Turning a Corner

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sometimes you turn a corner and make progress and don't even realize it until you look back.

Today was one frustrating day at the start. I've been having problems with my car battery. It's just dead. It won't even hold a charge for a few minutes anymore, so I bit the bullet and went to the auto store and got a battery. When I got there I asked if they could install the new battery. Yep, no problem they said... then they looked and said, oops, sorry, no. Apparently good old Chevy makes it REALLY hard to change a battery and they would have to remove the electrical box to get at the battery, and they're not allowed to do that.


The accumulated aggravation of a week of dealing with a car that picks and chooses when it wants to start or not, and then finding out that I can't even get it fixed normally, and hubby won't be available to fix it until Thursday just really set me on edge today. Why do things have to be that difficult? You know? So I walked in the house already fuming and son asked if I remembered to get the thing he asked me to bring from the store... no, I didn't even go to the store. Out I go, and of course, the car wouldn't start.

So I went in and got him and the car charger, and told him he had to go with to sit in the car and help me get it started if it wouldn't start there. Got to the store, went in, was only in there a few minutes, got back out, and of course the car wouldn't start, so he hooked up the charger and we got back home. I told him to leave the charger in the car, because I HAD to go to the club and work out my frustrations. Sunday isn't one of the days I normally go work out or swim, but I just had to vent my frustrations somehow. If the car didn't start, I'd have to hook it up myself, but dang it, I was going.

I got to the club, parked, got inside, changed, and slipped into the silky, soothing water of the pool and started to swim...

Then I realized it.

I had a horrible day, but instead of going in the house, vegging out on the couch, blurring my mind with TV and food, I didn't even think about it, I only thought GO TO THE CLUB AND WORK IT OUT.

That was a huge corner to turn. I didn't even realize the significance of it until I was swimming. I had made an unconscious decision, and it was the RIGHT one.

Not only was it a healthy way to vent out the pent up frustration, it was so helpful, I felt really good after I was done. I dressed, walked out to the car, fully prepared to do battle with the battery, but tried it first just in case... it didn't want to, it moaned about it, but it started. LOL Victory. Haha

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