"Supporters" who bring you down..?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

So far this week is going well. Yesterday I worked late and still managed to make it to boot camp for leg day. I thought I was going to die! I only ate about 900 calories though, so I know that's below what I need. Today went almost exactly like yesterday. I worked late again, made it to boot camp for arm torture today, and I'm at just under 1000 calories for the day. I tried to eat more today, but I'm eating and getting full healthily before I get to my goal. Help? I'm going to publish my food and fitness trackers if you can give me any assistance.

Now for the main purpose of this blog.. Do you have any supposed "supporters" who actually are just really critical of your efforts and bring you down? My mom always tries to encourage me to make healthy choices when I'm not trying.. But when I am focused and trying she tells me I'm trying too hard, not to overdo it, relax, come eat (unhealthy), etc. For example, on the phone tonight after working out and I was eating she told me I was working too hard and she was worried about me because I've worked out two days in a row. Really? Two days in a row is too focused? I'm not starving myself, working out for hours and hours at a time, etc. Any advice on this one? Her attitude is really bringing me down, because I AM focused and determined to be healthy but she makes me feel bad.
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    I think when people see (same issue with my mom) that you are actually doing it and making changes they get worried/ fear change. It also may bring into the light the things they themselves are not doing but feel they should be doing. Just stick to what is important to you and making healthy positive changes in spite of others opinions. :)
    1805 days ago
    1) I know how that goes - I used to regularly not eat enough. I've gotten into the habit of 5 "meals" a day - and tracking them all regularly. Often I'll plan them out the night before and pack them in a cooler bag. I found that things like veggies and single serve hummus, fruit cups, peanut butter, crackers & low fat cheeses can help with boosting your calorie intake without making you feel too full.

    2) After reading your "about me" it could be that your mom is just worried that you will exacerbate your illness if you "overdo it". As a mom, and a daughter, I can tell you that sometimes moms worry -and sometimes, all you need to do is sit down and talk. Reassure her that you are not taxing yourself. That you are listening to your body's signals. (And that you have your doctor's ok to work out?)

    Just my two cents . . . hope it helps! emoticon
    2237 days ago
  • REBECCA180
    Hi, I'm still pretty new at using all the features here, but had a look at your food today. It looks good, I've had days like that, when I'm so busy during the day and I'm not really hungry. Other days... no way. I pretty much have to have a mid morning snack, cause I eat breakfast so early. It's really like having 3 small meals, then dinner, then a tiny treat if I have room. (not in my stomach, in my calories lol) Trying to hit as close to 1,200 as I can. I notice I'm always low on protein. So I've been having bean dishes, hard boiled eggs, can salmon etc. (with veggies) Oh, I have protein powder in my oatmeal in the morning too.

    About your Mom, she sounds like my Mom! Ha, ha. And I'm 52! I think it's a control thing, just know it's her problem, try not to make it yours. You're not her little girl anymore and she probably no longer feels useful as a mom and it comes out in a thoughtless way. Maybe she just needs reassurance. I wonder if you said, "Thanks Mom, I'm going to think about that." Or even ask her advice about something! Watch her tune change!
    Also, some people just have to sabotage, they see someone doing well, and it makes them feel worse about themselves. Hope that's not what's happening.

    In any case, Good luck to you! You're young, super beautiful. You'll have it made in no time!

    2237 days ago
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