Saturday, March 03, 2012

I enjoy Girl Scout cookies...I really do. There's not many people around who hadn't had a good cookie from the girls in green (or blue, pretty sure one of my sashes were blue). And yes, I did buy 2 boxes (one Thin Mint and one Shortbread) when one of my students asked me. Normally I find that even if I bought a box, I can pretty much ignore them most of the time and have a couple here and there as a treat. I realized the other day that I still have a box of cookies stashed from 2 years ago. (They went in the trash as soon as I found them.)

So what's my issue now? Every where I turn I find references to them. They're talking about them on the radio station I listen to and one of the news anchors mentioned them in several different broadcasts. It's not any better on here, I keep seeing articles on which ones are better for me and dailyspark blogs about which ones are better. It seems like everywhere I turn it's cookie cookie cookie cookiecookiecookieCOOKIE!

I had a serving of the shortbread cookies as a mid-morning snack. I am currently fighting going back to the box to get some more. My usual out-of-sight out-of-mind approach isn't working this time because my HEALTHY LIVING SITE won't stop suggesting articles to read about the stupid things. I'm getting to the point where I'm either going to stop using SP or throw the stupid cookies into the trash because I will NOT derail my weight loss journey because of a stupid box of cookies. I will NOT lose ground because everyone else seems to be obsessed with them.
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    Glad to hear it emoticon
    2602 days ago
    Thanks ladies! I ended up not ditching either one. But then again, I've not eaten any more cookies either. The cookie craze seems to have died down so I think I will survive.
    2604 days ago
    Ok you little cookie monster! Now this is definitely something I can relate to as cookies are my all time FAVORITE food. Having them in your house is going to do no good to you, unless you're skinny wanting a little extra padding around the bones. I can say for a fact, yes, a serving won't hurt you HOWEVER since you sound EXACTLY like me in this situation I suggest you either bring them to class as a treat for the kids (they will be eaten) or you pour water on them, let them get all soggy and gross and then toss them out. Whoever came up with out of site, out of mind was a total liar becuase deep in the freezer, way back in the cupboard they will scream at you. You need to keep on SP becuase we all like having you around and it's good for all of us, the cookies... now that's what's got to go! emoticon emoticon
    2605 days ago
    If it is a choice between SP and cookies the cookies will have to go. If you decided that SP goes, you may or may not be better off but we would all lose a friend, this would not be good. SP needs to cover many different areas to help many different people with many different situations with articles that relate to the current events, such as this time for the guides. Your moment of frustration will pass. Throw the cookies out; put a gold star on today's date to remind yourself of the decision to continue on your journey to a thinner you.

    emoticon emoticon
    2606 days ago
    Personally I would throw out the cookies. I did not buy any for the first time in years because I knew I couldn't be trusted with them.
    2606 days ago
    Using SparkPeople correctly makes it an incredible tool so I suggest not throwing it out the window. The reason they post the articles is because they know that everyone has cravings so they want the crave not to end in calamity. It is done to help, not hurt. There are so many wonderful people on SparkPeople that can help you in your time of need, they support you and need your support too. Please don't throw it out because they talk about cookies. I say throw your cookies in the trash if you can't stop eating them. I have the same problem, I can't keep donuts in the house. I have no self control with donuts, the entire box will be gone. So if cookies are your trigger food? Don't keep them in the house. For a treat turn to other things.
    I'm just trying to be helpful so you don't decide that SparkPeople is a waste of time. It's definitely not, even if they post too many cookie stories. :)
    2606 days ago
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