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Group Marathon Training 8 - Chilly but we did it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

First of all, if you're keeping track, we missed another mid-week group training run this week. Things at work came to a bit of a head on Tuesday and I worked myself into a headache that could have gone into a migraine, so I took Tuesday night off (frankly more of a mental health day than anything, though the headache could have become an issue but it mostly settled down once I'd made the decision and called my supervisor). Which under normal circumstances should have made things EASIER in terms of getting to the run on Wednesday night, but I got an emergency call Wednesday morning at around 11:30 AM from my sister's work - she was feeling woozy and nauseous and they wanted someone to come pick her up. So I headed north - picked her up at school, drove her to her doctor's office who recommended we take her to the ER (they'd get any blood work back far faster than the doctor would), SO we went to the West Chester Hospital (which I didn't even know was there), with my sister feeling like she was going to faint the whole time. Happily West Chester was fabulous - we hadn't been there half an hour and they already had her in the back, had done an EKG and had taken her back for a CAT scan already. They didn't find anything wrong really, her blood pressure was somewhat elevated for her, but other than that all tests came back normal. They think it was due to exhaustion and stress (she's had a lot on her plate the last few months), and sent her home - happily her best friend called while we were at the hospital and happened to actually be in town (she and her husband are building a house and moving back from Illinois), so she met us at the hospital which was REALLY handy, as we were able to coordinate getting my sister's car back to her house and she offered to take Debora overnight so my sister could just rest. I was in my car ready to head towards home by 5:45 PM (seriously, the hospital had us in and out in under 2 hours, I'm super impressed), not nearly enough time to get home, get changed and pick up my daughter in time for training even if it HADN'T been rush hour. SO, my daughter and I made up for it by doing our hour walk on the treadmill at the gym on Thursday instead.

*sighs* It's always something lately! But you'll notice, we're not letting that deter us! Go go Rose's Girls!

Today was a "scaling back" week - from Rich's e-mail:

"This is a drop back week so our walk is 8.5 miles. We drop the long walk mileage every 3-4 weeks to allow your body to recover so you are physically and mentally prepared for the next mileage increase."

I've spent the whole week chuckling about the fact I can say the words "we're ONLY doing 8.5 miles" and not be kidding. LOL What normal person would put "only" by the words "8.5 miles" huh?

So I got up bright and early, had my oatmeal and took my vitamins and then checked the weather - my phone said it was 30 degrees out there. Not THAT much colder than last week, so when my daughter texted asking if I thought she should use the sweater this week or not I recommended not (since she got so overheated last week during the 13.3 miles). When I went out to the car, I doubled back to get my scarf - I've been using a wool headband as a "gaiter" around my neck under my jacket and that's generally been fine, but it was a lot windier outside than I'd realized and I thought it would be better to have the scarf with me just in case (better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it with me). When we got to the Warehouse, one of the other walkers mentioned she'd heard the wind chill was 11 degrees. *brrrrrrr* Better than the 4 degrees we avoided a couple of weeks ago, but still pretty durn cold. Made sure we'd both hit the inhaler before we headed out the door, and then we were off.

Here's the route for today:

You'll notice a little loop at the top - we took a wrong turn off Robertson onto Millsbrae and had to head around the block to get back on track. Dean (remember the coach who stuck by us when we walked through Ault Park a few weeks ago - yeah, he stuck with the caboose again this week, I believe Brenda was off doing the Princess Half at Walt Disney World today) kept apologizing for throwing us off course, but my daughter and I both kept reassuring him we didn't care - hey, extra mileage isn't a bad thing, right? No worries. So OUR route today ended up being 8.93 miles (according to my tracking on the map anyway). We didn't do any running to catch up and we kept pace with Dean pretty well - a good solid average 16 minute mile pace (though at points he said we were doing 15 or 15 and a half). I'd LIKE to get to the point where our average is 15 (to hedge our bets - the minimum pace for the Pig is a 16 minute mile), but even at this pace we're dong pretty well, and if we run the downhills during the race I think we've got it pretty sewn up. I'm not going for any speed records, but I don't want to get "swept off the course" either. For right now, I think we're doing pretty good (and Karen, the other primary coach besides Rich, told us when we came in that she can tell we're picking up the pace some, which is not a bad thing).

SO, my daughter and I successfully did nearly 9 miles in the coldest weather we've braved yet. I'm EXTREMELY pleased by that!

Now to see what the rest of the day holds - I've eaten and I need to shower, and the kids were supposed to come over for Game Night (postponed from last weekend when the 13.3 miler kicked our butts too much to do anything but nap before I had to go to work). Unfortunately I came home to find 'Yote in bed, having been sick twice since I'd left the house (and once again since I've been home) and feeling generally chilled and crummy. So I suspect we're going to cancel/postpone again. Ah well, I got my time in with my daughter, my son took me to lunch yesterday, and the younger son and his lady stopped by last night when I texted her pictures of the Treacle Fudge I'd made, so I've at least spent a little time with everybody over the course of my weekend.

Oh, hey, that reminds me. Treacle Fudge:

Treacle is a lot like molasses, if that gives you any idea regarding the taste. The fudge is VERY rich, but very tasty. :) The next experiment from the Harry Potter Cookbook will probably be Treacle Pudding (another of Harry's favorites, and believe me I've got plenty - the fudge only called for 2 tablespoons so I've got most of that whole can left to play with).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great job on the walk! The fudge looks divine!
    2613 days ago
    I love drop back weeks where the word 'only' is tossed out there so easily.
    Well done!
    2614 days ago
    I think I gained 10 lbs looking at that Treacle Fudge. Great job on the marathon.
    2614 days ago
    Oh, oh, please can I have a piece of the treacle fudge. Please, please!
    2615 days ago
    Yeah, you know you've joined the ranks of marathoners when you say things like *we're only doing 8.5 miles*!

    And oh, that treacle. You are an evil woman, putting that picture in your blog. It looks soooooo delicious!
    2615 days ago
    It has been windy, today. I briefly considered getting out on the bike, but decided to nap, instead, and knock off a run this evening after the winds die down..
    2615 days ago
    2615 days ago
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