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Monday, March 05, 2012

Ow ow ow ow ow ow.
Tummy hurts.
Funny… it was fine most of the weekend. I eat breakfast this morning, and almost immediately as I’m getting ready to head to work… agony. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s food sensitivities or just how badly I hate coming to work every day that does this to me!
I’ve also got the weirdest sore throat ever. It doesn’t hurt to swallow; it hurts to touch my neck, or to turn my head or stretch my neck. Bizarre. It was going on all weekend, and it’s getting worse instead of better, so I made a 10am appt. with the office health center. Hopefully they can figure it out.
The might-be-a-wasp is still M.I.A.
The earrings I was making that started the whole mess… they necessitated opening the window because E6000 adhesive is a model-glue like inhalant, which a) gave me the killer headache of doom that prevented me from doing anything constructive for the rest of the day, even with a window open, which b) probably let the bloody bug in, in the first place… came out pretty well. But because they were a test case, I made them with a color I would never wear, so the world may never know that they were nifty. Me and pink are un-mixy. Also, I was just reading online that other people have massive sensitivities to E6000 (like, may have asthma-like symptoms when it’s anywhere near them, even if it’s dry), so I may need to find a different adhesive. It’s bad enough that I thought I was gonna die from this stuff; I don’t want to do that to anyone else. Maybe G/S Hypo Cement? No one mentions anything about nearly dying from the fumes of that, the way they do about E6000….
I really do need to get started on them, though – they’re kinda vital. My friend finally remembered to bring me the titanium flat-pad posts we ordered, so what I’m supposed to be doing now is gluing acrylic rose cabochons like these:

to them and poof! Titanium earring studs in fashion colors! OK, slightly cheesy, because they’re plastic. But they’re also completely nickel-free, and colorful, and lightweight. And you can buy a number of other things (also from me, of course) to decorate them further, that most likely WON’T be plastic, or at least not mostly plastic. Perhaps I’ll use some fishing line, but it would be to string crystals on, so… there you go. The backings are indeed plastic – they’re clear rubber/plastic/silicone stuff, but that’s a good thing; no one’s allergic to those. So every part of these studs should be great for those with nickel sensitivities. I’m looking forward to making some pairs for myself (in non-pink colors, of course. Heh), and getting some of the designs in my head for further embellishments made up.
The first of the metal clay shipments (with two more en route) should be here today. I think today’s delivery is the torch and 3 texture stamps. Not fantastically useful, since the clay itself isn’t due until tomorrow, but that’s cool – I don’t have any butane yet, anyway. And apparently the tumbler isn’t expected until Thursday.
I thought I was going to be OK with having the kitchen window open for the purpose of torch firing, but now… I’m less certain. Big, paranoid weenie that I am.
I really need to work on this phobia issue.
MAN, I wish the stove-top exhaust fan was useful, and vented OUTSIDE, instead of just blowing it back out into the kitchen. What a stupid bloody design that was.
OK, so my numbers yesterday were fairly pathetic. Saturday was much better.
Maybe I’ll do both.

Calories burned (target/actual): 2263/2471
Calories consumed: 1763/1938 (I don’t actually know that for truth. I took my highest-ever estimate and slotted it in. I was not well-behaved on the food front, for most of Saturday morning.)
Calorie balance: 500/533
Physical activity (moderate/vigorous): 45 minutes (30 mod., 15 vig.)/1:12 (38 mod., 34 vig.)
Steps taken: 8000 BMF, 10000 SP/8136
Sleep duration: 8/7:58 (Only two minutes shy, and I didn’t get loop-de-loop sheep! Disappointing!)

Calories burned (target/actual): 2263/2111
Calories consumed: 1763/1938 (guessed again. I was good in the morning, but Mom cooked (shrimp in garlic and olive oil served over brown rice with a side of salad. Delicious. TOO delicious – I ate more than I should’ve!)
Calorie balance: 500/173
Physical activity (moderate/vigorous): 45 minutes (30 mod., 15 vig.)/32 (32 mod., 0 vig.)
Steps taken: 8000 BMF, 10000 SP/5819
Sleep duration: 8/6:29 (Yeah, that would be the night I was afraid of the mystery bug. Not much sleep there.)

I’m realizing, now, that I usually use the sleep measurement for the following day. Like, 7:58 technically belongs to Friday, not Saturday. Saturday night’s sleep quantity is listed on Sunday.
I’m all messed up now, not sure what I’m doing. For what it’s worth, today’s sleep quantity was 6:45. That should bring us back to where we’re supposed to be, assuming that I post today’s numbers for tomorrow.
Just got back from the health center. She said it’s not tonsillitis, it’s not this that or the other thing, it’s not mono (?! That wasn’t even on my list of suspects! Sheesh!). She had a thick accent so I had some trouble following, but the gist was that my lymph nodes are swollen and painful but she thinks it’s probably viral and to leave it alone in the hopes that it’ll go away on its own. If not, come back and we’ll do the antibiotic thing.
At least the tummy ache passed. As per usual. *sigh*
I see the GI doctor for my follow-up tomorrow. On the one hand, I do feel a little bit better, so at least I have that to report; not so much of the burning sensation as I was having, so that’s good. And I don’t even remember to take the 2nd Nexium, most days, so that’s something. On the other, I could REALLY LIVE WITHOUT these nearly daily morning bouts of painful bloating.
My Amazon Cloud Player really, really wants me to watch Once More, With Feeling again. It’s been playing that and Monkee songs a lot for the last two days. Lots of Jeff Healey, too, but my Jeff Healey watching options are the same as my Monkee options – nil. I had stuff on VHS, but haven’t converted it. OMWF, however, I have on DVD. I’d say, “To the Buffy box set!” but by the time I get home, I’ll have forgotten, anyway. Which is probably all to the good, since I should work out and then make a turkey burger for dinner.
I did not get my taxes done this weekend. That was the goal for Saturday, but I got so wacked out on adhesive fumes that I couldn’t think straight.
…And then I beat Rock Band 3. After doing a little revisionary practice on Pro mode, which further proved to me that PLAYING GUITAR IS REALLY HARD. If it didn’t HURT so much, that’d be something. My poor widdle hands are not meant to straddle the neck like that. :-( Can’t I just play on my lap like Jeff Healey did?
I totally cheated to beat the game, too. Did most of it on Medium, which I can do pretty much flawlessly, instead of bumping it up to Hard, which would actually be a challenge.
I did take a stab at playing and singing at the same time, for a few songs, though. Now, THAT is challenging. Fun, though. It’s good practice for when I can actually, y’know, play guitar.
I’m so stream-of-consciousness today.
I have such a headache right now.
And let’s just check weather.com, and… yes! Yes, there’s a front pointing right at us. That’s me, the walking weather radar.
OK, gonna go try and do some work. Then tonight, probably some drooling on my texture tiles (that I could, if I really, really wanted to, do stuff with; I DO have the CopprClay in my fridge, after all. But since I have no way to fire it, it’d just be a big, horking tease that would do more harm than good), and HOPEFULLY putting a jump ring on my dichro piece I made weeks ago and putting it on the piece of aluminum chain I cut for it last week but never finished with a clasp. Then will be the time on Sprockets when we DANCE!
Or box the heck out of an imaginary person.
I tried to do strength training on Saturday via EA Sports Active 2, but once again, the sensor refused to pick up that I was actually moving my arms while lifting weights. INCREDIBLY frustrating.
So I boxed. And now… sooo sore. LOL! Such is life. It’s the good sore, right?
It’s 3pm and I’ve accomplished NOTHING, so I’m going to go… do something.
Have a good one, folks.
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  • JKM822
    Feeling better today, thanks folks.
    Giranimal, I'm probably the only person you'll meet that's filled with dread when presented with a nice day. Nice day = bugs. *shudder*
    I have a website at etsy (I won't post the name for fear the SP police will consider it advertising), but my shop is empty; I'm not selling anything yet, since I'm not yet registered with the IRS or county Chamber of Commerce. Also, I haven't made enough of anything to sell, yet! I'm getting there, though....
    2451 days ago
    Do you sell your jewelry...have a website?

    I love jewelry!!

    Have a terrific day and do hope you feel better.

    BR> emoticon
    2451 days ago
    emoticon Get well soon.
    2451 days ago
    I had a crushing headache for half the weekends...and part of last week...too. Sucky. I'm also with you on the mystery gut!

    But I am hoping that the promise of 60 degrees midweek will just make all that nonsense seem less...plaguing. emoticon

    I need to do jewelry things too! And next time I go on a super splurge at Michael's, I need to but beads I don't actually like so I won't be tempted to wear everything I make! Good idea -- thanks!
    2451 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon.
    2451 days ago
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