In Deep Commitment, Discouragment

Monday, March 05, 2012

today I was reading a chapter in a book about meditation, and the message resonated deeply with my recent/current experience in my personal SparkJourney - I thought I would share - for those in a similar boat - take heart and above all, be gentle with yourself :)

"…how to deal with negativity…pacifying acknowledges that when we've really committed ourselves to practice, when we have some passion for practice and we put our whole self into it, a very curious thing always happens: we get fed up, we lose heart, and we get discouraged…first of all, recognize that a letdown feeling accompanies good practice, that this is the experience of someone who is very committed and has started on a journey, and pacify yourself…you can actually talk to yourself about how precious our human life is and how uncertain the length of it is, and realize that it's a rare and precious opportunity to be able to make friends with yourself…you can sit down in silence with yourself and simply see who you are and in a gentle and precise way, continually be with yourself, learning how to acknowledge fully who you are and let go of the tendency to fixate and dwell…pacifying is realizing the human condition with a lot of heart and a lot of sympathy, and appreciating the rareness and preciousness of being able to practice and make friends with yourself."

from The Wisdom Of No Escape
Pema Chödrön
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