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Saturday, February 25, 2012

So a busy week in deed! Sorry, I have some pics but I'll have to post them another day :) so first the good news!

I WON!!!! Ok... It was only a steak from my friend Jim but none the less! We ran the Wounded Warrior 5k this morning with a steak on the line... I ran a 23:24 and had a blast... Oh AND beat Jim by a good twenty seconds... I'm sort of rubbing salt in the wound because I know he's going to read this later. Hahahaha! I did, however, miss CLOVER11's race this morning ;) I hope it went off without a hitch!

Second bit of good news... Our local Fleet Feet has committed to establishing a TRI racing team for 2012 and I was asked to be part of the inaugural team! How exciting is that! I'll have more details as time goes but I have to race or volunteer for the 6 TRIs they sponsor locally. The only issue is that I MOVE inthe middle of true season and it will be costly to make it back and forth for the last few races. I'll make it work if the contract goes through. Whoohoo! Gives me a reason to come back and visit my HSV friends a few times later this year ;)

Last bit of news and then I'll close...I got my echocardiogram back. No issues! I still haven't received my results for the holter monitor, the device I had to wear for 24 hours, but I hope all is well there too. I'm still having issues but maybe it is something I can deal with without much medical intervention. That would be awesome! Ok. I have loads to write but I'll save it for another day. Till then!
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