Thursday, March 01, 2012

Today is March 1, 2012. Time is flying, I have eight weeks left of school an graduate May 5. That being said I have had a long talk with myself the last few weeks and now its time to set a few goals.

I ordered new scrubs for my pracitcals. They are a size 2X. While they fit, they don't fit right. And I don't want to send them back and order a 3X because he pants with be way to big. So my plan of action is this.

I am already living the South Beach lifestyle. Being careful not to cheat because I know if I do I will have cravings for carbs that are bad for me. This moring I did have my very last craving that has been bugging me for weeks so I controlled the issue and had one glazed donut. That being said I am gong to ad 15 minutes to my treadmill time today to take care of that. Meaning I will be on it for an hour. UGG. But I must pay for the cheat.

My goal is to lose 5% of my body weignt by May 5 which is 14 pounds. This means almost 1.5 pounds a week. So I am setting an exercise schedule for the next eight weeks. Starting today this is the schedule for the week. Sundays are off days.

Thursday treadmill for 1 hour

Friday treadmill for 1 hour

Saturday treadmill for 1 hour

Sunday off

Monday treadmill for one hour and weights for 10 minutes

Tuesday treadmill for one hour

Wednesday treadmill one hour and weights for 10 minutes

This will be my schedule every week from now until May 4th. Every M,W,F,S I will will add weights and on T Th I am going to go up to the track and see if I can jog a few laps after I get off the treadmill.

My next goal is to do another 5K. I would like to build up my time and beat my first 5K which I did in 50 minutes.

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