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Reviving Abandoned Orphaned Bunnies

Friday, March 02, 2012

Boo and I were out for our morning walk with Boozie and Sadie when Boozie's mom saw two abandoned bunnies. They were cold and lifeless barely breathing with almost no movement. There was no nest anywhere in sight, we would have left them to their mother if we thought they could have lived. We were certain they were near death so I brought them home.

This was taken two hours after I brought them home barely breathing. Poor little things were so cold I thought they would die.

Boo and I went on our hike with Bianca, Murphy, & Matt then returned to care for the bunnies.

They just needed to warm up for a day. Bianca and I tried to feed them but they had no interest. They would not drink a drop.

The good news is this morning I took them to Charlie's Gramma who was able to get them to take the bottle. They ate up quite a bit if you watched the video you would see they are doing much better.

I am looking for advice, tips on what to do with these little fellows found freezing cold near death with no nest anywhere in sight.
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    AW, I am so glad they are doing better now. How can you not love them and want to help them? They remind me of the bunnies in my yard.
    2268 days ago
    Are those Cotton Tails? Sure are cute. Hope they continue to do well. Your such a kind person!!!!
    2268 days ago
    2268 days ago
    Oh, how PRECIOUS!!! I think it's so wonderful that you did that! emoticon
    2269 days ago
    How nice of you, they are so cute!
    2269 days ago
    Oh, how cute. I'm glad they are doing well. I would call a vet to see what else you need to do.
    2270 days ago
    I rescued 4 baby bunnies one day. I was working at a day care, and I'm pretty sure the mom was the one in the middle of the road. There was a nest near the play area and the kids would just scare the poor things, so I took them home. This was in the summer though and they were older than yours. I took them home, made sure they were okay and sent them back out into the wild...I lived in the middle of nowhere. I think the problem at the daycare was that it was in the middle of the city and fenced in, they had a hard time getting out. It is cold out now, so I really do not know what to tell you especially since they are so little.
    2270 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Wow! I have never seen baby bunnies before! That was very awesome of you to save them -can't imagine them being abandoned like that by their mother in the middle of no where -must have been birds, those ravens and crows will take anything :(
    Hope you get the info you need to help them or give them to qualified people to look after.
    You rock!!
    emoticon emoticon
    2270 days ago
    EddyMeese is a vet student (or intern?) and probably has good advice - or call your vet and just assk.

    Good luck, and thank you for saving these bunnies!!!
    2270 days ago
    Thank you for caring. emoticon emoticon -- Lou
    2270 days ago
    Victoria, I do hope the bunnies survive. Please keep us posted! emoticon emoticon
    2270 days ago
    Victoria good luck you are so kind!
    2270 days ago
    I have seen birds take baby bunnies from the nest to eat later. I am so glad that you rescued them! They didn't die from hypothermia...so you must have found them just in time! Good Luck! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2270 days ago
    Thank doG you found them! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2270 days ago
    2270 days ago
    Awwwww-so cute! That is great you saved them-hope the offered advice helps you. I was going to suggest local wildlife people could give you tips or maybe have a place that cares for them. I know when my Mom raised our puppies (when the mother died at the pup's birth)-she had to do some very specialized things you wouldn't think of, like rubbing there bellies with a warm cloth to get them to urinate. The mother's tongue would do that normally. Hope they live! emoticon emoticon
    2271 days ago
    I accidentely sent you the wrong link. Here is the correct link.


    It is a very indepth look at what you need to do to help them survive.

    sorry the first one was for domestic bunny's.
    2271 days ago
    I thought I already posted a reply but don't see it here - I just sent you a SparkMail with a list of rehab people in So Calif who are licensed by the Fish & Game to deal with this - I also looked at the 'rabbit emergency info' page at California Wildlife Center and they confirmed what I suspected, that the babies are extremely fragile and need very specialized care so I hope you will contact them ASAP. Here's the link for others who are interested


    Thanks for being such a special person and caring so much - I feel privileged to know you!
    2271 days ago
    I'm going to send you a SparkMail message with contacts for wildlife rescue organizations, some of whom specialize in taking orphaned small mammals - I'd strongly advise doing that because rabbits can be very fragile and esp when that little so letting someone who is trained and experienced to care for them could mean the difference between survival and not surviving.

    Good for you, tho - I've rescued a lot of animals, birds, etc, and sometimes rehab'ed them myself, other times taken them to someone who knows more than I do about it. You are a very special person to make the effort!!
    2271 days ago
    One more comment. I just watched the video. Wild bunny's grow at twice the rate of domestic rabbits and they will quickly get to a point, probably a week or less where they will jump out of that nesting basket. Also I could not see but I am assuming that you have them on a heating blanket, set on a low level. Be sure it does not cover the entire nesting area but allows them to move away from it if it becomes to hot. They will go back and forth to stay warm.
    2271 days ago
    Oh my goodness... thankfully so many people have good advice... I would not have a clue where to start except that there is an animal rescue place nearby. Good luck with them. Justyna
    2271 days ago
    I have a bunny that is a lot older than yours and is doing well. DO NOT FEED COWS MILK!!!

    I am going to share a link with you to an expert.


    Feel free to read my blog The Care and Feeding of an Orphaned Cottontail. And please release these bunnies once they are old enough, if they survive. Do not beat yourself up if they do not and it take a whole lot of time and commitment to do this and be successful.

    Something probably got into the nest and the ones that were not taken, do this spasmatic/protective jumping that is a survival technique. But they ended up outside the nest. Also mother could have been killed in the attack. Hope all goes well with your two bunny's.
    2271 days ago
    There are rabbit rescues in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. I think you are in Southern California. I would call them and ask them what to do. They may even come out and take the bunnies back to the rescue center. Good luck, hope they make it.
    2271 days ago
    You have such a tender heart Victoria.

    I used the search engine Bing and typed in "caring for abandoned baby bunnies" and it looks like a lot of good information is available so you may want to check that.

    Good luck!
    2271 days ago
    Awww, they are so cute! Sadly, many of these rescued orphans don't make it. I have used kitten formula from the vet to feed them before. You are my second Spark friend this week to have baby bunny orphans to care for.

    I hope the attempts to keep them alive are successful.

    2271 days ago
    I would suggest having them in a box on a blanket with a heat lamp hooked a couple feet above them. Close enough to keep them warm like in an incubator but not too hot. It worked for a friend a couple of years ago when she almost lost a batch of baby turkeys. I know, not exactly the same species but I know you have to keep babies warm! Good luck with them - poor little bunnies deserve a better start to life!!
    2271 days ago
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