What am I thinking?!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well boy howdy I think I've tried ALL of the diets out there! When will the factual picture set in and plaster my mind with what will have to be done for an altering life style change?? All the diet fads work ... All the attempts to get it right... NOONE has reinvented the wheel, Autumn Lynn! Burn more than you consum...!!!!
The only thing that is going to help this woman is for her to get it in her head you can not jump in there with all fours and think there is an end. Even if the goal is reached there MUST be a consistency LIFE Style of healthy thinking, eating and just ole common sense!
I've faced my hardships with the mind set this is temporary but in this battle IT IS FOREVER! If the mind set of HEALTHY Choices don't set in the battle will never be won .
When I'm having weak moments that last for days DON'T tempt myself knowingly I'll make the wrong choices!! Yeah yeah don't be too hard on yourself...well this time I must own up to the things I do and pray for a change an attitude adjustment or something!
Oh I'm still smiling cuz I'm still living and the scripture says " a living dog is better than a dead lion.. For there IS Hope in the living". Last I checked that's me "still among the living"

My sparker Friends hang in there we can and will make this a life style yet!! Why? Because there is Hope in the living! Live Laugh and Love Jesus so we can do the right thing make the right choices 4 ever n always Love and prayers
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