Saturday, March 03, 2012

This old Disney BINGO has revealed some new revelations for me! First off, yesterday (Friday) I thought that I couldnt do anything because I was on a bus trip. Well, guess what? While waiting to reload the kids, I looked into my "Rhonda Library" and found that MOST of the exercises could be done without the gym.
I stopped at the HS while waiting for them and did 1.25 miles on their track. Found out that the Astroturf was dry, so did my core there. Then did my pushups on the ground and trricep dips using the bus steps. Needed a wall for wall pushups. Used the side of the bus for that.
Just realizing that there is NO EXCUSE not to workout. The intensity may be a little less than the gym but it is sure much better than sitting around and not even trying. I am sure that the effort will pay off.
Looking forward to this weeks WI. For those who have reached their goal do you remember how wonderful it was to see the end in sight and how much you thought about your plans for "maintenance program"?
Not going to get reckless and forgetful, but looking forward to this new life. In the meantime, back to my SPIES! emoticon AARRRRGGGHHH!!! Bring it on!
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