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Thursday, March 01, 2012

I've been getting more and more frustrated lately at something that affects my weight loss journey. I search for a food on the nutrition tracker and it either comes up with nothing or it comes up with 20 versions of the same thing. Then, of the 20, not one is even right! How difficult is it to copy from the nutrition label to the nutrition tracker? It's understandable for something like homemade spaghetti sauce. But when you buy a package of string cheese and it says that there are 120 calories in one serving when the bag (for the same brand, same item) clearly states that there are 70 calories. My personal favorite was the entry I ran across the other day for fresh mushrooms...it said they have 80g of fat in a half-cup serving. Come on people...use your brains!

*sigh* Ok, it's out of my system. I hope. I will continue to enter my own foods manually. I apologize if I offended anyone. I just needed to vent after having entered my food for the day from others' entries. I was in my calorie range. Then I started looking and I'm 400 calories below the low end of my range because things were entered wrong.

Anyway, have a good night all!
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    I agree! I tend to look at the package to see what the calories are and cross-check it with the info from when I do a search for the food.

    If what the SP listing says is not the same I then go in and add it as a favorite - as a result my favorites listing is getting quite long!

    I also find the groupings and copy over of meals to be a great benefit and time saver.
    2607 days ago
    I've been on this site before and its always been this way. It is a definite frustration for us all I think. What some people don't realize they will put 1 serving but that serving in the States is not always the same serving size on the label in Canada (just an example). Or people will see 30 grams of cheddar cheese and another person puts it in as an ounce becuase they don't know how to convert it. It is most definately a frustration thing. The only time I use the search tracker is for things I can't find the tracking for and I go for which ever makes the most sense. Like I'm sure I could find a banana's actual calories somewhere but I just use what is listed and roll with it. But I do totally see your point. If people are entering food they need to do so carefully becuase it will not only affect their calories etc but it will for others that use them as well.
    2607 days ago
    I've definitely noticed the same thing, and have grown to not trust the member entered numbers. Typically if it wasn't something out of the package, I'll go do a google search to figure out what the numbers should be, and then I'll look through a few of the members numbers to see if I can find one that's right. If not, then I'll just enter it myself and save it under my favorites. That section for me is HUGE!

    You're not alone in your frustration!
    2607 days ago
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