Eating Crap and Not Sleeping Enough--Excellent Experiment!

Monday, March 05, 2012

After a couple of months of feeling GREAT, vanquishing one cold like I never had, and just feeling very settled in this lifestyle, I had one week where I went off-course.

The home meals continued to be winners, because I'm doing just fine keeping junk out of the house. Our daily breakfasts and dinners and packed lunches continue to delight us.

The challenge came in one week where I had one function or get together after another. Late nights, stomach distress... oh, and one night where I awoke at 2:30 with the same old complaints (itching, an urge to pee where there is no pee) that I had pre-paleo. That early, early morning was also the morning that my annual bonus came in. It was a good one. I was so uncomfortable that I decided to take Advil. I also decided to peek at my credit union's web site for my transactions on my Android phone. There was the bonus! I am DEBT-FREE except for my mortgage!

I was so excited and so uncomfortable and physically miserable that I got up, went to my computer, and paid off my credit cards. So, I'm itching, happy, miserable, heart pounding with excitement. Back to bed. Three hours later and still not asleep, then the sinus trouble came...

Two days later, a baby shower where the hostess said, "I'll have chicken salad and egg salad!"

Only every bit of those salads was spread as thin schmears on croissants. A bunch of cake and sangria... and I was starving when I got there. So I ate.

Misery! Sugar! No sleep! Bad for Joy. Acne breakouts.

Got the bad cold I could not conquer and now, I am recovering. Lots of good salad and vegetables, wholesome meats, probiotics, and now I've got some bone broth I made that I'm enjoying right now as I write.

NOW I know how to recover, and I was able to totally get rid of the itching and "overactive bladder". The long, really good sleeps since fixing the itching issue have helped me get quickly past the worst of the cold. I see that it was all true...

My greatly-improved diet and great sleep are the team I need to call on and trust and enjoy. Lessons learned are:

- The sugar (and alcohol) doesn't give as much pleasure as it gives me misery.
- Sleep MUST be respected!
- Before social events, PACK something I can count on that is awesome. Sneak out to the car to eat the thing. The hostess won't notice I'm not eating the crap. And I really don't need the sangria.

I want to feel good! There is so much fun to be had and so much to try in this life. I imagine there will be times when I want a piece of cake or whatever, but I need to eat clean pretty consistently-not have a "bad week". I enjoy, though, that I knew exactly what to do to get back to feeling better. It's all good.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yay - debt free - that must feel good - not that stress good possibly impact health. If you study the progress charts of any successes in human endeavour, it is rarely a straight line from start to success. We have down periods along the way - learning from them is the important part. "A mistake is only a sin if it is repeated" - Buckminster Fuller.
    3437 days ago
    Hope you feel better Joy, that is terrible feeling so many bad symptoms.
    I know what you mean though about falling off the wagon a bit. It only takes a little detour sometimes to derail. Let's get back on and go! Get healthy!
    Take care of yourself!
    3438 days ago
    Oh girly... such a crappy reminder right? :/ I hear ya though! Gorging myself on Chinese food not only makes the scale unhappy... but tummy too.

    How can I make bone broth? I bought some bones from Farmers market, it has a little meat on it... I wanted to get some beef broth for post surgery (wired shut)...
    3438 days ago
    Good job getting back on track!! Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder that we were miserable before we changed the way we eat!

    and KICK ASS that you are Debt FREE! *SWEEET*
    3438 days ago
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