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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sundays are supposed to be cheat days for carb cycling...and it's supposed to be an "anything goes" (except for binge eating) kind of cheat day. Great right? So why am I not doing it????

I'm trying...really. But I had no appetite this managed to drink my coffee/protein and soy milk/protein. Which is so patheticly NOT cheating...

I bought a giant half gallon of banana pudding ice cream specifically to be eaten today...and still in the freezer it sits. I just can't bring myself to eat it.

I intended to have a truly decadent lunch...and instead, had english muffin pizzas on whole grain muffins with reduced fat mozz. This would only be a cheat on a low carb day...again, pathetic attempt to be naughty.

Last Sunday, I would have already mowed through a giant bag of fast food AND that half gallon of ice cream by now...when I was in the middle of a sugar fit. One short week later, I've gotten the sugar cravings under control, and with that, now have no desire to eat the "important" day of cheat food. (It was stressed in the book that this is necessary to keep your metabolism guessing, or I wouldn't care a whit.)


Is anyone else having this problem with cheating on your cheat days? How are you getting over it? Right now...I'm just stuck. :P
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    Oh to have that problem. LOL
    2589 days ago
    This weekend I had no problem cheating.

    Usually I do have problems cheating. I just don't crave those foods. The more healthy food I eat the better I feel too. So it is like a healthy food addiction.
    2590 days ago
    I agree - eating healthier does seem to increase the desire to continue to eat healthy!! A good cycle to be on! I don't have real "cheat" days - but I do have times - more on the weekends - when I add in more carb stuff like fruits and whole grains - like Go Lean Crunch into my food for the day. I can easily go overboard on fruit and on those days - I might go a little crazy with grapes, oranges, and apples and not feel guilty about it.
    2591 days ago
    Ha! That's too funny. I have the same problem. Even when I give myself permission to cheat, I end up having fruit or a small piece of chocolate instead.

    Good luck with the whole cheating thing.
    2591 days ago
    And why is this a problem??? You are setting the pace for a healthy diet and you should be proud of lessening your sugar cravings. Don't set a day to cheat and see what happens. Remember, moderation is the key.
    2591 days ago
    All I can say is been there...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
    2591 days ago
    I tried to cheat for a week right before Christmas and I was successful to a point but I still ate less than I normally would and found I craved my healthy way of eating and also my exercise. Great job! The ice cream can be eaten later when you want some. I've found that I only need one bite of something decadent and then I can leave it alone.
    2591 days ago
    I don't have cheat days, they just sort of happen. Congrats on not feeling like eating junk in your day!! I find my body feels so much healthier when I eat good, healthy foods. I agree with veggie_girl- the more I eat healthy foods the more I crave healthy foods, and I don't crave unhealthy foods so much any more.
    2591 days ago
    I do not really give myself cheat days they just kind of happen. Today being one of them. Out to breakfast with my husband- waffle, sausage with honey butter and syrup. Some of my husbands fried potatoes. Then my niece brings me chocolate cupcakes-(yes I am a chocoholic). I have left over burgers from yesterday. Why waste them. I made chicken , vegetable, orzo soup yesterday and chicken salad. So I am really on a roll. Thank goodness I did not buy the Kettle Chips with salt and pepper, I would probably tried to inhale the whole bag. Hang in there. We both have a new start tomorrow. emoticon
    2591 days ago
    Hon, it sounds as thought your body is adjusting to a healthier, whole grain diet and that is WONDERFUL!!!! I don't think you really need to keep your body guessing. LOVE your body and keep giving it whole grains, as you've been doing. I found that as I ate healthier and healthier diet foods that I stopped craving the yucky un-healthy foods from before. I've been vegetarian almost 3 years now and not only am I not craving meat (except fish on occasion) but the very thought of it grosses me out! You CAN train your body to love healthy foods and it sounds like that's exactly what you've done! Perhaps without even meaning to!

    Good for you!

    Spark ON!

    --Veggie Girl!
    2591 days ago
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