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Mar 1, 2012 Update

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The sun is shining and i'm going to relax today. Not sure how that is going to happen but I'm going to do my best.
I started the morning with a drive to the hospital for an appointment with a radiologist, an MRI, and a few cc of freezing and cortisone pumped into my left shoulder. This was the second go round, maybe it will work this time.

Back at home... It's a beautiful day here. Out my window the birds are chattering non-stop. And some crow wants to be the top talker. The crocuses, snowdrops, helleborus are in bloom everywhere. Indian plum is blooming too and and daffodils are popping. Vantreight Farm is looking for daff pickers. Tis the season to start the Victoria flower count.

But I have to take it easy today. No digging, no running, maybe some stationary bike if I put my arm in a sling. I need to relax. Maybe SP blogging will help that happen.

Progress... Today I'm at 137.2. The goal I set last fall for today was 135. Crap, I didn't make it.
Since our wonderful night out for dinner, on Feb14, I've been loosing and gaining the same 2 pounds over and over. And for the past three days it's been stuck.

Plateau causes:
Stress. Last week was a nightmare, with the strata work, the strata drama and the strata ick, I wanted to poke the guy in the eye and tell him to smell the s***! Now the agm preps for mar 27th. I'm secretary, I get to do tons of work. Stratas are a great idea, but sometimes it sucks.

Exercise. In the past two weeks I was pushing myself a little bit less. And in the last 4 days my total fitness minutes dropped dramatically.

Food. My office is in the same space as the kitchen and healthy snacks are right there. But too many healthy snacks is a problem.

Burn out. After seven months of working it I may want a holiday, but maybe that's not such a good idea.

So, I'm stuck here, high on all the cortisone pumped into my shoulder this morning and all I have to do for the next few hours is relax.

I don't think blog writing is particularly relaxing but let's just see where this takes me until lunchtime. If I'm blogging I'm not snacking.

Yea, this left arm is still problematic. I don't even have a good diagnosis except "lots of inflamation in the capsular area." I started a course of massage a couple of weeks ago. This is not your typical back rub. It's performed by a skilled practitioner who hopes to release tightness caused by the muscles trying to protect the damaged shoulder. She has magic hands and although my shoulder is still sore she has corrected the part in my neck which now allows me to turn my head and look over my shoulder! Yea!

I'm feeling pretty good right now. The shoulder is nicely frozen.;) I could go and dig up something, actually the way I feel right now is that I could just about do anything. But the shoulder is frozen and it's not a good idea to push myself beyond limits because when the freezing comes out... likely sometime tonight, then it hurts, alot, for three days. At least that's what happened last time, when after the injection I spent the afternoon christmas shopping because I could move my arm without the pain. But I paid for those carefree moments the next day. This time, I'm just going to relax today.

It was 150 cal snack time: I had two cracker jack rice cakes with a small smear of light peanut butter and our homemade strawberry freezer jam. yummy.

I wanted to note the fun I finished last week with the SparkPeople Wii Walk It Out Team. It was the Dude Ranch Challenge since Jan 1 clues and activities were a part of the game/challenge. I ended up in the Hikers team (very appropo) and met some lovely women who can rock that game! It was exciting for me because I only got the game in November and in the beginning I could only do 4,000 steps at a time. But I kept at it and now i can complete 10,000 to 12,000 steps at one time. That's progress!
So thanks to my Hiker Team mates for being there for the sore feet, the blisters and the tears. You rock. And by the way, we Hikers won a Silver Medal!

I think I need another long term plan. My six month plan from last summer worked pretty good, but planning is an ongoing activity and maybe there is a way I can shake things up to get myself motivated and moving for the next 6 months. I'm guessing the last ten pounds do not come off as easily as the first ten pounds. (sigh) E says that fat has been stuck longer.

On Saturdaymorning we are going downtown to look for a new jacket and maybe some shoes and a trip through the bookstore. We are going out to lunch in chinatown. Then we are going to the school play "Guys and Dolls" a matinee at a large theater in town. It's always great! In the evening we head out to Six Mile Pub for a geocaching event wrap up. The event was all February and on Saturday prizes and winners will find each other.

So, it's busy, busy, busy and I'm finding on excuses for not staying on track. And the track is looking a little rusty. But I don't want to grow daisies and get stuck here.

I think I need a nap more than a blog, be back later.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, I hope the cortisone helps! Pain sucks. There, I said it.

    The wii stepping thing sounds cool. Congrats on the silver!

    By the way, being that close to a goal is not a fail. You'll get there!
    2272 days ago
    Lucky dog; flowers already sprouting!? Nice. I'm looking at a pretty dreary backyard right now. LoL Enjoy the view for me :)

    Take it easy on that shoulder; when I got my injection I was told to stay put for 2-3 days and then PT to rehab bc injections in themselves don't fix the problem, they just help with symptoms.

    Missing your goal by two pounds hardly calls for the failure label; you are on the downward path and you'll figure out how to get back down it. I am reassessing my plan because now it's no longer the diet-like stage, but a lifestyle commitment.

    emoticon emoticon
    2273 days ago
    I can relate to shoulder problems sorry to hear you are in so much pain, I am not sure if you believe in natural supplements, but my doctor put me on a natural supplement called inflanox, for inflammation, I take 2 capsules a day and it is helping with my inflammation, just a thought, it was great fun walking it out with you and a silver medal was great, hope we can do it again soon
    2273 days ago
    Sorry to hear about shoulder problems, they can last a long time so I hope for your sake it is not for very long.

    I noticed you said that you said you are finding excuses for not stayong on track. That is when you need to seriously rethink what you are doing. It is either boring yourself with its repetitious nature in diet and exercise or you have forgoten why you wanted to get to the goal you are aiming for yourself.

    See if there is a way you can shake-up and liven up your food choices, pep up the exercise with something new for your routines and revisit your original goals, revise them if you need to.

    I understand the shoulder might be the cause of some of this, and that will be over soon and you will be fit again.
    Boredom can still come into our lives even if we are "busy, busy, busy" as you stated, but it is up to us to spot that and change it up.

    Good luck!
    2273 days ago
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