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Friday, March 02, 2012

I had a week of same and down. There had been no weight loss on Monday or Tuesday. I checked inches and it was only a .25 inch for most of the ole body. So Wednesday I had a partial Apple Day. What I mean by partial is that I ate four apples with the intent of eating the final two for dinner. But it didn't quite work that way. I had forgotten about a munch (get together of liked mind people) at a Mexican resturant. I hadn't been to one in ages and there were a few people that I wanted to hang out with that I haven't seen in awhile. So I went with my husband excited but dreading the menu. Sometimes it's hard to explain to people that you can't just dived into a big plate of steaming hot food. And waitresses especially don't like it. I learned at a Mexican resturant you can have iced tea but not hot tea in Nashville. I settled for water with lemon. I don't know why I couldn't just drink unsweetened ice tea. I was being difficult I guess. I read and re read the menu with the apples fading slowly into the background. Then I spied side orders selection. I asked the waiteress if the grilled shrimp could be done without butter. She looked confused, went to the kitchen, and came back with a yes. The shrimp was about the amount I would have had if I made it myself and I cut it up in very small pieces so I could eat with the other grown ups. Because I was eating, no one questions why I was having such small portions. I had a great time. And the bonus was on Thursday morning, I lost 2 pounds. This morning was another 2 pounds. So I am getting there with 15 days left to do the hCG.

A former co worker of mine saw me and told me she was going to do hCG. She was confused on how to do it. So we spent about an hour discussing the do's and don'ts. I agreed to be her "mentor"/supporter while she does 20 days. I suggested to do 20 days first because it's her first time. I advised her that if on her 20th day she felt that she could do the whole 40, we would work together to get her through the last bit.

Well, I am off to work and then to another very busy weekend. Hopefully on Monday, I will be able to report that I am once again under 200 pounds. I am very hopeful. Have a great weekend, Everyone.
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