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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Week 3 still in progress..

I've been doing great with exercising. I've exercised for 19 days in a row and it's getting easier and easier to motivate myself.

However, weight loss is mostly about the food intake. I've been over my kcal intake for days now. I can't lose weight because I still eat too much, snack cookies and have dinner too late at night. I exercise every day but I can't control my overeating. It's so frustrating. I know what I have to do, but I can't actually DO it. Well, I CAN, but I don't..I've done it for several days, but I always break the momentum for some reason..

It's so hard.. I wish I could find someone who could support me and make me accountable for my food choices, because I can't seem to manage this on my own.

My goal is to eat everything in moderation, in normal portions, but not too late at night.
So, I will try:

1. stop the late night eating - no food after 8 PM
2. eat normal portions - no 2nd servings at lunch and dinner
3. try to avoid sweets and salty snacks - the minimum intake (this is going to be very hard)

Seems so simple and easy, but it's very hard to avoid temptations at home.

If there's anyone who has similar goals, similar struggles, wants daily support and would like help overcoming this, please contact me. If only I had someone I would have to report to every day about my progress with these 3 goals, hopefully, that would help me be more accountable for my actions.. emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD11132184
    Selina - you are doing better than what you give yourself credit for. You are moving and acknowledging that eating habits need to change. How are you doing? Do you still need some help with accountability? emoticon
    3342 days ago
  • ANGELA_1987
    I know there is a strength in you to do it because I read your first blog post and all your reasons to loose weight are right one! emoticon
    3349 days ago
    Also - I want to say kudos for figuring out where you need to focus! For me it was less the food (though that was part of it) and more the exercise portion. I`m lazy and like to lie around on my butt. For you its less the exercise (obviously you love to move! Awesome!), and more the overeating.
    This is good! You can`t fix a problem if you don`t recognize it as a problem. Don`t beat yourself up over it, though. Be proud of yourself for acknowledging the issue and making changes to overcome it. It won`t happen over night and that`s okay. You will overcome it.
    3350 days ago
    Keep at it! If you are finding cutting out the cookies is too hard all at once, how about letting yourself have one - just one - take it out of the package, lay it aside for dessert at dinner, and put the rest away.
    Also - think about what do you do at night that makes snacking so attractive - if you can change those habits, maybe it will be easier to change the grazing habit too. My dad quit smoking and one of the things was to break the cycle of things he did when he smoked, so the link wasn`t there.
    Like if you watch tv in the evenings, take that time to do something with your hands (type out your daily blog, do some knitting, fold laundry from earlier in the day, whatever it takes) so that they`re not reaching for the snack bowl. (and missy why do you have a snack bowl out any way!! - LOL)
    I often do my walk at night when I`m home (if I`m out at night I walk at lunch at work). If I`m out on my walk I can`t eat, there isn`t any food around. Is there something similar you could do at that point, even if you can`t actually leave the houes, like doing your fitness routine. I don`t know what your daily schedule is like but see if there isn`t something you could shake up a bit to break the habit-snack connection.
    I`m watching you!
    3350 days ago
    I will do what I can to help... I have some of the same goals, and would love to have someone keep me accountable also!

    3350 days ago
    ok selina i'll do what i can to help.

    there are many ways of doing this, but here's my suggestion:

    first, set your goals. you can do that in a blog, in the journal you can find under 'planner', or simply on a sheet of paper you can hang on a closet door or someplace you'll see it often.
    -- what do you want to achieve, in what time, and what are the small steps along the way?
    -- how much will you be able to eat, and when?
    -- how much will you exercise, what and when?

    you can send me daily reports via sparkmail, and i will send you goodies if you achieve your goals for the week.

    in my experience so far, spring & summer worked really well for losing, but when the weather gets colder, it's natural to change eating habits. so now's the time!
    3350 days ago
    Hang in there, it does get easier. I'm into my 2nd month of really focusing on my healthy journey...and at first I HATED figuring calories and portion sizes. I myself am still working on the portion size thing, but it's slowly sinking in for me. I rely heavily on package labels for this....example...I love pecans so I read the back of the bag and it says 1/4 cup is a serving, so I get out my 1/4 cup measuring cup and measured out 1 serving size and put it in a baggy. So now when I go to the food tracker I know that when it says 1 serving they mean 1/4 of a cup.

    My advice is to relax and don't get stressed(stress can cause weight gain ya know) out about over eating, just take small steps to adjust your eating at a time. Your first few weeks with the food tracker is the best way to just get a base line so you see where you need to make adjustments.

    I hope you find what you are looking for in a buddy to keep you accountable. In a way you are doing that for yourself just by blogging about your weightloss journey.
    3350 days ago
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