"Aunt Flow" strikes again...does she do this to you too???

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Does anyone have the same issue as I do? I sure hope so (for my own benefit of course)...because this just plain old stinks.

I do really good eating a healthy diet and then BAMMMM...the week before my period I binge like I will never see food again. Almost like a hibernating animal that stores its food!!! I noticed (because I track every waking moment of my day) that I am a salt freak that week too.

Not to mention I get the worst heart palpitations EVER and it almost feels like I eaither skip a beat or stop beating. HORMONES??? I am a nurse and this drives me bonkers...and when i tell the doctor, they look at me like I'm nuts and this has never happened to anyone else.

Not to mention I have the worst emotions ever and I am way on edge. I'm like a damn rollercoaster. I get on my own nerves...that's how bad it is.

Have a little history... I have Endometriosis...have had an ablation (which did not work)...have been on several different birth controls to help regulate all that comes along with endometriosis, like rip your hips apart crippling cramps, massive hemorrhages, longggggg periods, palpitations, moods, etc. which they did not help.

WTF gives... my doctor recommends I have another child...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? are you going to raise it, cloth it, feed it, school it, and do all the other added extras??? because I'm not! and who's to say that would even work???

AM I ALONE HERE??? DOES ANYONE SUFFER LIKE THIS AT ALL AND deal with dummies who think they got all the answers??? emoticon
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    The so called "DOCTOR" who told you to have ANOTHER BABY is a MORON & should be reported to the AMA & have his license revoked! emoticon
    2616 days ago
    Oh yes! Work makes fun of me (they are all women)because they know the week before I start...I start hoarding twinkies, chips, comfort food.....all kinds of food like it's the apocolypse! I don't have the pain, but I have two friends that had endometriosis so bad they had to have surgery to have it removed and probably will have to have it again. ~~They say they all do the same thing. I can't believe your doctor said have another baby! Seriously?!!!! I would have not taken that well and would have informed otherwise. Good luck. You'll get through it.
    2616 days ago
    Sounds like you need a new doctor. That is crazy telling you to have another baby! I find that limiting all grains helps my wacky cravings because I can totally be a junk foo junky as well.
    2616 days ago
  • JENNYR0506
    The PMS cravings are REAL. It has always amazed me that the medical community, for years, denied that PMS existed at all. We were always told, 20 - 30 years ago, that it was all in our heads. But practically every woman I have ever talked with on this subject has the same issues. And they are real!! You get more moody, crave everything in sight, eat like there is no tomorrow.

    My cycle went like this:

    Week 2: crave husband - must be ovulating
    Week 3: crave food, grumpy - must be pregnant, drive male away
    Week 4: crave exercise - start cycle, not pregnant so must get rid of bloated feeling from week 3
    Week 1: crave nothing - too tired from previous three weeks

    Now I think I am in menopause and there are more bizarre symptoms to deal with. But that discussion is for another time!

    Hang in there! Hugs!
    2617 days ago
    I get the cravings BAD too. All I want is salt (which I'm a salt junky anyway) and I crave chocolate like its going out of style. I'm normally not a chocolate girl, I mean I like chocolate but I'd rather have chips. So during my period I'm on junk food overload.

    As for the cramps, I have an irregular period (although recently I've gotten more regular) my period can be very painful one month where I wake up in the middle of the night in the fetal position with horrible cramps and then next month not have any cramp at all.

    As for the heart palpitations I have those but mine are from a cancer I had when I was 16 that was around my heart. I'm not sure if your palpitations are "normal hormone" related or not. Talk to your doctor about doing an EKG or Holter Monitor. I'm a nurse as well and I don't think palpitations are a "normal" TOM thing, but I could be wrong. However, if you are a salt junky like I am during your TOM it wouldn't be uncommon since excessive amounts of salt does crazy stuff to your heart. Look for a 2nd opinion if you feel your doctor isn't any help.
    2617 days ago
    My granddaughter has endometrosis and has had many operations . nothing seems to help . at least her doctor is female and a very good one . Is still not able to help her . Her grandfather and friends are always thinking that she is making it all up . I know this is not true . the pain is real and wish i could help her . doctors always make you want to scream . I know they told her that having children might make the pain lessen . good luck . emoticon emoticon
    2617 days ago
  • SAMMIE7474
    you are not alone on any of it. I had a doctor say the same thing about a child and I'm not married or even seeing anyone at the time. It took some time but I have found a doctor that does not give me the crazy look when i talk to him about stuff that is going on. emoticon keep in mind you are not alone in this at all
    2617 days ago
  • MARIJO150
    I have struggled with difficult cycles, I don't have endometrosis, but cramping, cravings, heavy flow, etc. I did have the ablation and for me it worked great, 2 years ago and still not even any spotting, my heavy periods are gone and I'm happy about that, I still get cravings and bloating (probably because of eating excess salt) but the cramps are fewer. My doctor was never like, "oh your nuts" I had a female doc though and she referred me to a doc who deals with this sort of thing. And he was also very supportive.
    As for having another baby I completely think you are right, you don't have a baby to heal your sick body. That would be nuts.
    Take care and hang in there, hope you are able to find a doctor with a different perspective.
    2617 days ago
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