Steamboat skiing trip and my virtual walk is taking past Richmond, VA

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First, let's talk about the virtual walk across America. I have logged 66.8 miles so far, which, when I look at the map of the whole walk, seems like just the tiniest little smidge of progress but hey, I am now passing Richmond VA so at least it's interesting!

Richmond VA is an independent city and not part of any county, weird huh? I've never heard of that. That's a whole layer of government they just don't deal with. How do they do tornado watches, I wonder? And what about the week in August when the rest of us are enjoying our county fairs? (They do hold the state fair here so maybe that makes up for it.)
We all know from our history lessons that Richmond was the capitol of the Confederacy but did you know that the first several attempts at whites settling there were thwarted by the native Powhatans not wanting to give up their land without a fight? It took the establishment of Fort Charles in 1645 to bring along the white settlers to the area. Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech here in 1775 and the Brits burned the city to the ground during the Revolution. It burned again at the hands of the fleeing rebels. Probably the most interesting package to ever come out of Richmond was Henry "Box" Brown who had himself shipped out of that fair southern city to the freedom of Philadelphia in 1848. It is VA's current state capitol.
Mr. Bojangles hailed from Richmond and by gosh, they've erected a statue in his honor. They've also got giant milk bottle apartments (milk being the state beverage), a pyramid in the Confederate graveyard and a mini Statue of Liberty. They also claim to be the Internet Capitol of the U.S. How they determined that, I have no idea and am far too busy to try to find out.
Here's Mr. Bojangles for you doubters. Guess what he's doing? That's right.

Will continue my walk across this beautiful and interesting county. Am wondering if I'll ever get out of Virginia! (They haven't accused me of being a "Yank" yet like that time I visited Texas. ha ha)

Steamboat Springs! We left Wednesday and got in about lunch time. Decided to wait and ski full days both Thurs and Friday so instead we went to the hot springs at Strawberry Park. Steamboat was named for these springs and the ones that come right through town as the early trappers thought the noise the water made sounded like a steam engine. Ironically, when the railroad did come through, they destroyed the spring in question. Not to worry though, there's still a public hot springs in downtown Steamboat. The town is famous for skiing of course and Olympians, turning out more of them than any other place. They used to teach all the kids to ski in school. Cool huh? Billy Kidd, the famous skier, still skis the mountain and you can meet him if you time it right. Which, we didn't. We did ski all day both Thursday and Friday and had a really good time even though the weather was overcast and cold and windy and snowy. I am a fair-weather skier so this really bugged me! Kept waiting for the sun to come out and did have one or two runs with patches of sunshine but mostly it was just grey and dismal. Which makes it hard to see. I couldn't see the steepness of the runs and basically just went by feel. First morning we had 6 inches of powder which is fun but also takes a lot more work. Second day was beautifully groomed trails. We did mostly blues, ending the days on greens as our legs gave out and we couldn't trust them on the harder slopes. We had our "reward nachos" and enjoyed them. I came back with my weight up just a bit but since I had been sick and then had really over indulged last weekend for the opera in Denver, my weight is up 8 pounds since I hit my all time low of 133 a few weeks ago. And I can SEE IT! And feel it and so am very motivated to get back down where I felt tight and slim. Punished myself with Jillian today and an hour dog walk after. Hitting the grocery in a minute so there's no reason to keep eating out like we tend to do after returning from a trip.
Randy planning our attack.

Snowy day, but still better than working!

Self portrait with the gondolas going by. Randy was nursing his knee with a beer. ha!

Reward Nachos!

The road home. We sure love living in CO!
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