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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A couple of developments as far as shopping. I realized after my early bacon-fest that I really wanted and needed to have many more veggies, green leafy ones in particular, in my life. I took up with a grocery delivery service called to help me. I'm super pressed for time in my life, and trips to the store were usually frantic and not as well thought out as I'd like. I AM finding the weekly delivery helpful. Here's how:

- They suggest some interesting things each week that I hadn't tried or thought of! Savannah ate steamed brussels sprouts tonight and liked them!

- KNOWING that I can count on the greens and fruits and interesting things they bring each Friday means that I race to eat ALL the stuff we have! I used to try to hoard veggies and fruits because getting back to the store to replenish was not guaranteed. Now, I eat my full seven servings with no problem. We are eating so much produce.

- Helps me plan new and interesting meals, to find recipes based on what I have from the pile rather than buying stuff per recipe. I actually save money by not having odds and ends, but making stuff based on what I ended up with.

Other great food sources now:

greenbeandelivery also delivers 2 dozen eggs per week from an Amish farmer here in Ohio. The box does not specify "vegetarian" (that's a plus! chickens are NOT vegetarians!) and he says they're "free range". In Ohio in the winter, they need to spend some time indoors eating other stuff rather than pecking at bugs like what they want to do--that's just reality. The eggs are all different sizes and shades, some are HUGE. Some have been fertilized, so the chickens are socializing, clearly.

Trader Joe's pack of 8 or 10 chicken breasts individually wrapped freezes great. This is working for me right now until I visit a local farmer. My spark buddy KJNE8O and I are planning one such excursion.

Have started sourcing some of my meat from the butcher down the street. Local farmers, but might be some CAFO. I don't know yet, but I also hold as a value shopping at individuals' stores in my town. The meats are exceptionally good, though, and they are my source for the bones for broth, my crap-ton of chicken livers sitting in my freezer... their ground lamb was marvelous in the lamb burgers. I think they are a good quality place, and they are local. I'm not going to buy New Zealand grass-fed when I can support my Ohio farmers.

OK, Everyday Paleo continues to delight:
- Puerto Rican Beef: Savannah measured out the spices, and I felt this could have used MORE spice, but I cannot tell if Savannah put too few in, or the recipe called for what she put in. It was fantastic on the re-heat, and adding salt helped. I'd say you can make a double portion of the spice mixture, put half in, then bump it up to taste at the table. And it worked great for getting more kale into Savannah.

- Ginger Citrus Skillet Chicken: Freaking YUM!!! Skipped the mushrooms as they were not on hand, and Savannah's just not being won over to mushrooms yet. This was easy and utterly delicious. I had brussels sprouts on hand, so that's what we had instead of the suggested kale. Steaming LARGE brussels for just 6 minutes is exactly enough to make them al dente tender and sweet and not move into bitterness.

- Dry Rub Burgers: Excellent hit with both Savannah and her little overnight guest. Spicy, but in a way that kids dig. Using lettuce as the roll was fun, although the girls just used fork and knife. I didn't change a thing about this recipe.

Giant Stuffed Portobellos: I feel like I reviewed this already, but it was a HIT, too! Savannah ended up rejecting the portobello mushroom underneath after giving it a fair trial, but the meat continued to be a good leftover with other things for the next couple of days. I recommend it. Tarragon was a revelation to Savannah--a favorite new herb!

Speaking of which, in the book, Sarah Fragoso calls a particular sauce "bernaise" but it's really hollandaise. You want tarragon (and vinegar, shallots and chervil) at a minimum to make it "bernaise".

Grilled Lamb Burgers: We loved these. I didn't have fresh parsley, but dried worked.

There are other recipes I'm dying to make soon! Life has been crazy, so I haven't made the fancy salads from the book. Just these one dish meals that we can power down and then pack into lunch.

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    Thank you everyone for sharing or celebrating with me! I am enjoying my food, and especially watching my little daughter eat an abundance of leafy greens and other nutrient-dense foods.

    Hi CenthiaW--Because you don't know my history with trying to get my child to leave the monotony of pasta, breads and so on, it would naturally not be clear to you why I'd opt for 'restricting' me and her as far as grains. As it turned out--for our household--getting the grains out of the house caused her tastebuds to open up to wonderful flavors I had been so sad to see her pass up time and again. In my house, the effect of paleo has been to open up new avenues that the starchy diet had snuffed out. Would I like to have some quinoa? Will I? Sure. However, I spent last summer eating rice and beans most lunchtimes and was rewarded with sky-high blood sugars and gained 10 pounds last summer on that diet. And, I was running a lot. So, I'm rather annoyed with and sick of the Cult of Grains and Beans. If you see my posts starting in November, you'd understand the background.

    So, paleo is not my religion--it's my framework for getting my kid off the crap and controlling the nutrition in my house. She lost 10 pounds and is moving out of the obese range into merely overweight, and the pediatrician is thrilled. This is very important to me, and this solution is working after the food pyramid and the pyramid's base of grains utterly failed my child.
    3431 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/7/2012 11:45:41 PM
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    What wonderful experiences you are having. I am a mushroom lover. The delivery service sounds great. emoticon for sharing your positive experiences.
    3431 days ago
  • REJ7777
    It's wonderful that you've found a place that delivers fresh produce to you weekly. I find that stocking my frig with fresh produce is one of the keys to success. I just found a local farmer that sells grass-fed beef, from cows that don't receive hormones. I started reading up on paleo a couple weeks ago, and have started eating more quality meat. Even though I'm eliminating wheat, and greatly reducing all grains, I won't skimp on my veggies! (A bit careful with the fruits, because of the sugar.)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3432 days ago
    @Centhiaw~ there are many many people who dont even realize that they have issues with grains untill they stop eating them. I was one of those. My chronicly inflamed joints are no longer inflamed. I can move easier, have WAY more energy than I thought I could ever have, and am just happy! Its not restrictive unless you make it that way. There is a science behind why our bodies aren't meant to eat those foods. I feel free!

    @Savannahzmomma~ I know that I have lots of local produce that will be coming very soon here! I CANT WAIT! I'm blocks from the town's farmers market that happens on Saturdays, I know where most of the farmers are from I just wish that the prices were more affordable.
    I've thought about doing a CSA box from a local farm... They have meat as well as veggies~ Its $100 a month.
    3432 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12021016
    It's good that you are eating so much healthy, organic food, but unless you have certain food allergies, Paleo seems pretty restrictive to me. There are so many healthy, organic grains and beans that diet forbids. But if it works for you, good luck.
    3432 days ago
    This is great Joy!
    You are amazing and give me heart and inspiration.
    I have to get more organized as I seem to fail a bit when I am underpressure.
    Thanks for the recipe ideas and grocery shop too.

    3432 days ago
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