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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Soon as my bottle of creamer is empty I am quitting using that crap. Even if it is fat free, sugar free, lactose free whatever, it is still a waste and I can not pronounce half the crap that is in it.. so out it goes. I will use my soy milk. I am still going to phase out my coffee but not till I am done with school in June. For some reason the green tea upsets my stomach in the morning.

I am having some trouble blogging too. Sometimes when I click add a new blog it doesn't go anywhere, it is kinda like I am a guest on my own page.

I am thinking about buying the Sparkpeople cookbook.. do any of you use it? I have time to cook from specific recipes now that I am not working. But I am not crazy about recipes that take a lot of unusual ingredients.

I tried to get into the pool yesterday and it was full of kids, evidently it is mid winter break somewhere.. i usually have it to myself if I go around noon. That's the nice thing about living in Ocean Shores, having the community club as a perk of being a property owner, but since it is a resort destination we have owners from all over the world. I wish they would designate more adult time.

I think I am going to have to let my Chobani yogurt go, it is too tempting and I could eat 3 at a time sometimes. My class's are very stressful this quarter and stress makes me want to eat. Steve brought home some bread, even though it is a good quality whole wheat, I still wish it wasn't here. I love sandwiches, but I know I can't have just one.. I keep telling myself about all the people in the world that never have a choice of foods... do you know that the United States is real low on the totem pole when it comes to helping the third world countries with food and seed to produce for for themselves? I have always thought that we were one of the countries that was trying to make a difference in world hunger.. what a shock to find out we aren't! We hear a lot about foreign aid on TV but we do not hear the whole truth. This Environmental Science class is a real eye opener.

When I get moved to Alaska I am going to build another greenhouse, I have already talked to my son about it.. we both love to garden and can. They have long summers up there and the gardens I saw were gorgeous with huge veggies.

Today there are so many chemicals in what we eat.. the veggies grow in it and are sprayed with it so we get a double whammy! No wonder we have so much cancer. I read yesterday that they have grown the first beef in a test tube and plan on having it available to the public in the next few years.. doesn't that sound good? Test tube hamburger anyone? I think not.

One very good thing that came from my time here with Sparkpeople is that I gave up red meat on a regular basis. I eat it now about once every 2 or 3 months. Sometimes I will go for 6 months without it. I found some elk in the freezer today.. I sure wish I had a freezer full.

Yesterday I went out to the freezer to bring some fish in. I told Steve we have some that needs to be used now. I never let anything get freezer burn and this wasn't looking too good. It didn't look like my Alaska salmon either, it was more peach colored than red. Last night I looked at the pkg i put in the sink to thaw and there was a small skein of fish eggs in with the fish!!! Yuck!!! It was Steve's CRAB BAIT!!!! He is supposed to keep that crap in the bottom drawer of the freezer and I had brought it all in and thawed it!

Thankfully I can tuna.. I had it for dinner instead of the nice salmon dinner I was planning on. Tonight I am going to have some steamed cabbage and zucchini with elk burger.. I found I love zucchini steamed. I thought it would be flavorless but oh how wrong I was!

I am still struggling with eating breakfast at breakfast time. It is 11:30 and I still have not got it down but I will and I will log it as breakfast. When I was here before, breakfast was the beginning of my day.. now I only want coffee. I have to get over that I know I need protein to start my day. Why can't I do what I know I need to do?
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  • IAM_HIS2
    No, I have not bought the Spark Cook Book. There are too many ingredients plus it isn't very healthy to my liking. So I am busy changing my recipes into healthy ones. Like you, I am eating less meat. I can't wait to plant my veggies this year.
    2766 days ago
  • 2008LYNN
    I've been going organic and eliminating chemicals in other areas too. I found some recipes for making deodorant but haven't gone there yet. I don't use dryer sheets, a piece of aluminum foil in the dryer works like a charm. I love the flavored coffee creamers, but had to give them up too, at least at home. I still get a huge cup to drink at school but will be giving that up soon. I wish I could grow my veggies, but I'm at the mercy of the grocery stores.
    2768 days ago
    Hugs! I don't do fish!

    My local library bought a copy of "The Spark" and the cookbook when I requested it. Worth a try.
    2769 days ago
    I had a husband who used to keep deer hides in my chest freezer. The idea was he was going to tan it himself (!) and make lacings (!!) for 'genuine snowshoes' (!!!) - he never did, but the lower third of the freezer was stacked with those frozen-when-fresh deerskins.

    He's the ex-husband. And if I had ever accidentally thawed one of those things, mistaking it for supper, he'd probably be the late husband, lol!

    Never thought about steaming zucchini, but I will keep that in mind. I have been known to sort of roast it from time to time. And then there's that deep, dark, fudgy chocolate zucchini cake that - well. Best not go there.
    2769 days ago
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