Thursday, March 01, 2012

I feel re-motivated to get back on track.

I am doing the "Made to Crave" study at my church with some other women. It has been a very good reminder for me that Christ does give me power over temptation. I have not totally given over my emotional eating issues to God. In fact, I am just starting. But starting seems to have had the effect of making me want to make better choices.

I decided on Tuesday that I was going to go sugar-free again for two weeks. I need to get my body reacquainted with normal. The sugar was getting to be too much.

I also started being purposeful again about eating vegetables/fruits. I already LIKE THEM! Why don't I eat them??? Since I am cutting out the sugary snacks, I figured it was a good time to up the fruits and veggies. It would be a matter of simple substitution. And boy, do I love me some snap peas and hummus. So I can't really say that I "miss" the sugar all that much.

Maybe the biggest part of my motivation happened because last week, for the first time in probably 4 months, I hit my regular weekly workout goal. I had been making myself go to sleep earlier, and I think I finally had the energy and motivation to work out again. Doing it motivates me to KEEP doing it.

So, here it is: the two week goal (With reward.)

For two weeks, from Feb 28 - Mar 12 my goals are:
1. 8 cups of water every day.
2. 4 hard workouts each week that are at least 25 min.
3. no sweets.

I also have bonus goals. I would LIKE to work these and, and I will TRY to work these in, but I'm not going to fail if I don't. They are extra. The bonus goals are:
4. Taking a short walk or doing Pilates/strength/stretching on non-workout days.
5. Getting to bed by midnight every night.
6. 5 fruit/veggie servings per day. (This is harder b/c I don't always keep very good track, and also b/c when I run low at the end of the week, I get kinda stuck. But I'm trying.)

The Reward:
A new purse. This is so NOT me. I could care less about fashion or purses or myriad other "girlie" things. However, I need a new purse and have been going absolutely bonkers trying to find one I like that is made fairly (meaning: workers are not exploited and make a living wage.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that Thirty-One purses are made in a factory that is owned by the company and cares about it's workers. Those purses are expensive though. (You are laughing, aren't you... because compared to most fashion purses, they are NOT expensive. However, I can't stand paying that much for a purse.)

Am I digressing? Well, anyway, I wouldn't normally buy myself a purse that costs that much. BUT, as a reward, it makes sense. I was invited to a Thirty-One party in the 10th, so I will have to place my order in faith that I will meet my goal. Here's hoping...
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