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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm still pissed at The Guy, but it has fueled that fire under my butt to get things done.

Earlier this week I was trying to get the water turned on at the house. I called last week and they left a note on the door saying there was an open fixture or leak in the house, so they would have to come out again when I was there. I called on Monday and had them come out on Tuesday...but they said they would call me 30 minutes before the water technician was to arrive so I could be there too. I never got a call and was rather annoyed by it. TODAY I missed a different call and WHAT DO YOU KNOW but I had a voicemail from the water department about their tech being on the way. I am not sure whether it was my phone or cell carrier that messed that one up. =/

ANYWAY, I had to make the call today to have them come out and try again when I would be there. THIS time the calls went through, we showed up at the same time, and...discovered a major broken pipe leading from the water main to the house.

I was devastated. I really thought this would be a major set back. The broken pipe was right by the front stairs of the front porch, and was rather obvious. I was afraid it would require ripping out the stairs, bringing in a backhoe, the whole nine yards. The water tech said I'd have to call a plumber (of course, being a city employee they couldn't recommend one) to get it fixed. On the plus side, he said that the plumber could turn the water back on so I wouldn't have to go through Phone Tag with the city again.

This is where I have to mention once again that I am terribly phobic of the telephone when it comes to talking to strangers. I don't know why, but I hyperventilate for 10 minutes before I can even order pizza (hey, it helps reduce the number of times I order take out, so that's a bonus!) and it's just...not pretty. So finding and calling a plumber was a big issue for me.

I came back to the apartment, logged onto my computer, and found a plumber online. A bunch of the other plumbers and major companies had "meh" reviews, but I found one that had nothing but five stars on He wasn't listed on Angie's List or Google Reviews, but I checked his website and he handled the issue I was having, said he has competitive rates, and had a 10% off coupon for using his website (which I forgot to give him, but that's okay...more later). I gave it a shot, and he turned out to be really nice AND was able to fix the break this afternoon! So I have water on in the house again! YAY!!!

The downside is that since the house hasn't been occupied for so long, the fixtures (which have been there since we built it in 1986) need to be replaced in two of the bathrooms and the kitchen. So I'm going to have to go out and buy new fixtures and he'll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday to install them, as well as check the other places with known leaks for any issues. And that's where I'm going to use the 10% off coupon! XD

I hate it being a bit of a money sink right now, but it was expected. At least the water is now on, and since the water heaters are electric, there's now hot water. On Monday I'm going to call and get the gas turned on, and as soon as that's confirmed, I'm going to call the heating/AC people to come out and check the units. After that? Just need to get the cable/internet hooked up and I could live in there since it's fully furnished!

I'm in such a better mood now that I'm doing things for myself.

I still made dinner for The Guy tonight (meh) but it was an awesome dinner of chicken, spinach, and cheese stuffed shells, and we have leftovers for tomorrow and for a lunch for me. I hope he enjoys these last meals I'm cooking for him. No, really! I hope he does! I want to make some AWESOME meals before I go!

...and then he'll be left with NOTHING when I move out, which looks like it can viably be next weekend.

Oh, I'm not vindictive. I just want him to realize what he's losing. >=3

...okay, maybe I am vindictive. But I'm holding it in as best as I can. There is a VERY strong part of me that still wants to DESTROY him, but not at the expense of my own self-respect.

He might crash and burn, but I will NOT let him take me down with him!
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