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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We all know that sometimes the scale lies to us. This doesn't exactly come as a shock to anyone I know. Usually, it lies and tells us that we've gained, or haven't lost as quickly as we think we should have. And we're taught to take the scale with a grain of salt, because being consistent with taking good care of ourselves, in the form of what goes into it and in the exercise we do, is wreaking changes on our bodies that the scale can't always recognize.
And then there are the days when the scale just... lies.
It had me at 170.2, this morning.
I know this is not true.
I was at 173 the last time I weighed myself, which was close enough to this morning that I'm really quite certain this is not true.
But I repeated it several times, to see if it would recant; it steadfastly refused to do so, and kept me at 170.2 about 3 times.
They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; in this case, I guess I'm crazy. ;-)
I'm going to just add 2lbs to it, in my head. It'll keep me from giddily eating a cookie or something, later.

Today's numbers stink.
Calories Burned (Target/Actual): 2263/2171
Calories Consumed: BMF 1763, SP 1630/1738
Calorie Balance: 500 deficit/433 deficit
Physical Activity: 45 minutes (30 moderate, 15 vigorous)/38 minutes (23 moderate, 15 vigorous)
Steps taken: BMF 8000, SP 10000/5556
Sleep: 8/6:14.

So... that's pretty much pathetic across the board. I wasn't even going to get the vigorous 15 in, but after dinner, I managed to dredge up some energy I didn't know I had.
Mind you, I had plenty of energy when I got home, but I used it up between 5:45 and 7; I had this fantastic idea for a pendant and I really wanted it done and out of my head. I started the prototype in Apoxie Sculpt, and it came out... OK. I can do better. But I think it'll look BRILLIANT in PMC/CopprClay. Anyway, I tried to do a bit too much with the prototype; I decided it would be a good time to break out the PearlEx powders I got for a Christmas present, as well, so I really had too much going on. Also, a little of that stuff goes a LONG way, though oddly, when I tried to actually mix it in with the clay, it didn't go well. It applied to the outside brilliantly, though, so that's good to know for the future. So the next step is to finish the prototype (I only did one side of it, and I kind of messed that up because I thought I could mess with the other side while it was still pliable - boo. But one of the nifty things about Apoxie Sculpt is that it'll adhere to itself even if the majority of the piece is already dry, so I can finish the blank side later. And it's only the prototype, after all), and then I want to try to do it smaller; it's really quite large as it is, right now. Between the size, and the fact that it's bright red, it's a bit... much, at the moment. I'm sure it would appeal to someone, but that someone is not me. So... smaller. And eventually, metal. With dark siam rhinestones, that I only wish they made in teardrop shapes. But that's fine, I'll manage. Maybe... oooh. If I CARVE a teardrop shape, fill it with red Apoxie Sculpt (or white, and then paint it a more appropriate red) and then put a crystal at the BOTTOM of the teardrop....
In case you're wondering, it's kind of a twisted design. It's definitely going to appeal to the darker, gothier audience. Kind of like these, from Green Girl Studios:


That said... I actually own those, so I guess I am the right audience.
I think I'm going to have to buy some PMC3 and try torch-firing. Because waiting for a kiln is just not going to happen.
So... yeah. That's what I did yesterday. And then I Foreman grilled one of the marinated pieces of chicken, with some brown rice and some salad for dinner, and then I danced like an idiot for 23 minutes, 15 of which were apparently vigorous.
In other news... I feel positively perky. 6:15 ain't enough sleep, but it's a heck of a lot better than 5:30. I've already got more moderate activity in than I did for most of yesterday, and it's only 10am. My head still hurts, but such is life.
Tonight, I attend the Delaware Valley Bead Society Meeting. That's $25 in dues. Then tomorrow, I'm going out to lunch with a friend ($10ish), and attending the CopprClay class (? Cost of class was $55, but I paid that already. Cost of materials is as yet unknown). It's going to be an expensive week, which I can ill afford. But again, I say... such is life. I'm not going to get anywhere with the jewelry stuff until I have the knowledge and tools to advance. That requires some outlay. What I'm trying to decide right this second is if I really, truly need the $130 shopping cart full of stuff I've currently got sitting at Fire Mountain Gems. The answer is, of course, no; I actually NEED about $20 of it, right this second. But you get a big ol' discount if you order more stuff, there.
Hmm. Decisions decisions.
AACK! I just found an actually (comparatively) inexpensive kiln!! AND IT FUSES GLASS! OK, it won't do the CopprClay, but there's a version of that (Art Clay Copper) that can be done also relatively inexpensively! By relatively, I'm talking almost $200 a pop for each method, but that's significantly less than the $600 for a base model kiln. And this baby kiln will sit on my counter! It's TINY! *squee!!!*
Sorry. I know I've been sort of craft-happy, less weight-loss-happy the last little while. Both are important to me, honest. But it's harder to research weight-loss stuff on the office computer.
This week, fitness is going to be a challenge; tonight, it's the Delaware Valley Bead Society meeting, and tomorrow is the CopprClay class. Then things return to their regularly scheduled lack of schedule.
And I've been very distracted, today, because believe it or not, I HAVE WORK TO DO. And here I am, looking at jewelry stuff. Naughty monkey. *sigh*
OK, I'm off to do something. Work, or play-work... we shall see. Catch y'all tomorrow.
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  • JKM822
    Well, I didn't work out at all yesterday due to the meeting, so if it eas true yesterday, it definitely isn't today. ;-)
    May not get around to a post today, but I'll try. The short version is, the meeting was interesting; I'm looking forward to continuing, even though I brought down the average age in the room by about a decade. ;-)
    As for the etsy storefront, sure, I HAVE one, but there's nothing in it! And it took me 18 years of buying beads to get THAT far! LOL!
    2649 days ago
    Here's hoping your scale was telling the truth after all! It can happen. emoticon

    Looking forward to hearing about your meeting and class. I thought of you this weekend when I finally made it to Michael's and spent WAY too much on half-off beads. emoticon I justified it by saying, hey, I COULD find half your initiative and actually consider an Etsy setup...someday. LOL
    2649 days ago
    I think that your day sounded pretty productive and your numbers are not that far off. Cross your fingers about the scale. Hey you never know!
    2649 days ago
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