25,000-29,999 SparkPoints 28,235

CtC: T-minus 74

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Weight last week: 193
Weight this week: 191.4
-1.6 this week, -61.8 total

Yes, that's more like it. I'd like to say I broke the freaking see-saw I was on, but I guess truly this coming week/next Tuesday will tell the tale. On 1/17 I was at 190.4, which is the lowest I've been on this go-around at weight watchers. The first time I did weight watchers was in 1994-1995 and I went from my then heaviest of 188 to 135. So 188 is another "big" milestone for me. After that it will be 185 for an official BMI of "overweight" vs obese. (or morbidly obese as I was when I started on this journey on 6/15/10)

The funny thing is I don't "feel" obese...and I **KNOW** without a shadow of a doubt that I can do things now I never could have before. Like this morning I did 3.1 miles with waaay more running than walking and my average pace was 11:31 min miles! Really? (And etools counts running as 12 min miles or faster.... so even going by that route I was running more than walking and earned 6 activity points for that run...that took me 35:40 but I rounded up to 36 for ye olde spark tracker.)

So the plan this week:
1. track, track, track!
2. Push the water. Trying for 64 oz a day minimum. (and my diet sodas, which I shamefully admit I still drink...and my coffee do not count!)
3. Earn those activity points! Etools had given me a target of 26 the one time I took the quiz, but since I managed to get 50 last week (GOD, did I mention how I love running in terms of earning those APs?)... and I am doing the whole train for the 1/2 marathon... I'm going to shoot for at least 35. More if I can manage it. This morning's 6 gets me off to a good start. lol

Points Target: 28 according to etools, tho I coulda swore at the meeting the receptionist told me 27.. I'm going by etools! :)

Thomas light english muffin....3 points....25 remaining
2tsp olive oil.....2 points......23 remaining
1/2c egg beaters....1 point....22 remaining
banana....0 points....22 remaining
1c skim milk....2 points...20 remaining

8 lifesavers at work....3 points...17 remaining

Lunch (pretracked)
big salad....0 points....17 remaining
3oz chicken breast.... 3 points....14 remaining
4tbsp fat free honey mustard dressing.....3 points....11 remaining
1c skim milk....2 points....9 remaining
14g cool ranch doritos (meaured on home scale!)...2 points....7 remaining

Doesn't leave much for dinner after work, but then again I get home late again tonight (9:30 pm) so I won't be super hungry then. Plus I'd like to get another 30 min or so on the treadmill..walking tho, since I ran this morning.

thomas light english muffin...3 points...4 remaining
1tbsp peanut butter...3 points...1 remaining
1 tbsp jelly....1 point...0 remaining

ww ice cream toffee bar....3 points -3 weeklies
3/4c frosted flakes....3 points.... - 6 weeklies

Weeklies remaining: 43
Activity points earned so far: 6

I did not go for a walk after work and grazed a little bit...but weeklies will cover it and I blogged it. I guess some days are just like that. It was just one of those nights at the library ...believe me, there are things that happen in a library that most people would just NOT believe..
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