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Little Rock Marathon

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Before the race

Here I am the next day in race shirt with the big medal. The disco ball in the center actually spins!

Wish I was one of those people that gives a good mile by mile description of a race, but I'm not.

I will say I really enjoyed the Little Rock Marathon. I managed a big PR, Finish time of 4:44:07, 24 minutes faster than my last PR. My goal time was 4:45, so I am really happy.

Age Group Place 21 or 90

So now for the Galloway thing. People who use the Galloway run/walk method always need to talk of ratios and all. I ran with my Gymboss set on 1:15/ 30 seconds. This race was smaller than the once I'd raced before, but easily as congested in the beginning. There were corrals, but no wave start. So I had target times for the first mile and did not take walk breaks until my pace was above the target pace. I'm guessing at about 1/2 a mile. I will also admit to dropping the occasional walk break when I was talking to someone. I also lost a few walk breaks on the steep downhill. I don't find I need to add any going up hill. I turned off the Gymboss in the last two miles. Added them as needed going up the hill in mile 25, ran without breaks for mile 26

It will be my last "easy" PR. I've learned a few mental things about the marathon distance. You have to come committed to a plan that you believe will work. In the beginning it means holding your pace down.

For me, I need to be prepared for the group slow down in the last 6 miles. Everyone is tired, even if you have done the pacing right. Water stations take on a whole different feel from the first half. In the first half you are efficient, grab that water pinch that cup drink and go. In the second half everyone around you is stopping. There is water, gu, maybe oranges, bananas, and pretzels. You are tired, you see everyone around you stopping, Your mind is on slow. For me that thing of seeing everyone else coming to a stop was hard. I needed to be ready to take control and remind myself that I had a goal that I could achieve.

I did splurge and purchased course adjusted pace bands from
Not sure how exactly I followed them. It did help remind me to take the first 2 miles as warm up. It kept me from charging up or slowing down too much on the one long hill. It kept me focused on a single mile goal at the end of the race. I think it also solidified my commitment to a particular goal--- after all I'd spent 10 whole dollars on those bands.

Officially this race was a no headphone race. I read the rule the morning of the race and I do follow rules. Lots of people were out on the course with headphones. I think you were pretty safe if you did the half. The full had more of the course with only a lane or so closed to traffic and you can space out between the headphones and the fatigue.

There was really good energy on the course. Also the early start meant that you started seeing the walkers when I got to about mile 15---so the crowd seemed to thin less than in some of my bigger races.

Reasons to run the race. They have an early start which --- 2 hours which gives you an 8 hour official course limit, although it's my impression they kept the finish line open late. They even have 8 hour, 7:30, 7:00. 6:30 and 6:00 pace groups.

The Big N Bodacious Post Race is free with your entry. It starts at 4, pork or chicken BBQ sandwiches,pasta, salad, coleslaw, potato salad, chips and salsa, brownies and beverages---I had a white wine and then a margarita. Live music. As I sat there sipping my margaritaI thought it would be fun to be dancing with my husband. Of course he was in St. Louis, so I did not actually test that desire.
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