WUB, Feb, Week 3

Saturday, February 18, 2012

BEST. WEEK. EVER. At least health/fitness wise. :)

1. Be nicer to myself--spanking this one this week! I am AWESOME!! (maybe overdoing it a little, even!) :)

2. Run---nope. Not once. But do I care right now? NOPE! It was a HORRIBLE week with the Little Sick One...and I'm just patting myself on the back for being able to do the exercise that I did manage!

3. Scale Obsession--I might be over this one for now! I weighed this morning...again, no loss. But it was also NO GAIN! AND...I'm only a week into carb cycling (yes, I started this again, kind of on accident), and most people don't start to see a loss until the 2-3 weeks in point. I'm okay with a stagnant number this week because I FEEL GREAT! I really FEEL like I'm losing again, and not just spinning my there is HOPE!

Overall, horrible stressful week with the sick kid...BUT I managed to keep it together. I didn't get in my normal amount of exercise this week, but what I have gotten in was A+ quality!

My nutrition this week was HANDS DOWN the best week of eating I've had in memorable history...including the last 10 months of using SP. Very little (at the beginning of the week) to NO crap, "full"and healthy foods, tons of veggies, protein, and good carbs. I've even managed to put down and step away from the Crystal Light Peach Tea! (Which I can easily drink a gallon of per day, if left unchecked.) I'm drinking a gallon + of water every day...and you can REALLY see the benefits in my skin! Am I carb cycling perfectly yet? HECK NO! :) But I'm doing it well enough for government work right now; getting the principals down, getting into the habits, and feeling WONDERFUL! I forgot this, but when you cut refined carbs from your diet, things just taste better! Veggies are really sweet, meat tastes "fuller", the low GI carbs I am eating taste more robust...just good stuff all over the place!

Feb Week 3...AWESOME!!
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