Beauty and The BEAST

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yesterday's status update was, "Ragamuffinkel said good-bye to the beast today. Signed papers so it could never be titled again!!! " The Beast was the name I gave my '79 Chevy Suburban (pictured below)

At the end of last year, while driving home from town, my truck started making a really awful noise that reminded me of baseball cards clicking against bicycle spokes. At the same time the oil gauge was flipping back and forth out of control. I parked the car until my friend could come check it out. On January 6th, he let me know I had a rod knocking.

So I posted the following on FB:
funeral dirge please...the beast is dead...the beast is dead...the old reliable beast is dead. a rod is knocking and i don't have the know-how or the cash to play with it. anyone out there looking to rebuild a 454 engine or is it to the salvage yard in the sky for the camoflauge hunk of metal?!???

I got several comments about my poetic license but no offers to purchase or fix the beast. Now, two months, at least one of the neighbors was tired of seeing the vehicle parked in the front yard. Monday, the local PD stopped by and red tagged the car...i was given 72 hrs to move the vehicle or they would move it for me.

I was not home on Monday, but did make disposing of said vehicle top priority on Tuesday. I had received copies of ads from the local shopper of the "we buy junk cars" variety. Fortunately, it took only one phone call to receive a reasonable offer on the vehicle. Within an hour of said call the salvage yard's tow truck driver was loading the beast on a flat bed truck and I was signing papers that insured that the vehicle would never be titled again! That was sort of a bummer. The truck was lousy on gas mileage but a fun challenge to drive.

I was flying blind the last year and a half that I drove it...no gas gauge, no speedometer, no odometer...someone actually stole my gps out of it while it was parked in a gated community...go figure!!! I never knew when I would find myself walking down the road gas can in hand, car disabled on the side of the road!

I bought the car in 2008, I think. Drove it for three years (at least one year it was waiting repairs) and sold it to the salvage yard for more than I paid for it initially. Four years in this economy, no car payment, priceless!!!

Had to use the money I made on the truck to pay off a debt, so it looks like I will be on foot, bumming rides, taking the bus, or riding my bike for the next several months. Makes me glad that I stayed off my foot the bulk of this month and allowed my foot to heal.

Always said I wanted to get a front license plate that read, "Beauty and the Beast...You Decide!!!"

Just thought I'd share!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My nephew was in the musical "Beauty and the Beast", so I had to read this blog! Amazing how you kept the Beast going and glad he turned into a Prince with the positive investment you received in payment for his salvege price. I had an old junker when I was going to college. He got me to home and school many a times and I still miss him!
    2842 days ago
  • NURSEA32
    Awww I love car stories like this. My older daughter's grandpa has an old junker that he needs to open the door with a spoon or something. I'd def get that license plate!
    2842 days ago
    Nice story! I had a car the last couple of years like that. Well, not quite as bad, but I salvaged it and got more then I paid for and I did not have it as long as you had yours but having no car payment is an nice thing!


    P.S. My sisters used to make fun of me because I had to roll the window down LOL.
    2842 days ago
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