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Noone is immune to the "funk"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You know what I'm talking about..... You're cruising along through life either through Sparkland or maybe even through BLC land. You're doing what you're supposed to be doing, eating right, tracking your food (Blah!), drinking your water like a good girl/boy, eating your freggies, (Another Blah!), exercising and actually sweating and getting a great workout.... Then BAM! Either life strikes and throws a hand grenade at ya, or you just hit a, hopefully, preverbial (is that spelled right? or even used correctly??) wall.

All of a sudden, you're letting crap food sneak back in. Maybe you "deserve" it, or maybe you don't think "this one" (or entire freakin box of Girl Scout cookies) won't matter. Maybe you start dreading exercise or at the very least not giving it your ALL.

I think it may be fair to say we've all been there. It's bound to happen. I don't think anyone has figured out the 'why' yet, but it is sure to happen to everyone. The difference is, how we handle it. How we get out of the funk.
I know I've been there. I've seen me, hit the wall and give up. (Too many times to admit actually).

Well, I'm there right now. I didn't just hit a wall, life was cruel this time and threw me under a bus rull of skinny, muscles-in-just-the-right places Super Models. I also have that hand grenade tied to my flabby arm wings.

Now what? First of all, we (meaning my husband and I) are getting help in solving the crap hand that life has dealt. We got some "stuff" going on, but who doesn't, right? It can't be a reason to give up. Everyone has baggage. It's a part of life. So I have 2 choices: give up or go on.

I am choosing to go on. I'm on a BLC team this round, so my Weigh-In was today. I have gained weight for the first time since the beginning of this Challenge. I gained 2 lbs since last Wednesday. I broke down this morning. Cried like a baby. (Hormones are just awesome, aren't they?) I mean I actually had to report my gain to my teammates. (P.S. I LOVE you, Azuritas!!)

I didn't want to exercise this morning. It's the first time I REALLY thought about going back to bed. I wanted to give up. I mean it's just way too hard. I have so far to go. Blah, blah, blah. I was full of the whinin' this morning. So, I sat down and thought about a plan. So far, I have made a habit of getting up EVERY weekday morning at 4:45am to get a 50 minute Cardio workout in. EVERY Monday and Wednesday evening, I go to Zumba and Yoga. EVERY Tuesday and Thursday evening I lift weights at home. Saturdays tend to be either Cardio of some type of Weights or even both, but NEVER nothing. Until recently.....
I also just bought the book "New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women" and have obsessed over the information in it. I charted the first 6 weeks worth of workouts, but haven't implemented it yet. Was supposed to do first one last night, but got home way too late to do anything. Could I have figured out a way to get it in? Oh, I'm sure I could have, but frankly I was tired and "didn't wanna". :-(

So here's my answer, at least for the time being. Instead of giving up or dreading every minute of exercise I do, I am going to back off of my morning workouts. I still am going to get up EVERY workday (because I soooo don't want to lose that habit), but instead of 50 minutes, I'm only going to do 20-30. I am going to continue Zumba/Yoga on Mon/Wed (but not spaz out when it's just not doable) and really concentrate on weight lifting for right now.
Maybe I'm just getting burned out. I know life has thrown a wrench into the works, and sometimes when that happens, it brings my weaknesses to the top. I just can't let them win. I've been really excited about this new weight lifting program, so I need to run with that. But I also realized that I don't need to change my ENTIRE routine up just because the latest book I'm reading says so. You know the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?? I do believe weight lifting is the key to long term success so I'm definitely on board with that, but maybe I don't need to follow EVERY LITTLE THING this program says. ???

Good grief. If you're still reading this rambling mess of a blog, then I commend you. I really like getting a plan down on "paper". Makes a good reference point for the future.
Always a work in progress. Stay tuned.....
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  • TEKRU1
    You are doing great! Dealing with life's crap needs to be done - and here you are, finding ways to keep these healthy new habits going! As you ramp up your weightlifting, you do want to continue the cardio, but don't be afraid to schedule a day off (or as you said, dial it back just a little) - you're working your body hard and it does need to rest so it will continue to get even stronger!
    2306 days ago
    You are here and you're talking it through so you aren't running away and THAT is huge. No ostrich with your head in the sand. I see a strong, determined woman facing life head on when life has given you cause to pause and ? and yet you still keep on keeping on and not only face the day yourself but for others keeping the commitment you made to the BLC individually AND to the team. Don't ever undervalue all that you are to yourself and to others sweetie. Never, ever, ever k?
    2306 days ago
    I'm feeling your pain and your desire to hide... my weigh-in wasn't the best either... I'm blaming poor food choices over the weekend... I fell slightly down the rabbit hole, and food's how I cope lately...

    But, I made it through work and made it to the gym and was complimented twice by my trainer on my movement patterns and increased power... so it's not all a loss...

    And I'll wrap my head around the stuff that's holding me back and get going again. You will to. emoticon
    2306 days ago
    I can so relate, I hit life sick kid, injury, vacation the last couple of weeks have not gone well at all. I keep reading,I exercised yesterday for the first time in two weeks (boy did I feel it), But, I haven't logged food and that is what is really bothering me. Thanks for sharing it couldn't have come at a better time.
    2306 days ago
    So true! It's all about balance and rolling with the punches as you say. And we all do need to find exercise we can stick to for life. I noticed with yours that you love your habit of getting up early. I wonder if I did the same if I would start to love that "me" morning time as well. I've been meaning to try it. But ya, way to go with re-adjusting and re-balancing and still keeping on keeping on!

    2307 days ago
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