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How I'm Going to Lose 100 lbs.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I want and need to get healthy, fit, and lose 100 lbs. I will do this by:

1. Drinking Water - a minimum of 8 glasses each day... more is better.

2. Controlling my eating - by:
------a) increasing fresh fruits and veggies
------b) decreasing junk foods like cookies, chips, candy, and processed stuff
------c) making smarter food choices (100% whole grains over those that aren't, baked over fried, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, unprocessed over processed, fresh over cooked (when this applies) lower fat over full fat (in some foods) real foods over fake foods (like real butter over fake butter) and organic when I can... etc.....
------d) limiting the portions I eat of everything!!! I can eat so much at one sitting! I am going to learn to stick with one serving.
------e) keeping track of all I eat and drink. (this includes nutritional tracking) It's so easy for me to underestimate or mindlessly eat something and then forget it.
------f) eating a bit of dark chocolate every day.... because I love it and I can. :)
------g) drinking my coffee in the mornings without guilt... I love my coffee and it's something I like to enjoy daily, like chocolate. :) So I will allow myself this small indulgence, too.

3. Exercising - doing anything every day. I want to be active in my "old age" so I must start being active NOW or it simply ain't gonna happen.

4. Practicing Positive Self-Talk - I am the world's worst at negative self-talk... but I'm making a conscience effort to stop it. When I find myself wanting to put myself down... I will lift myself up.

5. Searching for Positive Motivation - from family, SparkPeople, Sparkfriends, quotes, sayings, posters, music, clothes I'd love to wear, favorite vacation destinations, sunshine, whatever gets me and keeps me motivated to be the best ME.

6. Increasing my Spiritual Motivation - my relationship with God always keeps my heart in the right place... and all things in proper perspective.

7. Choosing Happiness - in all things... even during trials, burdens, setbacks, fat days and rainy days... as well as during successes, accomplishments, skinny days, and days of sunshine. Happiness is an attitude and a choice.

8. Allowing Myself to make a few mistakes - I'm normally not very forgiving of myself when I mess up. I know mistakes will happen... and I know it's not the end of the world if I realize this and get over it... pick up... carry on... right then and skip the past mandatory self-punishment.

9. Not setting a time limit - I gained all this weight over many many years (up and down, up and down... never reached a goal, though) ... I'd love to lose it all in a short time, but I know that's not realistic for me... if this takes a year, that will be fabulous, but if it takes 2, then so be it... my health is worth the time.

10. Adhering to Unwavering Determination and Commitment - I will have to re-commit on a daily basis... perhaps sometimes on an hourly basis... but I will do this. I will not give up, give in or let fat get the best of me (as I have already for so many years)

So there it is... My overall plan to get healthy and lose 100 lbs. all spelled out in 10 easy to follow (just go with me here) steps.

I realize that steps 1, 2, & 3 are the ones that will actually get me thinner and healthy... Steps 4 - 10 will help keep me on track. Don't think I can do the basic 3 without all the rest. I have tried in the past.... and staying on track is a problem I had.

No More.

I can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this.

I'm feeling thinner already!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You CAN do this :) Sending lots of strength your way!!
    2239 days ago
    YOUgo girl !!!I'm a root'en for you emoticon
    2241 days ago
    Cheering for you. You and God are a majority! I see victory ahead. My problem is staying on track also right now.
    2246 days ago
    I am so bad at portion sizing. I really need to work on that.

    I love your plan. You Can Do It!!!! emoticon
    2246 days ago
  • LORI815
    PMA! Positive Mental Attitude! Loved the blog! Tracking what you eat is HUGE! When I was doing it I learned so much about myself. A plus was that I didn't always want to have to write things down so it made it a little easier not to eat it so I wouldn't have to write it! LOL! Good Luck and YOU CAN DO IT! (I've loved that saying ever since seeing it in Waterboy!) Have a great day and keep posting! emoticon
    2246 days ago
    This is a great plan-it's all about the small changes leading to the goal. emoticon
    2247 days ago
  • LIBRA73
    I feel thinner just reading it!

    You can do it! I will do it with you!
    2247 days ago
  • CRAZY_KAT_1984
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You have a great plan! You're right, though, there is no reason to beat yourself up for making mistakes. We're all only human. It's NEVER too late to start back in the right direction!
    2247 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    "I have tried in the past". I had tried, and failed, so many times I lost integrity with myself. Finally, I stopped trying nd started doing. I stumble, a lot, but I shake it off more quickly now and trudge ahead. I made a committment, instead of relying on motivation. So, just like a committment to marriage, or a job, or raising children, etc., it means that even when it's no fun, or feels like I am incapable, I keep showing up and making efforts. Your plan is so sensible. Just curious, have you printed it out and posted it in a few places? I hope these comments don't come across as bossy and intrusive. I just got excited for you, reading your blog. I hear something in your words that tells me you've got this. You have learned from your past, you are aware of your behaviors, and you know that spirit trumps weakness, when we are willing. Keep us posted! emoticon
    2247 days ago
  • DAISY443
    Great plan!
    2247 days ago
    Good plan, good blog. It's always best to outline it, to know what you need to do and just put your foot down and do it I'm about to make my own blog to go on and on about everything that's been going on the last few weeks and how I plan on getting myself back into the swing of things. Vacation blows sometimes, lol!

    Hope it works out for you! I believe in you!
    2247 days ago
    Sounds like a terrific plan, YOU CAN DO THIS! emoticon
    2247 days ago
  • LOSER05
    2247 days ago
    I hope you're including calorie tracking. Without doing that, I would have failed.
    2247 days ago
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