. I need to turn the copper stuff I made in class into actual jewelry, as well. I don’t think I’ll sell those, but once I’ve got them dolled up with beads (and nail polish, of course), they’ll be great advertising.
I’m rather annoyed; the package from the company I ordered the majority of my copper clay stuff from arrived yesterday… sans clay! EVERYTHING else was in it, but no freaking CLAY! There should’ve been not one, but TWO packets in there, and there was NONE! On the website, it says it shipped. On the PACKING LIST, it says it shipped, but ONE of the two packets (the one I ordered separately from the “Copper Clay Kit”) had a barely legible, handwritten “B/O” next to it. Not written next to the kit line item, which ALSO should’ve had clay with it. So I’m completely without the stupid clay I need in order to MAKE anything. I called the company last night at about 6:30pm, which should’ve been… what, 5:30pm, Texas time? The message said they were closed. Fine. I left a detailed message, explaining that I’d receive my package, that it hadn’t contained any clay whatsoever when there should’ve been two packets in there, etc. etc. I left my cell phone number, and asked that I be contacted to let me know when I might expect to receive the clay.
No response. It’s noon, and I’ve heard nothing.
So I just called again, and I was IMMEDIATELY, without ever speaking to a person, sent to voicemail. “All of our agents are assisting other customers. Please leave a message.” So I did. I was less nice, this time. I wasn’t outright b!tchy, but I was definitely not friendly. I want ANSWERS. Or I want a freaking refund, so I can order the clay from someone who actually HAS it!!!
In other, related news… you may recall that I was disappointed by the results of my CopprClay class. They were obviously copper, but they were blackened and dull-looking. I knew it was probably due to laziness on the part of the place that finished them for me, but I didn’t know what to do about it.
Last night, my friend looked at the pictures I took of the pieces, and asked, “Would using a wire brush on them help shine them up?”
You could’ve bowled me over with a feather.
I just assumed the bead store had! That’s supposed to be part of the finishing process! It’s supposed to be the FIRST part of the finishing process! How could they even not have done that?!
So, some blackened fingers later, they look sooooooo much better!

4) Develop store policies, and photograph and post stock.

THEN I can buy more toys.
Of course, that said… the bead expo that travels around the country hits my area the last weekend of March/first weekend of April. So I really, really need to have #s 1 and 2 DONE before that happens. Because there’s no NOT going to the bead expo. And I will buy things there, as well, but I’ll try to behave myself. They’re not having a PMC or Bronzclay class at that one, so I’m safe there; I considered going to the wirework clasp class, but I looked at the accompanying picture and thought… I can do that, no class needed. I just never tried before. :-)

OK! Yesterday’s numbers are stinky, because instead of working out, I was brushing firescale off of copper, and then… to be honest, I was admiring the copper.

Calories burned (target/actual): 2263/2116
Calories consumed: 1763/1711
Calorie balance: 500/405
Physical activity (moderate/vigorous): 45 minutes (30 mod., 15 vig.)/37 (37 mod., 0 vig.)
Steps taken: 8000 BMF, 10000 SP/6054
Sleep duration: 8/6:51

Today should be better. Unless my friend Margie wants to hang out, in which case Thursday will be MUCH better. Friday & the weekend… will be interesting, since I’m going away for a Bar Mitzvah. I have no idea what, if any, food I’ll be able to eat. I have no idea if there’ll be a gym in the hotel (I hope so, but if not, I’ll bring workout clothes and do Walk Away the Pounds in my room, or something like that).
Alrighty, I’ve actually BEEN doing work for hours and hours, so I need to do some more of that. Catch you later, folks.

P.S. – 3:37, and they STILL haven’t called back.
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    2599 days ago
  • JKM822
    LOL! Yeah, I'm not great at following plans, even when they're my own. But in this case, at least as far as #s 1 & 2... kinda carved in stone.
    The company FINALLY just called back. They just got the clay in TODAY, it'll ship TOMORROW, and I won't have it until MONDAY. I really wish they'd said it was on backorder sooner, so I could've gotten it somewhere else!!!
    Ah, well. I'll run out to Home Depot or Lowes in the interim, & buy the butane; then I'll really be ready when it gets here.
    2599 days ago
    Yep. Sounds like you've got a great plan. Now to put it into action. Start crossing those things off your to-do list, and watch this dream become a reality. I'm so excited for you.
    2599 days ago
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