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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brought up by a militant Baptist mother, I/we were raised to be "not the kind of people" that drink alcohol. Aside for a little rebellious dabbling in my youth, I have tended not to be a drinker. That has changed for health reasons.

In the last few months, I have grown to appreciate a nice semi-sweet glass of red wine. Not just for the calming warm feeling that drinking a glass brings me, but the amazing health benefits that are connected to one drink a day/drinking in moderation.

To be specific, here are the benefits of consuming one luscious glass of red wine a day. I have properly stolen the list via Google:

Of course, "they" warn that you should consult your doctor before beginning a drinking program (that sounds funny). If a major pharmaceutics firm designed a pill that performed like this, we'd all be prescribed the little pill at a premium price, wouldn't we?

increased longevity (mortality reduced 34%)
reduced risk of heart attack (30%)
lowers risk of heart disease
reduces chance of type 2 diabetes (30%)
lowers chance of stroke (50%)
cuts risk of cataracts (32%)
reduces risk of colon cancer (45%)
slows mental decline
less belly fat
helps with some types of inflammation

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