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Shamrock Shakes and 3 months...

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Before I get started on the more important of topics, I want to declare that I'm currently winning the battle against the Shamrock Shake. It's a tough one. I LOVE mint and maybe because it's a "limited time" item, I get completely sucked into the hype. On one hand I realize that it is as fake as it gets. Fake ice cream, green coloring and some sort of mint syrup. Ewww. But on the other hand it is pretty, festive and delicious. Anyway, it will be gone here in a few weeks and I can move on to the battle of the Easter Candy. ;)

On to more important business. 3 months from today I will be 39 years young. I really want to get my weight out of the 300's and be done with it!! It's definitely doable as it's 27 pounds away. So now it's up to me to focus and keep my eye on the prize. Losing this weight will also put me well on my way to being at my goal weight by my 40th birthday.

So to this goal, I joined the 5K Your Way team yesterday and am anxious to get going. One of my goals for 2012 is a 5K. There are several coming up and I want to be as ready as I can be. This fits perfectly into my plan for getting out of the 300's.

Don't ya love it when a plan comes together. :)
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  • 634MEG
    egg nog shakes were available before halloween in chicago. what kind of cruel trick (or treat) is that?
    2008 days ago
    me too! I'll stop in for a parfait on a regular basis and so far have "resisted".
    2267 days ago
  • CYNDI2012
    Congratulations on both evading the Shamrock Shake, and your plans to do a 5K this year. We know you can do it!!

    Good luck, we're routing for you|!! emoticon
    2272 days ago
    Great blog i know you will do it .A step at a time!! emoticon
    2273 days ago

    Hungry girl to the rescue!

    2274 days ago
    Here's something really awful to contemplate: some fast food place now has a bacon milkshake. Think about that. And they freely admit that it contains absolutely NO bacon: it's all about chemicals. They actually state that fact in their advertising. So, you can suck your carcinogenous bacon flavor through a (probably not-BPA-free) plastic straw, or you can just cook a piece of bacon and eat it, guilt free, by including it in the totals in your daily Nutrition Tracker. Yeah, SparkPeople. emoticon
    2274 days ago
  • CMK512
    oh man, i feel you on the shamrock shake! i absolutely love them. stay strong! lately, i've been loving Edy's Peppermint ice cream. At 120 calories a serving, it's only about 1/4 of what a shamrock shake comes in at.
    2274 days ago
    I am with you!! those shakes are sooo calling my name, but I am able to look at myself and my calorie count and decide is it really worth it? Most of the time, no, but sometimes yes it is... :)
    Keep up the good work.
    2274 days ago
    I've never had one but everyone I know says they are good. I am winning my battle against the girl scouts and their cookies. A few times in a weaker moment I was tempt to load my car up with all the boxes I could but I didn't. I ate only two girl scout cookies, just two. I didn't buy any, I didn't give in to temptation. Easter candy will be easy compared to those cookies. emoticon
    2274 days ago
    It's always something, isn't it? Just when the battle of the Valentine's candy has ended (I am a sucker for red and pink candy!) the battle of the Shamrock shake begins. And you know that it's not the last battle in the war by a long shot!

    Good for you for keeping up the fight!

    2274 days ago
    I love, love, love Shamrock Shakes and I had one last week. It had cost a lot (calories-wise), but I planned for it and enjoyed every single sip!! Yummo! I'm so glad they're only here for a short time. :)

    Good luck with all your goals!

    - Michelle
    2274 days ago
    Thank God--I'm not a fan of mint so their shakes this time of year don't even interest me. But the Easter candy--that's a whole different story. I won't even talk about the stuff I like, it just talking about it makes me hungry for it all! The last time I went to McDonalds (from necessity--definitely NOT choice), I got one of their salads with low-fat dressing. It wasn't very good or very satisfying, and I have not been back.
    Glad to hear you've set goals. I did the same thing, only at a considerably OLDER age than you! I wanted to get below 200 lbs. by my 60th birthday, that gave me a little over a year to lose a little over 100 lbs. I did it, and 4 months later I hit my goal of 160. That has been 10 1/2 months ago! I'm maintaining around 147!! WOOHOO! I'm now loving Life and not missing McDonalds anything ONE BIT!
    2274 days ago
    Never had a Shamrock shake. Saw the commercial yesterday and thought that sounds good but have decided because of your post not to even try one cause I really dont need one just thought I wanted one. Thanks for the detour!
    2274 days ago
    You totally got this girl! I see you rockin on out of those 300's and into 200's before you know it!
    2274 days ago
    Ahh the battle of the Shamrock Shake, I am very familiar...
    I was winning for the past month as I kept putting the sweet treat off into the future but this past Friday I indulged in one small shake. It was tasty but I found myself wishing it were smaller. Had I not been driving home with it and been near a garbage can I think I would have tossed about half of it out. Anyway, my craving was satisfied and rest assured nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!
    2274 days ago
  • DORY914
    Good Luck!! You can do it! emoticon
    2274 days ago
  • LORI815
    Great blog! You can do it!
    2274 days ago
    You'll do great on the 5k!
    2274 days ago
    Love it! Thank you for sharing.
    I have to laugh because I thought you were going to talk about green smoothies as in the green smoothie girl. I've found that bananas and spinach taste surprisingly good together and you've given me a great idea to get back into drinking them. St. Patty's day I've got to get festive;)
    I'm cheering to your success on your 5K!!
    I'm getting ready for my second one now. I hope I beat 59min** I don't remember seconds right now. emoticon
    2275 days ago
    2275 days ago
    Shamrock shakes are the bomb - but I'll be skipping them this year. :)
    2275 days ago
    I love anything mint, so our local coffee shop made me a a sugar free mocha with skim milk, no whip and sugar free peppermint syrup. Tasted great, only 100 calories or less and took away that urge for something "minty"! Have one of those if you get a terrible urge for a Shamrock shake...:)
    2275 days ago
    Keep on trying - you can do it !

    2275 days ago
    I like shamrock shakes also. I think it is partly the hype though that makes you think you need to buy one right now since they will only be available for a little while. I must admit I have had a couple this season, but I agree with someone else that it is ok to treat yourself once in awhile as long as it is not everyday. Of course, if treating yourself makes you crave them more that it is probably best to avoid them. Good luck on your journey.
    2275 days ago
    You can do it.
    2275 days ago
    I haven't tried that shake yet, but I love mint so it will have to be an indulgence one day. I love making shakes at home...especially the PB&J smoothie thanks to the SP Cookbook. Congrats on your weight loss so far. Keep it up and you will reach your goals! emoticon
    2275 days ago
    Yay for you! I totally understand your plight! I have had to out wait seasonal yummies too. And like you, I take it one holiday at a time!! Whew....Easter is around the corner..yikes! So happy to hear that you are coming up on the 300 pound mark! Way to go!
    2275 days ago
    Yay for you! I totally understand your plight! I have had to out wait seasonal yummies too. And like you, I take it one holiday at a time!! Whew....Easter is around the corner..yikes! So happy to hear that you are coming up on the 300 pound mark! Way to go!
    2275 days ago
    Good for you. I love those things but I'm experimenting with soy and almond shakes right now at home. I'm thinking some mint extract might do the trick!
    2275 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2275 days ago
    I had a ban experience with Shamrock Shakes, but at the same time I want one so badly. I am currently winning hte battle, but for how much longer I am not sure. The next battle will be easter candy, which is already out in most places I've been too.

    As for the 5k, you can do it! I;m starting small and just trying to complete walking around the block every day. I am trying to work my way up to a 3k. emoticon
    2275 days ago
  • 2012FREEDOM
    Ah, your passion for Shamrock Shakes aligns with my craving for Cadbury Eggs. (Thank goodness Easter is early this year!). I think it is reasonable to treat ourselves to these "specialities" long as it is not every one-two days. At any rate, I hear you loud and clear.

    Congrats on working towards a 5K as well as the 300 pound mark. Sounds like both will be achieved by your 39th birthday.
    2275 days ago
  • LLINDY65
    Good for you. In years past the Shamrock shake was one of my favorites too. Their prices were the first thing to turn me off along with knowing it wasn't even a good mint shake..... Lately I don't crave bad snacks.. it is really weird, I would rather have fruit or yogurt!
    2275 days ago
    I never, NEVER order a shake when I go out to eat...but for some reason, I can't resist the Shamrock Shake. I've had two (small) this season, and may have another on St. Paddy's day. I'll be glad when they are gone. But congrats to you, for having more will power than me!
    2275 days ago
    Really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Try a lighter version at home. You might be pleasantly surprised!

    2275 days ago
    It's funny because I worked at McD's when the first shamrock shake came out. And to this day, I've never had one, because I was responsible for making all of these shakes. Coming home each night with green stuff on my shirt that I had to wash everyday.

    Keep up the great work on your weight loss! emoticon
    2275 days ago
    I don't understand the shamrock shake craving, but I get the same way about the egg nog milkshake from Steak and Shake around Christmas! And the closest one is an hour away which makes it easier, but at the same time, harder should we go to those towns to shop!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!
    2275 days ago
    After reading that list of faux food ingredients PHIREBALL posted, I never will drink a Shamrock Shake. Haven't been to McDonald's in years. Now I remember why!
    2275 days ago
    I too love these nasty things and the one thing McDonald's did to help me stay away from them is to jack up the prices on all their shakes. I haven't had one in a few years. I can go to Dairy Queen and get a blizzard for far less money and it has better ingredients. Now I stay away from there as much as possible, but do splurge once in a while to keep the cravings away.-I get fruit in my ice cream instead of the candy though to cut calories. emoticon
    2275 days ago
    Try making you own -- fat free vanilla ice cream and mint leaves in a blender?

    2275 days ago
  • CBRIGGS1956
    Great Post, I have so far not succumbed to the shamrock shake, but I must admit they sound very good. Best of luck getting to the 5k, I myself can't run but am finding that walking also makes a difference.
    2275 days ago
    Good that you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!!!!!!!!! OH YES
    I love mint too but after surviving cancer..........I love being healthy more. Spark has helped me learn to track my food each day and move my body in any way shape or form. I don't run and at this time have no plan to run but never say never. Ha. I give you credit and I am praying for you to reach all your dreams!!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2275 days ago
    Love the post... I too am preparing for a 5k (Nervous, Anxious, Excited and Scared all at the same time). I think I'll find that team! Good Luck! You can do all things!
    2275 days ago
    I love Mint too! I try to always have at least one other person to share the shake or blizzard with.
    2275 days ago
  • BRUN0327
    I would treat myself to a low cal small 'mock' shamrock shake after a really good day or a good workout! If you control what goes in you will feel better without depriving yourself. Nonfat frozen yogurt and mint extract and cool whip light with food coloring. Might be great!
    2275 days ago
    Sorry, I had to do it!
    Shamrock Shake Ingredient List:
    Dairy MixModified milk ingredients,
    sugar, glucose, soy mono and diglycerides, guar gum, dextrose,
    artificial vanilla flavour, carrageenan, cellulose gum. Triple Thick Shamrock Shake SyrupSugar/glucose-fructose, water, colour (beta carotene (containts sunflower oil), FD&C Blue #1), natural flavour (water, propylene glycol, vegetable gum, plant extractives, essential oils), sodium benzoate, citric acid, dimethylpolysiloxane (antifoaming agent).
    2275 days ago
    Seems like your way ahead of wants but not havin.. I have taken to the food tracker knowing it will not be bendable on my choices.. I do how ever make a fruit smoothie that looks and tastes like Im cheating but well within the Spark good choices.. You can do it Girl !! emoticon
    2275 days ago
    I've never had a Shamrock shake! Way to go on the resistance!
    2275 days ago
    Good luck! You are doing great!
    2276 days ago
    I too am missing my shamrock shake. Keep up the good work and happy losing.
    2276 days ago
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