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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I hit all my targets, yesterday. The only one I was short on when I went to bed at an astonishingly early 9:30PM was calories burned, and the website that tallies your targets assured me I’d make it, overnight. Well, I did. At 11PM, the Body Cop’s peripheral display woke me up with its strident alarm (not that I knew that’s what it was; all I knew was something was beeping… something’s beeping… is it the fire alarm? Is it the CO2 detector? Wha… wha… Oh. It stopped. Oh, it’s that BLOODY display, isn’t it?). I was able to get back to sleep, but MAN, did that annoy the heck out of me. So in future, if I’m going to hit any targets in my sleep, I need to leave that thing in a DIFFERENT room, thank you VERY much.

Calories burned (target/actual): 2263/2377
Calories consumed: 1763/1755
Calorie balance: 500/622
Physical activity (moderate/vigorous): 45 minutes (30 mod., 15 vig.)/1:18 (51 mod., 27 vig.)
Steps taken: 8000 BMF, 10000 SP/8918
Sleep duration: 8/7:22

I felt like someone’s grandmother, going to bed that early. But man, did I ever need the sleep. I don’t think I could do that EVERY day, though. But even if I could make it to bed at 10, we’re looking at more than 6 hours of sleep; that’s significantly better than the 5ish I’ve been getting for the last couple of weeks.
Popped in Just Dance 1, which I haven’t played since the week I got it, last Christmas. I had a lot of fun with it, even if it does stop you after every song for longer than Just Dance 3 does. Kept me going for a full hour of dancing, and I had a blast. So… yay! :-) I love it when it’s easy to hit my targets.
I fell off the gluten-free wagon last night, so we’ll see what the fallout from that was. I was in Wegman’s on Monday night, picking up the all-important TP, GF soup, and produce (I can get the produce and TP anywhere, but the GF soup is only at Wegman’s or Stop & Shop, and Stop & Shop was out of my way at the time), and I happened to walk through the fresh bread area. Which was just plain dumb. I passed my all-time favorite bread – Marco Polo. It’s soooooo yummy. They even had a “small” version of the loaf, which really tested me, but I was ultimately able to resist. But then they had it as a bagel, and I caved. I bought two of them. I ate half of one with dinner last night. I factored it in to my tracking, and everything; that’s not the issue. The issue is whether or not it’s going to make me ill.
I’ll let you in on a little secret, though… it was SO worth it. YUM.

So! I promised I’d think on my Art Clay spending. And I have.
I’ve played around with my shopping carts, to see if it was cheaper to buy all of the tools I’d need (taking into account the ones I already have and don’t need to buy again as part of a kit) individually at the site that is, on the whole, cheaper (unless you’ve got 50+ items in your cart on the other site, which at the moment, I don’t. I COULD, easily, but then I’m looking at a $300 purchase at that site, and a $100+ at the other, and that’s just… too much), or to buy the kit at the generally more expensive site – it turned out that the kit is the cheaper choice, even though it includes items I don’t really need. Plus it comes with a DVD that shows you how to torch fire, among other things. Plus the torch and the fire brick. I can buy a torch at Home Depot, but not the brick, apparently.
Right now, I’ve got the kit (which includes 20g of clay) and a prong pusher for prong settings in one cart: $115, with shipping and handling, And in the other, I’ve got the clay paste and syringe, stainless steel tumbler shot for polishing, and some embeddable prong settings (2mm, for Swarovski rhinestones that I can’t fire with the clay) and eyelets (the holes you stick earwires or jump rings into): $102.52 with shipping. And I got a tumbler off of eBay for just shy of $60, which was my goal. I’d have liked it for less, but… well, there you go.
I have removed all of the copper stuff from any and all carts. I WILL get back to it (especially because it’s ultimately, it’s so much more affordable than the silver stuff), but since apparently I can’t actually WEAR it with anything resembling ease (what with the whole skin-turning-green issue), I’d rather have the silver anyway. If I didn’t have that issue, I’d probably go straight to the copper stuff.
Today is payday.
I’ve paid one of the bills that needed paying already; there are a couple more floating around, but nothing I can’t handle, I don’t think. And I’m going to use some gift money on this. I figure… what else is gift money for? Most of it is/was earmarked for furniture at Ikea to store craft stuff (I had decided on two sets from the Trofast line), anyway! Problem with that being, I haven’t finished the task that would allow me to complete that endeavor (getting all the DVDs off the racks stacked against the wall and into the DVD binders I ordered. Halfway done. My plan for how I was going to file them got messed up, and I never got back into the swing of it again; they’re just sitting there on an end table, waiting to be finished). Mind you, I’m going to need that cabinetry even more once I get involved in this process, so I’ll have to get off my butt and deal with that in the near future.
I’m trying to talk myself out of the $102.52 cart. If the stainless steel shot at the site with the kit was reasonably priced, I’d seriously consider it, but they charge $32 and the other site charges $23. They’re cheaper on syringe and paste clay, too, which you can theoretically live without, but it’s really, really good to have. And if I remove the embeddables, I lose the $3 shipping deal, and the price for the syringe, paste, and tumbler shot comes out about the same with regular shipping costs.

I feel like I’m being impulsive.
I do that.
I go through these phases where I get really, really into something, and spend a whole bunch of money on it, and then I… well, I get over it. Or I get bored. And there I am, with a bunch of stuff I don’t need. This would be why I have a rare poster of Elvis Costello advertising WPLJ in the 80’s, or a Jeff Healey notepad.
I don’t THINK this is going to be one of those situations; I mean, I may end up a LITTLE less gung-ho about it eventually, but I can’t imagine I’d ever want to give it up. I don’t want to give up the epoxy clay at all, and I’ve been playing with that for months. The whole reason I want to do metal clay in the first place is to meld those two things together; I want to do nifty things with metal clay, that I can then embellish with epoxy clay. I want to make my friend, who has larger-than-standard size fingers, a ring she can wear and love. I want to make jewelry that neither I, nor almost anyone else, will be ALLERGIC to. That was the whole idea behind the etsy shop I set up (that still has nothing in it, because I’m spending my money on buying metal clay stuff instead of on the UPS mailbox that will allow me to get a tax ID and actually have a business); nickel-free jewelry that was mix & matchable, fun, and with a range of prices. Metal clay (specifically the fine silver version) helps me to do that.
This is my justification argument; why it’s not impulsiveness, but actually a means to the end I’m aiming for.
That said… all this money? It’s just start-up costs; the actual, moldable clay that comes with this is about enough to make 2 pairs of earrings, or a ring and a small pendant. Another package that size, once that’s used up, will cost me $50, at least at current prices for silver.
Let’s try something different.
Let’s forget the fact that I can’t wear copper, for a bit. Or at least, that I’ll have to coat it in nail polish first.
Let’s price for copper.
The site with the copper clay doesn’t sell fire bricks, and the site that DOES sell fire bricks (and the silver kit that includes it) has the bricks on backorder. HA! Oh, wait - the site with the clay sells kiln shelves for that purpose. And I can go to Home Depot for the torch.
Actually, I went for an extra, gift money splurge, and got a torch that’s well-reviewed for this metal clay stuff, and (naughty me) three textures.
To be fair, per my class last week, I HAD to order three textures; I have to use the two I'm not using to prop up my cards for rolling things out.
(excuses, excuses....)
The grand total, going with the copper way of doing things, comes to $214.
And when I want more, I’ll get a 50g package, which is more than twice what I’d get for $50 for silver, for $18.
Well, that pretty much answers THAT question, doesn’t it?!
So! Copper it is.
Off to do that, now. I feel less impulsive, even though I’m still spending about $200. Because it’s not $200 plus whatever tools I’ll need down the line (like the kit to make rings, which will be a necessity in the not too terribly distant future and runs about $70ish) plus $50 every week or month. It’s $200 plus those tools, plus $20 each time I use it up, which will take a lot longer with 50g than with 20g. I can totally live with a $20 continuing cost, until the cost of silver (hopefully!!!) goes down.
Fortunately, nail polish is pretty inexpensive. :-)
And if I do well with this stuff, and I can actually make some money with it… then it all goes back into the kitty towards a kiln.

Sorry, guys. I know this is probably not in any way interesting to you. For what it’s worth, even though you didn’t know it, you just stopped me from spending a bunch of money I didn’t need to spend. Yes, I’m still spending money, but I’m getting a lot more out of it.
Funky cool.

Just had to send an e-mail to my boss, nagging her about something she has no interest in doing. I was scared poo-less to send it. This is not a good place to be.
See, this is why I need creative outlets! LOL!

OK, I should go do… something. Not sure what. Something work-related, I should think.

Oh! Good! Something came up – I actually have work to do! Which is good, given the money I’ve just spent! LOL! OK, lunch, then work!
And tonight, exercise! And then, in a few days, copper jewelry! Yippee!!!
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  • JKM822
    I do wireWORK, but not wrapping. It's on my list of stuff to do; I have this great piece of druzy that I have GOT to make a pendant out of. But I've never actually tried it.
    Other people's brains work this way? SERIOUSLY?! Man, that's good to know; I thought I was my own particular brand of crazy!
    Hey, the only reason I'm worried about the tax thing is because my Mom is a tax court judge; it would reflect poorly on her if I screwed it up. And technically, it only really matters if you're selling within your own state. If you're selling online (to someone who ISN'T in your home state), you should be golden without it. It does allow you to make wholesale purchases, though, which is nice.
    2577 days ago
    I love hearing the way your brain works! Partly because it makes me feel better to know that someone else obsesses and reasons over such purchases until she can justify them to no one but herself too. emoticon

    You've gotten me thinking about an Etsy store lately, and luckily now about that pesky tax thing first. Ack, I hate being a grown-up sometimes.

    I hope you love your copper and all your implements! Do you do wire wrapping? I've been meaning to learn that forever. I have a book somewhere, I am sure. Focus! Tell me if you find mine, k?

    2577 days ago
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