Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February has not been a very healthy month for me. emoticon Last week I was sick and the week before I was on vacation. So I ate way to much junk and got in very little exercise. emoticon I did not gain any more weight but I also did not lose any. I'm still trying to work off my weight gain from December. emoticon

Yesterday I planned on going to the gym after work, but it was such a nice day I decided to go to the park for a run instead. emoticon I have not been out for a run since last September. It felt sooo good to get my legs moving and my heart pumping! emoticon I also ate very healthy yesterday. my husband and kids had pizza emoticon for dinner while I opted for salmon emoticon and green beans. I'm really looking forward to nice weather so I can keep up with my running and break out the bike!. emoticon Now if only I could get my husband motivated.
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