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Brain Damage

Monday, February 27, 2012

I am sooooooo bored.
And very, very tired. Got about 5.5 hours of sleep; felt like about 5 minutes. Couldn’t get comfy, had bad dreams (not nightmares, exactly… just not nice, either. I ended up having an argument with someone I like, and saying fairly horrible things that I didn’t mean, just because even in the dream I was really tired and he and a bunch of other random people wouldn’t get out of the room I was supposed to be sleeping in. Very odd, and not very pleasant)… when the alarm went off, it felt like I’d only just FINALLY fallen asleep. So I’m really grumpy. And tired. And BORED.
I’m TRYING to do work; it’s just that the things currently on my plate are either up in the air at the moment, waiting on decisions by other people, or require me spending quality time standing in the cube of someone I don’t particularly like to see if I misfiled something back in January.
I’ve seen my boss, today.
Briefly. She walked past my cube.
I was playing with my phone at the time.
At least I wasn’t surfing Art Clay sites, which is what I’ve been doing to pass the time, today. That’s my next step, on the metal clay front; Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Copper (which can be torch-fired, and comes out shiny if tumbled. The Coppr Clay stuff I did last week has to be kiln-fired, and they said they tumbled it, but it looks… well, to my mind, it looks sorta crappy.

I at least want the OPTION of having it be bright and shiny; if I then decide to antique it myself, that’s one thing, but this… looks dirty.
So! Torch-firing. In my apartment. Slightly scary, but I keep telling myself that if people can use them to make crème brulee, I can use them to make jewelry. So as far as start-up costs, I’m looking at two sets of tools (you can’t use the same tools for silver as for copper; you might gets bits of one into the other, and then you’ve got badness. Maybe not, y’know, crossing-the-streams bad, but it wouldn’t be good), a torch, a fire brick or kiln shelf, the copper kit (which runs about $50, and that brings us up to… well, lots, but less than all of that PLUS a $500 kiln. We’re looking at about $500, instead of over $1000. Not that $500 is easy for me to pull off, but I don’t have to do it all at once. Mind you, I WOULD happily do it all at once, but I have to go to, like, three or four different websites to get all the stuff I want for a price I deem reasonable, and even then I’m trolling eBay for a rock tumbler.
Crud – can’t finish, now. The person I didn’t want to deal with today is making me deal with her. *le sigh* Talk to you guys either later tonight or tomorrow. Tonight, a long, hopefully fast drive to Edison for a pain management appointment, then probably a long, slow drive back home, followed by a quick stop at Wegmans for some much-needed GF frozen soup, salad, bananas, TP, apple slices, and yogurt.
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  • JKM822
    Yup, that kind of rock tumbler. A little nicer than the all-plastic, Mr. Wizard version, though, & requiring steel shot as the polishing material. These things can get VERY pricey (low-end models start at $40, but break frequently. The hardcore hobbyist versin is about $120. Professional models can be in the $400 range, but I'm not even considering that. Right now, not looking to spend more than $60, tops, on eBay. That's for an $80 - $100 model, retail.
    As for other, less expensive options... I'm not sure. Keeping an eye out.
    I remembered the TP. ;-)

    2457 days ago
    A rock tumbler...dumb question, but the kind that some of us had as kids that come with the stones for you to polish up? I'm thinking surely you mean something more...sophisticated?...but if not, I've seen those in thrift stores! In fact, I think I bought one in a thrift store years ago, never used it because it was missing something and then finally donated it back to the thrift store. emoticon

    Anyway, I understand not having enough money for things you actually enjoy, so I just thought I'd suggest maybe there are other (albeit slower and more long-shot) options out there?

    Also, I kinda like the Art Clay pics!

    Hope you get better sleep tonight - don't forget the TP at the store! emoticon
    2457 days ago
  • JKM822
    emoticon , right back at'cha! Thanks! :-)
    2458 days ago
    big GIANT non-boring emoticon for you from me! Take it easy chick!
    2458 days ago
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