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Group Marathon Training 10 - And the mileage increases

Monday, March 05, 2012

Wow, those were SOME storms on Friday, huh? Added some excitement to Game Night with the kids, that's for sure (as the worst of the storms were hitting, I was picking up one of our cats from the vet - the kids, and our friend Jimmy who'd been invited to join in, all tried to reach me and couldn't get through - the cell towers were being bombarded by people who were checking on loved ones apparently). It didn't dampen the fun though - got to show the kids one of the DVDs I had made from one of our old 8mm movies (I've got 2 transferred so far, at least 3 to go and not all are labelled so it's a surprise for everybody to see what's on those), they played some Magic The Gathering, and we enjoyed a lovely meal of Chef Meg's Slow Cooker Lasagna together - perfect! Of course, I didn't get to bed as early as I should have, but it was worth it.

Saturday dawned with partly cloudy skies and temperatures expected from the mid-30s to low-40s. My daughter and I discussed it the night before and she dropped a layer from what she was wearing when we did the 13 miles, as she'd overheated a bit that day. I picked her up around 6:30 AM, and we got to the warehouse in time to get more sample packets of Gu.

And we were off! It was a BEAUTIFUL morning for a brisk walk! Here's the route we took - 14 miles from Oakley to Mariemont and back:

We spent a lot of time walking on Murray Rd. on the way into and out of Mariemont, which made me feel like my dad was watching over us (his name was Murray).


I'm really loving the chance to reacquaint myself with various neighborhoods in our city (and introducing many of them to my daughter for the first time). Mariemont is so pretty, and I've got some interesting memories - like seeing the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty at the Mariemont Theater when I was little (OH how the witch scared 5 year old me!), and having a fancy dinner at the Mariemont Inn with my parents when I was in elementary school. I LOVE all the Tudor architecture!

We had a couple of mishaps along the way. Right as we were getting to the water stop (this was the first route where they had a water stop provided other than the UDF on Erie), my daughter shrieked and started limping - she'd picked up something in her shoe. While I refilled her water bottle she sat down and took off her shoe - the two primary coaches happened to be at the water stop (we passed them several times as they were checking up on the group, I started teasing them about deja vu at one point) so Rich took the insole out of her shoe but he didn't see anything, so she put it back on and we soldiered on. After about half a mile, she was convinced whatever she'd picked up was still there, so she sat down on a stoop and both Brenda (the coach who stuck with the caboose this week) and I took a look - and we found a NAIL! A really skinny nail had gone all the way through the sole - happily it didn't puncture the insole but it was REALLY jammed in there, it took using a rock to push against the tip inside her shoe to loosen it enough to grab and pull it out - that thing was a good inch and a half long! She tossed it in the trash can nearby so no one else would step on it, and promised me she'd inpect her foot when she got home and wash any scrapes with alcohol (she didn't think it had pierced through her double layer of socks, but I wanted to be sure).

I had a bit of a mishap right towards the end - I heard a runner coming up behind us, and lost my footing as I turned around to check his location (he didn't call out or anything...bad runner, no biscuit!) and took a tumble. I'm getting better at this falling thing - totally rolled through it and practically landed back on my feet, I was already coming up as Brenda and KITTYWULF cried out and came over to help. Dude didn't even slow down. Scraped up my right palm a little bit and that's it - no other bumps or bruises I've been able to locate.

Other than that, though, it was a great walk. I didn't feel NEARLY as wiped out afterwards as I had on the 13 miler (though I did decide to take a nap after I got home since I'd not had a whole lot of sleep the night before and I had to go in to work that night). I noticed that I seem to drink a LOT more water as we get farther along - we passed the water stop twice, about a third of the way in and with a third of the way to go - I refilled my water bottle both times, though I still had about a third to go. By the time we got back to the warehouse I'd drained it completely dry (in fact, about a mile BEFORE we got to the warehouse). I need to pay attention to my pacing on that I think. Though, happily, The Pig is apparently one of the better run races and has water stations at every mile along the route. But for these training runs, I need to make a better plan. I tried two new flavors of Gu this time around - the "Jet Blackberry" and "Mandarin Orange" - and REALLY liked the orange. I was just on the Gu site, and there are a TON of flavors I want to check out - I think it may be time to make an order, or at least see what Bob Roncker's has in stock. The Gu really seems to be working well for me, and they are only 100 calories per pack, which makes it easy to keep track of what I'm ingesting.

OH hey, I promised you guys pictures of my favorite toy store, ice cream shop and children's book store on the planet, and I actually remembered this week!

King Arthur's Court Toy Store is the shop with the purple awning on the left. The pink building next door is Aglemesis Bro's Ice Cream, and the blue building on the end is Blue Manatee Children's Book Store. Ah, how I LOVE Oakley!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you for sharing our beautiful city with other Sparkers.

    And yes, that runner should have let you know he was there...bum.

    Keep up the good work with the training!
    2571 days ago
    Awesome! Sounds like you're doing great.

    I'm not a runner and I don't know any running etiquette, so I don't know that I would have thought to say something as I was coming up from behind someone, but if someone fell--even if I had nothing to do with it--I would have at least slowed down and made sure they were all right! My dad fell running in a half Marathon in Detroit and actually broke one of his front teeth (he still finished the race, though, even with broken teeth).

    I hope that your daughter didn't get pierced by the nail! If she does, though, she'll need a tetanus shot ASAP if hers aren't up to date. Scary.
    2572 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    Love reading about your progress! Sounds like you're doing really well! :D And I love Mariemont! Such a pretty area. :)
    2572 days ago
    Bad runner, no biscuit!

    I admit I don't call out when I'm behind folks..but I am huffing and puffing so loudly, they usually hear me a mile off. (lol) But if I heard someone fall I know I'd stop and help and apologize.

    I think I ought to try gu... I tried sports beans..and found I can't run and chew at the same time. LOL Maybe gu would go down better.

    It sounds like your training is going amazingly well. I almost signed up for the Pig half instead of Cleveland...
    2572 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2012 8:15:05 PM
    Wow, you are making amazing progress! Keep up the good work!
    2572 days ago
    I am really impressed with how well you are doing with your training. emoticon Girl!! emoticon
    2572 days ago
    You are doing such an emoticon job!

    And sorry for that runner being so inconsiderate-I apologize on behalf of runners everywhere. Glad you were okay in spite of that.
    2572 days ago
    Nice job! Too bad about the runner - I try to be more considerate than that.
    2572 days ago
    Sorry for jamming the cell phone towers emoticon

    You know, I've never made it to Aglemesis. May have to make a point of it...if I can get past the local Graeters.
    2572 days ago
    You are doing a great job with your training- I'm so impressed! I'm also impressed at how you're handling falls. Wish I'd had your skill when I went face-down the day before the Rally last year! emoticon
    2572 days ago
  • MISSG180
    You are doing so great. I'm really impressed.

    My mom called to check how we were faring in those storms. To which I said, "What storms?" We only got a tail end of it up here, though a fair amount of wind.
    2572 days ago
    Way to go! You are making such good progress and the photos are just wonderful!
    2572 days ago
    Good news on the nail front. I only had a light scrape on the sole of my foot. It was already healing by the time I got home. I made sure to wash it with hot water and soap, and put alcohol on the afflicted area. Thank the powers that be for quick reflexes, and an ability to spot things others miss! (I was the one who spotted the nail.)
    2572 days ago
    Great job on the training! Maybe consider getting a Camelbak or similar for your water, so you can carry it with you and have a back up to the water stops. I wear mine on all my outdoor long runs so I don't have to deal with holding a bottle in my hands. Some of them also have little pockets where you can store your keys and phone.
    2572 days ago
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