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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

OK, so I totally accidentally strength trained last night.
…I’m aware that that statement makes no sense, but just go with me on this.
Last night, I accomplished a fair amount of stuff. I put a clasp and jump ring on a piece of aluminum chain so that I could wear my dichroic glass pendant… and then discovered that the pendant wouldn’t hang straight on that jump ring and I didn’t really trust it to hold the glass, anyway. So now I have it on a magnetic wire choker that I hate and will be paranoid about all day, but I was determined to wear today.
I’m also wearing a pair of red rose cabochons glued with Bead Fix (a different kind of jewelers adhesive) onto titanium posts, with plastic/silicone/rubber backings. I made three pairs of studs last night. The first two (which included the red pair I’m currently wearing) were a relative disaster; I was more successful gluing my fingers together than I was anything else. I thought I was so slick, using a piece of a cheap-o wire jig to hold the studs while I was gluing them. Problem is, the superglue is… well, it’s superglue! It spreads! It’s a liquid! I was going to be more successful gluing the studs to the jig than I was gluing the roses to the studs! So I ended up holding the studs. And did a nice job ripping the skin off my thumb when I wanted to let go of the stud, and did a great job covering bits of most of the rest of my hands with glue.
Then, a solution presented itself:

I’ve had this thing for years. I mean, we’re talking at least 5, possibly 10 years.
I have never, ever used it for its intended purpose – holding bits of chain for you while you hang headpins and beads and things from it.
However, it did a wonderful job holding the studs for me while I glued rose cabs to them, so that I didn’t get any glue on me, or on the Chain Sta, or anything. Brilliant! So the white pair came out brilliantly. Unfortunately, I had plans to wear the red today. I also couldn’t find a drop of isopropyl alcohol in the apartment, which drove me bonkers, because I know I have two bottles of the stuff lying around somewhere.
Oh, and these backings are challenging. It’s nice that they’re tight, and all; I’m not worried that the earrings are going to fall off. I’m just worried I’m going to have to tear my ear off to remove them….
ANYWAY, once I’d done all that, and had a little dinner, I got changed to dance the night away. Well, dance 15 minutes away, anyway. And since I’d looked up how to recalibrate the sensors for EA Sports Active 2, I decided to see if I could make that work before I started getting ready for bed. I “Rebinded” the “Peripherals,” and of course, having done that, I had to check to see if it’d WORKED. The answer is… sort of. It’s better than it was, anyway; at least it recognizes that I’m doing SOMETHING, even if it doesn’t always recognize it correctly. It was LESS frustrating, and I know I got a good upper body & core strength training session in. Which is good – I LIKE doing that stuff. I’m still using the 3lb weights, but hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade to the 5lbs and more ones soon. I’ve been blowing off weight-based strength training because the game wasn’t being functional, so I’m glad it’s working a little better.
That said, I didn’t PLAN to do a full strength workout last night. I didn’t finish up till it was about 10pm, and I had a 7:15am doctor’s appointment this morning. So… yeah. Not much with the sleep, today. *yawn* Interestingly, I’m not nearly as sore as I would’ve expected to be. I was more sore following boxing on Saturday than I am from this. Hmm.

So! Yesterday’s numbers:
Calories burned (target/actual): 2263/2325
Calories consumed: 1763/1746
Calorie balance: 500/579
Physical activity (moderate/vigorous): 45 minutes (30 mod., 15 vig.)/1:00 (43 mod., 17 vig.)
Steps taken: 8000 BMF, 10000 SP/8166
Sleep duration: 8/5:34

The sheep are sleepy.
So am I.

I’ll say this for the Body Cop, as I have before and will again – the fact that it keeps me accountable is WONDERFUL. Would I have worked out last night if I hadn’t had a target number to beat? Pretty sure the answer to that would’ve been a resounding “No.” I was feeling all proud of myself for having accomplished 3 pairs of stud earrings, after all. Not that that’s much to be proud of; if I’d done the embellishments, like I was supposed to, THAT would’ve been something. But I ran out of creative energy. And my fingers really hurt. The thumb still does. Good thing I don’t need the pad of my left thumb to type, or play fake Rock Band Pro guitar.

The torch did indeed arrive yesterday, as did my clip-on, flip-up welders glasses. They’re not as safe as goggles, but at least they’re supposed to prevent damage to my eyes from infrared rays generated by torching metal clay. The textures came, too. They’re lovely, but I haven’t even used any of them yet and I already want more of them. :-)
I also placed an order at my old stand-by beading website, for some things that were not, as it turned out, in the tool kit I already had coming from a different website (it’s the first metal clay kit I’ve seen that didn’t come with a burnisher. That’s just… wtf?), and while I was there, they posted a sale on Swarovski pearls, so I went slightly bonkers. Actually, initially, I went TOTALLY bonkers, but I slowly pared down my order to $40 with shipping. It was really hard, since it was about $100 to start with. I LOVE Swarovski pearls. Actually, I love Swarovski everything; I always have, ever since I was little and drooling over the mirrored turntable displays in the Hallmark store. I’m one of the only people I know who actually HAS some of the little Swarovski animals they display in places like that. I’m actually a little annoyed that they’re so ubiquitous, now; it was more fun for me when I was one of the only people interested in it or willing to pay the money to use it. Now everyone does. At least I know I was a front-runner, though. Heh.
So, yeah, I ordered some pearls, to use in dangles from studs and in rings (because the 3-stone ring is always going to be an easy money-maker that I can do anywhere; most likely, I’ll end up bringing the small beading kit I take when traveling when I head to Long Island for a Bar Mitzvah this weekend, and make about 5 rings. That’s what I did the last time I was away for a weekend in a hotel, anyway. And this hotel doesn’t even have a bar… LOL!). I hated to part with the Petrol color, which is LOVELY, but it was twice the price of everything else and I just couldn’t keep it in. Some other time.
Today’s scheduled arrivals: the tool kit (sans burnisher *grumble*), the clay, the copper clay kit (with the pickle pot, pickle solution and copper tongs… I still can’t get past the fact that they call removing the firescale from the copper “pickling.” Too weird. I miss pickles. I just don’t eat them often anymore. I mean, with the reflux, I’m not supposed to anyway, but what with me ending up shattering a tooth on a piece of glass embedded in a pickle once… yeah, I just don’t eat them that frequently anymore), kiln shelf for torch firing on, rubber block to use for support while sanding pieces, and the stainless steel tumbler shot. The tumbler is expected on Thursday.
I love it when a plan comes together. :-)
…I HOPE the plan comes together, anyway.
The circle and ellipse templates only just shipped yesterday; I’ve no idea when they’re coming. They’d be nice to have. Right now the only shape templates I have are weird, cheesy, cat and animal shapes children’s ones I picked up at Marshalls.
I need to pick up butane. At some point. That’s not incredibly urgent; once I make something and dry it, it can sit around for a bit before I get around to firing.
I’m a little nervous about the firing part. OK, actually, I’m a LOT nervous about the firing part. I’m sure it’ll be fine, but… scary scary, y’know?
I just keep telling myself that people use these things to make crème brulee.
Mmm, crème brulee….
Anyway… yeah. If regular people can make crunchy custard with these torches and not burn their houses down, I can probably fire a piece of copper.
Even if it means opening a window, which I dread.
Because it’s not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you.
But that’s a separate issue.

…Still haven’t found the M.I.A. bug.
REALLY WISH I COULD FIND IT. Dead or alive. At least then I’d KNOW.
Ah, well.
Such is life.

OK, going to do actual work, now. Things are pretty sketchy around here, lately, so best not to make things even worse than they need to be.
Have a great day, everyone.
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