I am SO PROUD!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I went grocery shopping today with my DH. This can be a very frustrating exercise - sometimes, the chocolate monster keeps throwing things into the trolley when I am not looking.

Today, we survived the aisles, and I was surveying the trolley contents - feeling smug at all the healthy stuff we had brought - tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, peaches, chicken, turkey breast, spinach, pumpkin etc - no processed anything and no junk.

I turned around just as we were approached by a gorgeous young girl bearing a tray full of chocolate samples. I took one look and said, 'No thanks.'

My DH looked at the tray and then at me as he said, 'We don't eat chocolate"!!!!

I am so proud that he was able to resist and also grateful for his support in my efforts. It would have been so easy for the chocolate monster to invade his body and for him to take one, but he didn't want to eat in front of me.

Who would have thought!!!
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