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Plumpton Pass - My good, healthy habits

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the Challenge for Harry Potter group I belong to we have to blog about our good, healthy habits that we have formed since starting our weight loss journey. Here are some of the habits that have become second nature to me:

1. Drinking water: Whenever I go out I either bring a bottle of water with me bring my water bottle. I also always get a glass of water when I go out to eat and sometimes I just ask for a cup with water.

2. Going for a walk: I now take my dog for a walk at least once a day, sometimes twice. Even if I don't want to at first I make myself go because I know I will really enjoy it. I even force the dog if she doesn't move at first cause once we are out there and start walking we both really enjoy it.

3. Not ordering dressing for my salad: I never order salad dressing and prefer to eat my salad without dressing. If a salad comes with a dressing I always ask if I can have it without the dressing.

4. Asking for fresh, raw vegetables when I go out to eat. I ask because I prefer most of my veggies raw. If they have it I will order that instead.

5. Asking for the sauce, gravy, butter on the side. That way I control how much to put on my food.

6. Checking the menu for the lower calorie choices. I always check to see if the place that I am eating at has low cal choices or if I am able to change some of the food that I want so that it is lower in calories.

7. Always parking in the farthest and safest spot when I go shopping. I even tell people when they are driving that I don't need to be dropped off at the door nor to park really close for me. I like the extra steps.

Well those are the good habits that I have formed over this journey so far. I really hope to say that one of my next habits is doing more cardio without blinking an eye.
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