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Break Up Follow-Up

Friday, February 24, 2012

Let me say THANK YOU for all the supportive posts on Wednesday's blog "The End of a Love Affair". I've been free from Diet Coke for two, yes, TWO whole days now. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it free, since I've had SPUH-LIT-TING nighttime headaches.

I remember these headaches from when I've given up Diet Coke before. They're painful and agonizing, and when I'm in the middle of one I picture someone splitting wood with a giant ax. This image is quickly followed by the thought of me CHUGGING an icy cold Diet Coke to make the pain stop. That's addiction for you.

I was very surprised that the withdrawal symptoms didn't start until that night. (Usually I feel lousy right after I wake up.) I thought maybe this time I was somehow, miraculously, getting out of any pain. So when I wrote Wednesday's post, I felt like this:

(The skinny chick on the beach is not me, of course.)

By 8:00 that evening I felt like this:

(Again, not me.)

Like clockwork, the exact same thing happened at the exact same time last night. (Both times I reached for Advil, not Diet Coke.) I AM thankful that I'm getting through the day okay. I'm hoping last night's headache was the last one, but I'll be quite on my guard at 7:59 pm tonight...

BTW, the headaches are offset by the fact that I actually feel THINNER. No carbonation (read: less bloated) is a plus!
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