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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Well, to say these last 2 weeks have been a roller coaster, would be quite an understatement. 2 weeks ago this coming Monday, my mom, dd2 and I had decided to do a juice went well...with some very cleansing that will have you laughing hopefully as hard as it did us. i had the smart idea to drink a slimming tea at the end of this fast...uh... you know, when there isn't anything in there to normally takes a good 8 hours to do, did in 3 imagine my waking up from a good sleep to cramps..and realizing oh oh don't and run fast to the made it...but from getting up too fast and the cleansing properties of the tea...i was a tad bit light headed..for the next 5 minutes i prayed i would not pass out and my poor ds would find to self, cleansing tea not a good idea at the end of a juice fast... so then comes tuesday... dd1 is to find out what sex is of my precious grandbaby... text from son in law, dd1 and dd2 confirm we have us another boy on the way... wohoo... i am sooo excited...i really wanted a boy for their first one.. i am running into work from lunch to yell it to everyone...including the customers on the Then came a call from dd1...she was being taken straight to the hospital... her cervix should be a 2.5 and it was a 1. way too early for that... they would either have to do a cerclage or put her on meds to stop any labor that might happen... but once checked, she was a fingertip dialated so it's both for off to the hospital mom and i go... on the walk into the hospital mom and i were discussing our fast results... well she lost it when she heard mine, then told me hers...she got the poo's while at the gym...and almost left a trail to potty because there were so many people standing around talking and wouldn't get out of the way...and she said she was praying but for a different thing...well by now, we are both laughing so hard at each we about pee ourselves... thank God for a timely so we visit with dd1 and listen as they explain what will be happening... next day she was scheduled for her cerclage...i take the day off to spend with her and her husband... morning of, they come in to tell her that at the opening she has what they call "gunk" the medical terms here...basically it's a bunch of white blood cells that is like an infection but not an infection...what the the end it means it cannot be treated with antibiotics and will just about guarantee a preterm baby...but hopefully with the measures they are taking, we can at least get to at least some major goals... 24 weeks is considered they point of viability... though with risks, especially for a white baby boy... at 28 weeks he has a much better chance and at 32 weeks, though still very small, his chances jump to 90%...she goes into surgery...not a major one, but surgery just the same... we are hungry because we didn't want to eat in front of her since she couldn't but we are too scared to leave the waiting room...they finally call us back to recovery... and she is finally allowed to eat... so her husband decides to go get us some food to... only thing is, he is so worried about getting back to her, that he gets lost... to the point he ended up in surgery and then bio-hazard...lmao... finally back at the room he realizes he lost the or bio-hazard?? needless to say, we all got a good laugh and relieved some built up tension... she was released to go home with orders of bed rest... she is allowed potty and shower...and they just moved her up to sitting, with feet up most of the time...and light lunch making... son in law works long hours at a new job and his commute is almost an hour long each way...and he is trying so hard to keep it all up... so i have been going over every day to help out...clean up, do dinner, etc...yes, i am tired... i really didn't have time, i don't know what time but this little guy that dd1 is carrying is worth every moment... and we are all doing whatever it takes to keep him in the oven as long as possible. on top of this, son in laws truck brakes down last night...luckily he was still at work and could get a ride home... and they do have a second car...they had thought about selling it, but thank God they didn't... but after a long day, he was on the run to get parts so he can fix it today...after work...uhg...i stayed with dd1 until i knew he was ok and home...neither of them needed any extra stress at this time... especially her... today dd2 and i will go over to get some things done for them... and tomorrow we are off to a mini vacation... dd1 has been ok'd for it...just a hotel stay down the road..and though she can't go swimming...she can at least get out of her own 4 walls for a night... we will then drop her off Monday afternoon while the rest of us go shopping... i wish she could go with us but we just can't take the chance... though trust me... the lil guy is going to be in our thoughts as we hit the Carter Outlet...tehe... i've already bought him a couple outfits...but they are newborns, so will most likely be too big for him when he is i am in search of the perfect preemie outfit... and it the lil guy decides to hang in there longer...well, that is ok also... at least i know he will be clothed either way :)

So that's my life for the next several weeks...stressful and very busy....but will be worth every moment he stays in there... I am so thankful right now for a family that stands behind me and her at this time...and her dear trying so hard...both working and taking care of her... i am so proud of him.... and he has yet to once complain because he is too tired or anyone is asking too much...even when dd1 decides she needs an icee after he gets home late from work because his truck broke down... now that is a man i am proud to call my son in law :)
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  • EDWARDS1411
    Hope you're enjoying that well-deserved mini-vacation and that it refreshes you a bit!
    2287 days ago
    Wow -- you've have quite the time the last couple of weeks! Your fasting story makes me laugh -- at least you were at home!

    Sending up a prayer for DD1. How wonderful that she has such great support from you during this time. Hope the next few weeks go well for everyone!
    2289 days ago
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