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succumbed to medifast for a month

Friday, February 24, 2012

I never thought I'd stoop so low as to go on a 'diet', and certainly not something like medifast. But I have. This is week 2 (day 10); an obsessive way to control my over all intake.

The first few days I felt ill on it and was truly miserable. Then my body stopped freaking out and the powder packet foods I detested have become manageable at best.

Why do something I know better NOT to do? Desperation, I guess. And the real challenge, as if this diet itself isn't enough of a challenge(!), will be to keep losing when I get off the plan. Cause I don't want to stay on it.

Did the first week deliver as promised? It's hard to tell. I dropped to 168 lbs for 3 days in a row and then had a 170 day prior to officially starting this thing. So now I'm 167. Is that really more than one pound lower?

Is this really going to jump start me through the 160s so I can take it from the 150s down? Time will tell, but regardless of my method, in order to be trim I must eat very little. Always has been that way. And my love of a variety of foods interferes greatly with that reality.
But then, isn't that the story of everyone around here? We all have control issues don't you think?

One day at a time, I'm doing the best I can. That's a fact no matter what it is I do. The self approval ratings just vary. And doesn't that dictate the quality of life experienced? If I get off my own back on that 'Good Enough?' rating, I'll feel a whole lot more present.
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    ok you had me curious.... you are a smart woman; I trust you read the comments on the blog about it? wow. hope it works for you! and you have at least my agreement that 1/2 cup of veggies is not enough. Not at least when you are only eating 900 calories.
    someone noted that their breath smelled bad on this diet... remember the ketosis diet?? I wish you the very best with this adventure.... and hope it kick starts something positive for you!
    2274 days ago
    I used to go into the chain vitamin store and pick up whatever diet miracle was on sale.... after a while it just amused me to go into the store and see what would grab me. Have to admit, there was one or two things that seemed to kinda work. Nothing earth shattering.
    remember the fine print "when used in conjuction with diet and exercise" in every ad promoting its wonderful results. SP and whatever can't hurt!
    Hope you have a time limit on this attempt, after which you can assess whether it's worth it to continue. GOOD LUCK!
    2275 days ago
    "We all have control issues don't you think?"

    Totally agree!
    2283 days ago
    I have known you for quite a while now, and we have all struggled at one time or another, and, like NAIMATANNER mentioned, if it helps you to jump start your diet, all the more power to you. As I told you, I do know some success stories with MediFast. I just wonder if you get all the vegetables in that they talked to me about. I haven't heard you mentioning them. I am sure it gets easier with time.
    I wish you luck.

    2283 days ago
    I guess you have to ask yourself-do you want to lose weight or change your relationship with food?
    2283 days ago
    You know what? I completely get it. Sometimes you need the (often empty) promises of the infomercials to motivate you into action...especially when your own willpower doesn't work. I have almost bought Nutrisystem, joined Jenny Craig, and almost joined Weight Watchers so many times after seeing the ads on TV and seeing the success stories that I wish were me. What stops me is that I don't think any of these plans are worth paying for when SP is free and you can just buy pre-packaged foods like Lean Cuisine for under $3 from the grocery store. Also, as you know, it's rare for diets like these to work long term. With that said though, I do wish you much success on jump-starting your weight loss efforts. I hope Medifast works for you, and that when you're in the 160's, you can do it on your own...with SP of course!

    2283 days ago
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